Friendship at work

We all spend most of our life at work. And it is quite logical that there we meet people who are close to us in spirit. We begin to be friends with them. But is there really an office friendship, or is the real friendship between colleagues a fiction?

According to the results of numerous studies, the friendly atmosphere in the team increases the productivity of work in general. If there is good, good relations between colleagues, then it is easier and more efficient to work.

Advantages of office friendship

As mentioned above, when employees are friends - a favorable atmosphere reigns in the team. This is useful for business, for the whole business. If you are friends with someone at work, you almost always You can count on help in the work. Does a friend refuse to help you if you need to transfer, for example, a printer? Or show how to do something in a particular program? If you do not exist separately from the team, then you will be aware of all office affairs and news. Even when you are on sick leave, a colleague-friend will always call and tell you the latest news. And if there are no friends at work, then you need to be prepared for some important news to float past you. You may just forget to report something.

The person with whom you are friends and work, always warn you about the possible danger. As in small situations (when you have to pore over the report, while you are "in a meeting", a friend can call you and warn you), and in more serious ones (when an order of your dismissal is being prepared, for example, a friend, if this information reaches him before, be sure to warn you about the trouble). In addition, you can cover up if you are late, or ran somewhere on a very urgent matter.

But There are also disadvantages in the friendship of colleagues. Some of them are insignificant, while others are very serious. Consider what the cons?

Cons friendly relations between colleagues

A colleague-friend may, someday, on purpose or not, use information, which you trusted him in secret. Sometimes it can even use it purposefully against you. And it is very insulting and unpleasant. Therefore, before you share any information about yourself, think that from this you are ready to tell the rest of your colleagues and what is not. What you are not ready to tell everyone is better not to tell anyone.

In service there is always competition. For a monthly bonus or bonus. For the attention of the authorities. For the best post. And do not think that being with you on friendly terms, your colleague will gladly give up the best place to you. Most likely, he will show himself not with the best hand, and your friendship will cease. On the other hand, think for yourself, really, when you are offered a promotion, will you happily cede his colleague-friend?

If any of you two boss, or recently became them, then such a friendship is not easy. And, most likely, it will not last long. Because, by the nature of the service, your friend (if, for example, he is the head) will have to make comments to you. Sometimes ordered to do something that you do not like. He will have to do it, otherwise the company will simply have to keep an unnecessary person. And you will take everything as a personal insult. It will seem that a friend has risen and now lifts his nose. Even if your friendship is strong, then at work, anyway, not avoid rivalry. Even without realizing it yourself, you will always try to appear better than your friend, especially in front of your superiors.

Besides, CEOs of many firms do not approve of friendship at work. For the reason that sometimes too much working time goes into idle chatter not on work issues. And which boss would like it? And yet, imagine such a situation that you quarrel. And you still need to come to work. Here in such situations and office wars arise. Gossip, denunciations, pulling up the rest of his colleagues to his side begin. But, in fact, everything is not so bad.

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Despite the fact that your friendship with a colleague await severe tests, such a friendship has the right to exist! The best situation is when you work in the same firm, but your positions and responsibilities do not overlap in any way!Here you have the secret of a long office friendship!

Good luck to you and more friends, at work and outside!

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