Four-year study

I wonder how many adults remember their feelings in childhood? Each stage of life has its own significance, which should not be underestimated. That is why it is so important to maintain respect for the child, regardless of his age.

Of course, all children are brought up individually. Is it any wonder that some people at the age of four can do a lot of things on their own, while others are entirely dependent on their parents?

Recently, our beauty just turned 4 years old. In congratulations from one friend, something like: "Well, a few more years and she will surprise you with her independence, help around the house." To which I laughed and replied: "You know, she is ALREADY very independent. Of course, in a couple of years she will be able to do even more. But do not underestimate the four-year plans." And it was here that I thought about the attitude of others to children. Many people believe that the preschooler is still too small to feel himself on a par with adults.

The most interesting thing is that we together with our daughter prepared Olivier for the holiday! She cut all the carrots, potatoes and eggs. Yes, I personally cut the food into plates, then into strips, and it already into cubes. But the fact remains. Already at the age of 3, she wielded a knife, although then I reworked everything for her.

Long recalled: "And how it all began?". As a result, I decided that somewhere in 7-8 months my attitude towards her became different. Maybe someone will benefit from the personal experience of our family:

  • When a child learns to sit well (at 6-8 months), he can be trusted to play with a teaspoon.Most kids with pleasure knock it on the table, crawl on a plate, throw it on the floor. It is like contact with the world of adults. Yes, it will very often be stuffed into the mouth with its reverse side. Yes, it will periodically choke. But! This is not a reason to take it away. A few crumbs are enough to understand how to handle it. But this is the first step to self-nutrition.
  • Closer to the year when the child agrees to eat from a spoon, you can teach him independence.To do this, a teaspoon is put into the baby’s hand (plastic or silicone can also be used - its edges are softer), and then the food from the plate is sent to the mouth of an adult. Of course, it takes a lot of time from parents. But for starters, you can do 1-2 feeds a day this way. Then at 1.5 years old baby will be able to eat by himself. This does not mean that at a party he can proudly make a place at the common table. After all, accuracy will come later. But I can say on the example of my children that by the age of two, my daughter ate and stayed neat already at a party. While the peers were still waiting for my mother's free hands to dine. And the son already in 1 g. 8 m. Surprised his accuracy and concentration. He even stepped on it! Because if the food protruded a little beyond the edge of the mouth, he corrected it with a spoon !!! And if something fell on his feet or clothes, he sat and was indignant that he looked dirty. He got up from the table only when he wiped a stain with a cloth.
  • At 1.5-2 years old, you should begin to trust the knife and fork.For starters, the knife may be plastic. Boiled eggs (because of their softness) and carrots (which should be cooked to a very soft state) are excellent for cutting. In case of force majeure, the kitchen was packed with cotton wool and a means of quickly stopping the blood at the ready. By the way, in children's stores there are special kits, which include a safe knife, dostochka and products. Plastic products are divided into halves and connected by velcro. It is necessary to make a small effort to cut them into two parts. A great option to get acquainted with the knife!

Learn to trust your child as much as possible. After all, in fact, he is not as interested in plastic toys as parental hobbies. And if there is anything that can be charged to the baby - act safely! It does not matter what sex a small person is, because the ability to cook food is important for everyone. But for you, this is a great opportunity to talk with your child at the moment when you bustle around the kitchen.

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Remember: your little man has long wanted to become an adult. Perhaps from his first step. Or from the moment I saw you above the bed. All his knowledge and skills are built on imitating adults, copying their actions and a great desire to enter this mysterious world. So do you refuse him help?

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