Funny sketches on the anniversary of a man of 50-60 years.

Unfortunately, the birthday is only once a year, and the anniversary is even less. That is why the round date is celebrated magnificently and in a big way. And to make the holiday a success, the screenplay should have cool scenes. On the anniversary of a man, for example, you can take some of our article.

Birthday is a bright holiday

funny sketches on the anniversary

No matter how old a man is - 55, 40 or 30, funny sketches for an anniversary will always be relevant. They allow you to bring a special atmosphere of fun and jokes to the holiday. But in order not to accidentally hurt the feelings of the host of the holiday, it’s not worth staging to ridicule the negative sides of the hero of the day or other participants in the celebration. Remember the golden rule: it is better to beat the dignity colorfully and vividly than to joke on the shortcomings.

Especially interesting on the anniversary of the man get cool scenes with dressing up, although there will have to make some effort in advance and carry out the preparatory work. Carefully re-read the script and prepare clothes for each character staging. It will be useful if guests can rehearse and learn the words in advance.

So, the theoretical part is over, it's time to move on to practice.

Well, today is a holiday

Funny scenes of a man on the anniversary of 60 years can be a congratulatory, comic or introductory nature. Today, your attention is invited to a unpretentious scene, which will be able to acquaint among themselves all the participants of the event. Organization of the production should be as follows:

  1. Before all the guests comes a small group of people and becomes abreast.
  2. The first three lines are repeated throughout the text, they need to be uttered together with interruptions to the speech of other participants.
  3. The entire text should be pronounced as a pioneer motto.

General text:

Come on an anniversary to you

Drink and eat

And if you would not come ...

Guest One: Then I'd go to the garage!

Black oil, a lot of dirt -

What a beauty!

Oh, new carburetor,

Hurry to make out.

Come on an anniversary to you

Drink and eat

And if you would not come ...

Guest Two: Would have to babysit

Egor, do not torture the cat!

Oksana - get down from the window!

Oh, our share of women, is not so easy.

Come on an anniversary to you

Drink and eat

And if you would not come ...

Guest Three: Would lie on the couch

Would watch our football.

Where are you bowlegged!

Give left and back,

Hit on goal!

Oh, and I would have scored them.

Come on an anniversary to you

Drink and eat

And if you would not come ...

Guest Four: would have to clean up

How much dust! Where is the bucket?

Let's start with the bathroom.

Here we go?

Come on an anniversary to you

Congratulate, drink, eat.

Hero of the Day: What if you didn't come?

Guests: Would have come anyway!

Mini-scene congratulation

Scene-congratulations on the anniversary of the man

Scene-congratulations on the anniversary of the man may contain cool phrases in the form of toast. The main text with wishes is read out by the moderator, and the guests only repeat the memorized phrase:

The day today is not easy,

Anniversary we celebrate

And no matter how old,

The muzhik is always flourishing.

For this drink is necessary!

And we do not mind!

To the hero of the day

Praise we write.

Need a drink for this?

And we do not mind!

Good luck, money and health

We sincerely wish him.

Need a drink for this?

And we do not mind!

Birthday our dear,

Happy Birthday honey!

Golden Anniversary - Golden Gift

Funny sketches on the anniversary of 50 years old man

Funny sketches on the anniversary of 50 years old man must comply with the theme of the holiday. Fiftieth anniversary is considered the golden birthday, and the production of "Fairy tales about the chicken Ryaba" is perfect for him.

Leading: Once upon a time there were grandfather and grandmother. Grandfather was very old and feeble. Most of all he loved to spend time on the stove on the bench.

(The song "Im sexist and i know it" plays, and the grandfather comes out in a suit with a wand, limping, sits on a chair).

Leading: But our grandmother does not grow old with our soul. Just look at her: quick, mischievous, fun!

(The song “I’m Going All That” plays, the grandma comes out dancing, sends air kisses to the audience and sits on the chair).

Leading: And although the grandmother was cocky, she never offended her grandfather. On the contrary, she loved him very much and kissed her:

  • first to the right cheek, then to the left;
  • first one knee, then the other.

The legs of the grandfather will ache - massage them, break their backs - massage it, attack the grandfather with tetanus - and massage them there!

(The song "Below, below, is about to be played," grandma does her grandfather a massage).

Leading: And my grandfather and grandmother Ryaba was with her grandfather, but not simple, but magic!

(The melody plays, and a man dressed in a women's dress with a kokoshnik goes out).

Leading: And who knows what a decent chicken should do? Correct, bear testicles. But for this she needs a bridegroom. Meet the Australian Broiler Cock!

(It turns out a man in red shorts and the same color of the foil, flaps his wings and crows).

Leading: And in order for the hen to carry the egg, the rooster must take care of her.

(A hen and a rooster dance together incendiary dance).

Leading: Here they danced, the hen trod the rooster a little.

(The screen is stretched onto the stage, behind which the testicle hides).

Leading: Some time passed and our Ryaba went to the maternity hospital, where the most intimate process takes place - the birth of eggs.

(The chicken goes behind the screen, there are some movements).

Leading: And now we will see what we got from this? Applause - testicle!

(The screen is removed and a new character appears on the scene, disguised as a golden egg).

Leading: And as the grandmother was delighted, the grandfather also shed tears of happiness. All-all delighted!

And the old men decided to break the egg, and to shell the pawnshop:

  • Grandfather testicle beat, hit, and did not break.
  • Grandma testicle and beat, and bit, and pinched, but never broke.

Grandfather is crying, grandmother is crying, everyone is crying! And then there is a mouse-nerushka.

(A thin man, wearing a skirt and a translucent blouse, has big ears on his head to the music).

Leading: Every self-respecting mouse should have a tail! Where is he lost?

(An ordinary man appears on the scene and hugs the mouse by the waist).

Leading: So the mouse quickly ran and as it waved like a tail, the egg rolled into the crack and broke there. Grandpa cries, grandma cries. Still, such an increase in retirement was.

Chicken Ryaba word says: do not cry, parents, in honor of the holiday I will bring you a new golden egg. Only you must from me congratulate our hero of the day.

Applause is heard, guests and participants of the scene drink to the birthday boy's health.

You can come up with and implement many more different ideas of funny and funny scenes. This may be the setting of a favorite movie or cutting songs. The main thing is that all guests have fun and interesting to watch the process. Creative success and inspiration in writing new scripts!

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