Flowers for the wedding

A wedding, like any celebration and significant event, is not complete without flowers. Wedding flowers are usually understood to mean the bridal bouquet, which is timidly presented by the bridegroom entranced by her beauty before the ceremony. But this is a very narrow understanding, because flowers adorn the celebration of the birth of a new family as a whole. Bridesmaids boutonnieres, flower arrangements decorating the festive hall, bouquets donated by guests...

Without the gifts of nature - flowers - no celebration will be complete ... To begin, let's talk about that very bouquet of the bride.

Bridal bouquet: trust the professionals

Experienced florist, which should be addressed when drawing up a bouquet, of course, will make a composition that will perfectly harmonize with the style, shape and color of your wedding dress. But nevertheless, it can not take into account some features. Namely, the length of the stems of flowers. But this is very important.

If you are a fragile beauty of low growth, then the best in your tender hands will look a small light bouquet of tulips, lilies of the valley or violets, and for tall young ladies, on the contrary, it is better to use Dutch roses, callas, lilies for composing flowers. .. And then the bouquet will need to keep the elbow.

Listen to the voice of flowers

Surely, there is not a single person who would not hear about the existence of the language of flowers. Again, an experienced florist will surely "speak" on a flower and will not allow a flower in your bouquet to mean something bad. But it is still better to err once again and warn about unwanted "guests" in your bouquet.

It is better to exclude yellow color. Firstly, this color is generally considered the color of deception and separation, secondly, psychologists say that yellow is the color of schizophrenics ... and it is possible that someone will remember the notorious yellow house, and then the impression of you will be spoiled. And even despite the fact that the sun is also yellow, it is better to abandon the colors of such a color scheme.

Violet and blue, especially dark blue - is considered the color of sorrow, mourning ... Sad events decorate the colors of such shades.

As for the flowers themselves, it is better to give up daffodils, gladioli, and possibly lilies ... These flowers are considered harbingers of grief. Also chrysanthemums and carnations. A depiction of lilies in the days of the Inquisition branded sinners. But if the east is closer to you, the lilies may very well be. There they were decorated with all the joyful and bright events.

But if you do not believe in all this and consider it superstition, then choose those flowers that you like best. Just do not forget that this bouquet is to be thrown into the crowd of unmarried girlfriends and relatives, so let it be easy and safe. That is, thorns with roses are best cut to avoid trouble.

You can decorate the hall, where marriage will be celebrated, with original flower arrangements in the same style as your bouquet. But they should not merge with it and, especially, overshadow.

Wedding flowers as a gift

If you have to choose a bouquet as a gift to the newlyweds, the language of flowers and signs also should not be forgotten. The main rule - the flowers in the bouquet should be an odd number. And the rest of the subtleties are already listed above.

Still needed take into account the national traditions of the bride and groom. Indeed, as has already been said, in the east and in Europe flowers, like residents, speak different languages. So it would not be superfluous to find out more about this before ordering a bouquet.

Creative approach to the choice of colors

If you want to originate, then add sprigs of flowering trees to the flower arrangement: honeysuckle, lilac, jasmine, fern leaves and more. Moreover, it is a good sign, since in ancient times there was a tradition to give young oak and birch branches. Oak - to children, and birch was supposed to fill their lives with success and fun. Isn't it a good way to diversify the floral arrangement for the wedding day?

Still very It is fashionable to give a bouquet made up of something symbolic.. For example, a heart of red roses, or a composition that represents a cradle with a child - as if a wish to get it as soon as possible. A bouquet of orchids in itself is very symbolic - the flowers of the orchid, because of their unusual shape, are considered erotic.

If you turn on the fantasy, you can come up with a lot of interesting things. So go ahead! Delight your loved ones!

Especially for Olga Efremova

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