Gentle words favorite. when and what should and should not

Many men are stingy with compliments to their ladies, not because they are sorry to say 1-2 words, but because of fear. They are afraid to seem overly soft, weak character. But is it? After all, the phrase "a woman loves ears" would not have arisen from scratch. When and what gentle words should a girl say? And what better not to turn into a compliment or a nickname?

The most tender words of his girlfriend: when to speak?

It is worth saying that men's fears are not groundless - the excessively frequent use of gentle and tender words addressed to a girl will make the latter think about the unusual behavior of her chosen one. However, without compliments, she will feel hurt, feel a lack of something important in the relationship. After all, every woman at least occasionally wants to be a goddess. Better, of course, not only in words. As a result, men begin to get confused in this complex female psychology, not realizing what is really required of them.

Any compliment and kind word should look reasonable. After all, they are like a spice: in moderate quantities they turn the dish into a masterpiece, and with an excess - into an inedible product. This does not mean that for the phrase "what a hostess and a good girl I am" you need to make a girl work around the house for days. But even through each remark of the dialogue to call the chosen one “cat”, “fish”, “hare” or “swallow” is also out of place.

Gentle words favorite

Warm words in an attempt to appease her soul mate are one of the best ways to restore her mental balance. However, depending on the situation, this may not be enough. However, the strength of such a gesture a girl just give. As well as encouraging tender phrases to her at the moment of a silent search for support from outside, to do something important. For example, before the interview.

Here it is worthwhile to convince the beloved that she is an excellent specialist in her business, responsible, intelligent and possesses all the other required qualities. It is desirable to focus on those aspects of it that are inherent to her. Suppose the ability to find extraordinary ways out of difficult situations or creative thinking. If a girl starts to play sports or any other business, it is important to support her. Evaluate the efforts to say that she is prettier, or she gets something great.

And, of course, occasionally you need to give tenderness to a woman for no reason. Suddenly come up and say that it radiates light and joy or looks great. Only this all should look natural, and not as an attempt to practice in eloquence. However, you should follow the construction of the phrase. If it is mentioned that a girl is beautiful today, it is advisable to clarify that she is especially beautiful today. Otherwise, there may be a puzzled assumption that on other days, in the opinion of the man, she is not at all attractive.

Affectionate words in prose and poetry

  • Of course, the most romantic move is to quote the lines of a poem addressed to a woman. For example, there are many similar sonnets in Shakespeare, Pushkin. Vladimir Mayakovsky wrote about feelings for his beloved without unnecessary elevation, sending letters to Leela Brik. All this is really able to conquer the girl's heart and show the erudition of her chosen one.
  • But even this literature should be soberly assessed, choosing beautiful stanzas for the subsequent declaration. Take into account the nature of the chosen one, her preferences. Some people want undisguised admiration, certainly uttered with adoration in their eyes, and someone quite simple, not embellished by anything about love. A woman is an individuality, and what works with one of them will be a cruel mistake with the other.

Gentle words favorite

  • However, there are words that apply to almost any girl. “Native,” “priceless,” “awesome,” “chic,” “incomparable,” these epithets are not new and always flash in poems and novels, but work with many representatives of the beautiful half. Part of them are especially good at affecting the female subconscious, if used to answer the question “how do you like my dress?”. In place of the dress may be a haircut, new shoes, manicure and even refreshing hair color. These little things men often overlook when this is where a woman needs to be assessed by a loved one.
  • For the same classics, one can adopt another trait associated with compliments for the second half. This is the selection of his chosen one from a variety of other girls. To say that she cooks best of all, or no one except her can play the piano so masterly. Every woman is trying to become the one that will be the only one in the life of a man. And its superiority in certain areas is the very small step towards the desired. The main thing is not to start comparisons with specific people: this will already become an irreparable mistake.

What not to say?

Oddly enough, there are phrases and epithets that are undesirable to use when referring to a girl. Moreover, these are mostly not specific words, but rather their groups, where certain phrases are already selected, depending on who they are meant for.

The main one is the category of words related to those features in the appearance of the fair sex that she does not like in herself. No matter how nice they are in the opinion of a young man: their frequent mention, even in a positive way, does not raise the mood in any way.

For example, to call a girl with round, bulging eyes a "owl", if she herself has translated such a feature into the status of complexes, it is better as little as possible. And it is not recommended to actively joke, albeit kindly, on the question of shape. Everybody cares about his own body, but not all advertise it and try to change it. The same can be noted in the question of parameters: some men believe that by reasonably comparing their chosen one with Pamela Anderson, they will compliment her breasts. But in fact, most of the girls are often dissatisfied with a voluminous bust rather than being proud of him.

Gentle words favorite

In any of the situations, it is worth thinking about the character and perception of the chosen one and not trying to provoke her. This is not always acceptable to a close friend, and certainly not allowed to a beloved man for whom you want to be perfect.

Insincere allegories and empty phrases are also not the best way to demonstrate your feelings. The fact that a woman loves with her ears, of course, is not denied, however, “the eyes are bottomless, like oceans” will be perceived with an incredulous grin rather than with a happy smile. "The infinity and purity of the soul" that won the young man in love, embarrass, and not make him imbued with romanticism. Comparisons are good if they do not cross the line and do not force one to think about phrases borrowed from literature.

Finally, it should be said about the frequently used "pussy", "baby", "bunny", etc. With these appeals, it is advisable to take care that the manifestation of tenderness to the second half does not resemble the phrases of the near amateur pickup truck. Their popularity is seen in the youth environment and in short ties that do not promise a long and strong continuation. And between adults and serious partners, such a dialogue will begin to look either played out or inappropriate.

There is a fair opinion that one should not look for words as beautiful as possible, but to prove the sincerity of feelings towards his girlfriend by actions. And, of course, use what comes from the heart, and is not planned in advance. Any lie a woman's heart is able to see through, any falsehood - to recognize. And all the compliments of the world will replace her true declaration of love.

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