Gathered in the cinema with children

Have you decided to go to the movies with the children? To do this, you need to very carefully select the repertoire. If you go with small children, then be doubly attentive! Even in children's cartoons can be scary characters for them, a dinosaur or a bird of prey, frightening their appearance. It is better to familiarize yourself with the content of the film in advance, watch the trailer, get feedback and then decide whether to go or not.

Here you have chosen the day of going to the movies. Tickets are good to buy in advance. First, standing in line, the children get tired. Secondly, you will not get into a situation where there are no tickets at the ticket office. It will be very difficult for children to explain why going to the movies is canceled.

Before leaving the house children need to feed. Then in the cinema you can safely buy popcorn and other tasty things. Cinema is a holiday and there is no need to deny children any treats, because it will spoil their appetite. After all, you do not go to the movies every day!

Watching movies 3D is very popular with children. But you must take into account the fact that 3D glasses are great for babies: they slip from your face and interfere with watching a cartoon. The joy of such a trip to the cinema for a small child is very doubtful. It should be clarified in the cinema whether there are glasses for children and whether they are not scratched. If you have the opportunity, you can come to the cinema with your glasses for the child.

If a child of preschool age is tired by the end of the film, take him in your arms. He may even fall asleep, because small children quickly get tired. It's okay if he doesn’t see the film through to the end; now the festival itself is more important for him.

Better in advance, still at home, to have a conversation with the child. It should be explained that in a public place there are restrictions on the rules of conduct. And if he wants to go to the cinema in the future, he should listen to your recommendations. Before you enter the cinema, repeat again how to behave. Elementary rules of behavior:

  • you can not get up from his seat in the middle of the film;
  • you can not walk around the hall while watching, so as not to disturb other viewers;
  • you should speak softly and not distract others with loud sounds;
  • Of course, cleanliness and order should be kept inside the cinema.

Pay attention to the baby on how other viewers behave in the cinema. But this should be done only after you are convinced of their exemplary behavior. On a simple example, the baby will be easier to understand what you want from him.

And the movie began. In the process of viewing your children may have any questions. Should I answer them? Most likely worth it, but very short and quiet, so that the child does not lose the meaning of the film. The rest of the talk about the film, where you explain to him everything that he did not understand, should be postponed until later. After the film, at home or on the street, you will answer all his questions in detail.

Talk about watching a movie with a child is necessary. Ask what he liked, what not, why he paid attention to this scene. Such a conversation not only contributes to the development of the child’s speech, thinking and attention, but also increases the trusting relationship between you. Do not impose your point of view on the film. It is much more interesting to know his own opinion!

Young children often perceive the world around them in a special way, their judgments are attracted by spontaneity and special charm. Sometimes adults should listen to their opinions.

Your children begin to discover the world with you. And may you become friends and companions with them in this big world.

Especially for Angelica S.

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