Five languages ​​of love

Every person wants to feel comfortable with his partner and wants the partner to be good with him too. The family is one of the most important in life and one can only be glad for someone who has found his happiness in marriage. But, unfortunately, this cannot be said about everyone: the number of divorces is growing every year, and people after several years of living together turn their relationship into a constant showdown of relationships and mutual resentment. Why does this happen, perhaps we just stop hearing each other?

In fact, we are all very different and we need a special approach to each person. Admit it, because you are expecting from your partner a special manifestation of feelings and proofs of love, for example, it is important for you that your man give you flowers and gifts, say compliments several times a day, so you feel like a happy beloved woman. In the same way, you measure your love for him, you constantly tell him that he is the most beloved and perfect man, trying to please him with presents with or without gifts. But you did not think that it is possible for your partner to have completely different aspects of love, for example, he wants to spend his leisure time with you and tries to give you as much free time as possible. You do not understand this and continue to persistently tell him compliments. To avoid such omissions, you need to know five main love languages.

Language of praise

This language includes any words that bring positive emotions, no matter how complimenting you are about your appearance, gratitude for your work or admiration for some quality. Remember when the last time praised his beloved, not for something, but just like that, because he is your very best. If your partner has praise as the leading aspect of love, then with every criticism and reproach you kill his love for yourself. Even constructive criticism must be given in the form of praise, for example, you want your husband to go to the event with you, but you see that he is not very inclined to this. Start with how it decorates any holiday with itself, supports any themes and jokes with flashing light, and then smoothly proceed to the theme of the event.

The praise can be inspiring, for example, your husband has obvious abilities in programming, assess his qualities or successfully done the work and he wants to move forward and achieve more.

The language of gifts and surprises

Yes, there are men for whom it is important that their girlfriend loved to make gifts. For such a person it is important to touch the thing, hold it in your hands and see the material evidence of the love of your partner. It does not have to be expensive gifts, you can make them with your own hands, it is important that the beloved see that you always think and care about him. Another type of gift is to give yourself. It is very important for your partner to feel support from his companion at a difficult moment.

The boy Nastya somehow got into a car accident and was in the hospital with a broken leg, he had to lie in a hospital bed for several weeks. Not very joyful prerogative, from boredom and loneliness can be howled. But Nastya every evening hurried to her beloved, took care of him, missed even the birthday of her best friend to spend the evening with him. The guy touched so attentive, and now he considers her the best girl in the world and madly in love.

Time language

Katya came home every day after work and spent the whole evening behind the stove, preparing a delicious dinner for her husband, but her mood did not improve at all. He walked frowning all the time and kept moving away from his wife more and more, and all because these dinners were not important to him, and in the evening he wanted to talk to his wife, to express his thoughts and experiences to her. A partner whose leading language of love is the language of time wants a full time pastime with his soulmate, heart-to-heart talk. The leading language of time is more common in women, which is why they complain about men that they do not pay attention to them when they are completely immersed in work and do not have free time. Look closely at your partner, maybe he expects from you just such an expression of feelings!

Touch language

This is not about sex, it is certainly important for any man. Touches are light strokes, hugs, kisses. Physical contact has a huge role in the life of any person., just someone needs it to a lesser extent, someone more. When we were small, we received physical contact from our mother — she carried us in her arms, kissed our forehead before bedtime, and now we want a similar manifestation of feelings from our partner. A man who likes touch is easy to determine - he will always strive to hold your hand, gently remove your hair and stroke his knee, so that you do not bore off proving your love to him with touches.

Service language

When your lover asks you to stroke his shirt, wash socks, or do any other service for him, you wonder: “What did I hire to housewives for him, he himself cannot go and do it?”. The point is not at all that he finds fault with you, but simply wants you made him nice and expressed your feelings. And many women do not understand this and think that life is eating away at their relationship - they did not do it, did not do it, and when they begin to say praise to him, he does not hear her point-blank. Just for your man, the main thing in love is the language of services, and you need to listen to the requests of your loved one and try to fulfill them, then there will be no disagreement in the relationship.

Usually, a person is led by one language of love, but there may be two of them, then it is simpler: you can express your love in several ways! How to determine the leading language? Usually a partner does what he would like to receive in return.. The language of love is laid back in childhood, and usually parents impart it, and of course, much depends on the nature of the character and psyche characteristics. Having defined not only the language of love of a partner, but also one’s own, one can understand why we are offended by some actions of our loved ones and convey to them what expression of love we are waiting for.

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