Freshen matrimonial relationship. practical advice.

One can envy those married couples who have maintained bright, passionate feelings and reverent attitude towards each other for years. Moreover, their units. More often, everything happens much more prosaic. The most beautiful moments of the wedding are over, an unforgettable honeymoon on the islands is left only on photo paper. You are happy parents of a beautiful pink-cheeked kid.

You love each other, but by some completely different love. In order for this new life to leave in itself all the most beautiful moments of that bright, passionate, sudden and intoxicating feeling, they need to be able to create.

Woman on a note

So, the man has completely forgotten that there is a woman next to him: a beautiful, slim, desirable one. Need to remind him of this. If after the birth of a baby, there are problems with the figure, you have to work on it. And do not justify yourself! Like, baby and all that. You can do with the baby, increase the duration of walks, adjust the food. But this is a topic for another article. Take care of yourself. Already seeing this, your man will look at you differently. We forbid ourselves to appear in front of a spouse in creepy balachon jackets, hair curlers, stretched sports pants and non-dimensional T-shirts. We get a short homemade dress. Pleasant shock to the spouse is provided.

We provide ourselves with minimal, but daily facial care. Regularly adjust eyebrows, use a scrub and moisturizer for the face. It takes a minimum of time, and as a result you look much fresher.

Men note

Men, like women, are obliged to take care of themselves. Dirty socks and beer tummies have not conquered even a single woman. Sport, healthy lifestyle, nice perfume will make your woman proud of you. Here I want to add more from myself. Read men's magazines! Regularly. It is always useful to keep abreast of fashion trends, all the most modern discoveries in science, technology, and just read about successful people.

Besides, a man is under any circumstances obliged to remember that there is a woman with him who likes to receive gifts and flowers, and not only on March 8, but just like that, because she alone is so amazing.

Golden rules for family relationships

The marital bed receives a new life if all conversations cease there

This place is only for sleep and love. Many couples, going to bed, are taken to discuss the past day, plans for tomorrow, problems and their solutions. To do this, have time at the dinner table, relax in front of the TV, etc. And one more thing about the family bed. It's time to experiment! Do not be shy, surprise your spouse with something like: rose petals, scented candles, romantic music. Easy and unexpected.

Arrange romantic holidays

If you are already parents and happy owners in the neighborhood of a living grandmother who adores her beloved grandson, make yourself a romantic getaway. Only you two, sea, sun, sand, long-forgotten feelings. Even five days of such privacy will be invaluable to your family. Tested repeatedly on their own experience.

Nurture one after another

How long have you served your husband coffee in bed? Did you cook his favorite dishes just like that, for no reason? We watched his favorite action movie with him without persuasion, but hugging tightly? I am sure that for a long time. So do it all for him, just like that. The result is not long in coming. He will at least think about how the maximum will reciprocate and an unexpected bouquet of your favorite flowers.

Surprise each other

And one more small, but very effective measure. We write to the husband sms of unexpected content. At lunch, in the morning, as soon as he left for work, in the evening, when he was in the next room under the TV. It may just be a declaration of love, it may be something indecent, as if you whispered it in his ear. It intrigues.

To freshen up family routine relationships you need quite a bit - the desire to change something. Fall in love again with your spouse and everything will change for no reason. Just remember that once you chose him, the only, the best of all life. And now the time has come to put quite a bit of effort so that your love will play with new colors.

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