Fiery dancing

Male gaze

Guys do not dance - everyone knows that. Another thing: a beer to drink, watch football! You can still crumble horned monsters in the computer ... There are, of course, men who were sent to dance school as a child. Now they are smart, gallant and artistic. And very easily can turn the head of any girl.

But, unfortunately, for the most part the dance experience of an average young man both begins and ends with round dances in kindergarten. Sometimes the guys agree to the "sluggish" at school, some - even at the university.

The same man feels when one day his beloved girl, innocently slapping her eyes, says: “I want to dance! Let's go to study together ?!”

This is where the real courage! It is also necessary to overcome stereotypes, overcome embarrassment and awkwardness, go to the ballroom, where many eyes will look at you (with the lights on). Immediately beautiful dance fails. At the same time, they constantly say: "Keep your back, lead your partner, watch your hands!" Where to lead? How to hold? And most importantly, these trips to the dance hobby class, turn the usual schedule. Same for several evenings a week it is necessary to forget about the above-mentioned beer and friends.

From experience:

In addition to the above inconvenience, visiting the dance has continuous benefits:

  1. The girl who dances nearby is beloved. With her to dance easier, more comfortable and calmer. In this case, even passionately obtained.
  2. If desired, you can hold a joint rehearsal at home (at any time of the day or night).

After a couple of months of dancing together, we went to a wedding with friends. They danced so confidently and, most importantly, with pleasure. We all noticed! In general, they took the audience award!

Woman's look

It is foolish to engage in ballroom and Latin American dances alone, if there is a beloved man! The exception is the eastern directions of dance, where a man usually plays the role of an admired and conquered spectator ...

All sorts of dance shows are pushing to enroll in a dance school.

Moreover, dancing has a lot of advantages:

  1. Beneficial effects on health. After all, the entire civilized world often lacks movement. And the usual office-sedentary lifestyle leads to a variety of diseases.
  2. Improved fitness with weight adjustment.
  3. Complete relaxation. After all, it is impossible to dance with a clogged head with problems! Here it is either dancing or doing. Almost like a quick entry into meditation.

But all of the above is only a theory. And, as you know, in any theory there are exceptions. There are men who never, under any circumstances, go to learn to dance even with the most beloved girl. They can not be influenced by persuasion or threats, so you should not waste your strength in vain. You should love them for who they are!

From experience:

Very nice to dance with your beloved husband. Even the fact that he postponed all things to go with me to the ballroom was unreally pleasant! Of course, not everything worked out perfectly with us. But so interesting was the homework before bedtime! In addition, there was a general topic for discussion, always a big boost of energy, some kind of drive, pleasant emotions after classes!

But there was one drawback, which hurt me a little. In our hobby class, girls were three times more than guys. Therefore, the coach sometimes asked me to give my partner for training with other girls. Naturally, I did not like it. But then I decided not to say my categorical "no", because if I were on the site of these girls, I would also like to dance a learned dance with a partner just once.

We still remember the time when we were engaged in dancing together, we remember some movements and with pleasure we dance somewhere on vacation.

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