Female tears

What can make a woman cry? The most common answer is "TITANIC". Historically, a woman is weaker than a man, therefore she should cry "more" against his background. Here the words of a famous politician come to mind: "A woman should stay at home, cry, darn and cook." Is it fair, especially considering today's age? It's time for both sexes to find out the truth.

A woman does not cry because she is weak, morally unstable or more prone to stress. There is a very simple explanation from the point of view of physiology: the hormone prolactin is present in the female blood, which is responsible for the production of tears and for the release of milk by nursing mothers. A male testosterone blocks the accumulation of tears in men, so they always look courageous, and we whine throughout life.

This is what helps women to live longer on average by 7 years. A huge percentage of men who hold emotions in themselves, die much earlier than women who arrange themselves crying for a minute. And the whole secret is that tears contain psychotropic substances that reduce the feeling of anxiety and tension, and it becomes easier for us.

Do we need to cry?

Do we need to cry? We will understand. Our tears contain not only water, but also alkali, sodium chloride, sodium and magnesium carbonate, calcium sulphate and calcium phosphate, and lysozyme, an enzyme that gives tears a bactericidal effect. Will it scare you if you want to cry? Of course not. Especially because crying is extremely useful. Tears nourish the cornea with nutrients, cleanse the eye of foreign objects, moisten the eyeball.

There are two types of tears - reflex and emotional. The first appear when you need to moisturize the eyes, and the second - from emotional shock. In women, this very shock can be anything, but men are struggling to filter the causes of tears. By the way, many well-known directors and writers use our female condition, intentionally introducing heroes into their creations, which we will empathize with, cry and most importantly - advise girlfriends. So, women's emotional tears help people become more popular.

Women's tears and male opinion

It is also believed that tears make the female sex unattractive in the eyes of men. Women in tears do not like men, for whatever reason they do not cry. But the tears of a beloved or dear woman bother men, making them nervous, worried. The man is known to love his eyes. Therefore, they do not like women who do not know how to aesthetically cry, without abundant tears, screams, hysteria. And most of all annoy the man tears of a woman he fell out of love. So the fairness of the phrase “A woman is not right until she cries” in the latter case loses its power, because tears are powerless there.

Most often, female crying by others is perceived frivolously, because you and I can cry both from a broken heel and from the romantic parting of Rose Dewitt Buickater and Jack Dousson. And each of our tears is absolutely serious and truly rolling on the cheek, in real time, reflecting our emotions.

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Man is the only creature that can cry. This ability appears very early - at 5 weeks after birth. And throughout life we ​​will spend 70 liters of tears. Some tears will be shed in vain, some will teach us something important. Scientists have proved that women's tears are half a degree warmer than men's tears, and their composition is much more mobile, so weeping women shine brighter eyes.

Let your eyes, dear girls, shine only from tears of joy, emotion and happiness!

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