Fell in love with a friend

You can not sleep, lost appetite, all thoughts are reduced to one person? It's simple - you fell in love, but you fell in love not with an ordinary man, but with your friend. And he, most likely, doesn’t even know about your feelings, and you, too, don’t show the kind, keep neutrality, even though passions are boiling inside you. It's time to stop harassing yourself with useless thoughts and start acting.

To begin, let's see why this feeling arose? Analyze the whole history of your friendship, initially you saw this person as a potential groom or did you have exceptionally friendly feelings for him? Perhaps your feeling appeared as a result of a long lack of relationships and you decided to send your love and tenderness to the closest man at the moment.

Very often this happens that way, and never considering your friend as a lonely man begins to see a lot of positive qualities in him and literally idealizes him. This is normal, because we are all alive and attach to people with whom we communicate for a long time, but do not confuse it with love. Try to fill your life with different meetings, communicate with new men, go on dates, and even if, having got acquainted with different men, you will still be attracted to your friend, then it is quite possible that this is not just affection, but the real feelings.

If you decide that you have fallen in love in earnest and want to be with this man, is there another important question - is he free or already in a relationship? Even if you succeed in repelling him, you will destroy someone’s love that people have lined up, perhaps for a very long time, better turn your attention to free men. Well, if he is free, then everything is in your hands. There are no hopeless situations and if you fall in love with a friend, then fall in love with him!

How to fall in love with a friend?

New furnishing

Very often, people fall in love with each other when they get into an extreme situation, it can be tourists sticking in the mountains, a motorist with a fellow traveler, in an unexpected way, finding themselves on a highway in a broken car. Of course, you do not have to come up with something very original, just tweak some unusual situation. For example, invite your friend to the country in the evening, and then pretend that you have lost the keys to the country house and you have to stay until morning. You will have the whole night at your disposal, but not to sleep with him, but to cause a storm of emotions for him this night.

Repulse mosquitoes together, cook kebabs and tell each other entertaining stories from childhood, keep yourself warm from the heat of the night from the cold, after that and not far from being in love. You can invite a friend on a joint vacation, so you will have much more time to fall in love with him. Show off in front of him on the beach in a seductive bikini, prepare delicious meals and drinks and have fun together until the morning. In general, situations can come up with a lot, just turn on your imagination.

Image change

Your friend is used to seeing you in one image, and you are imprinted in his head, like a picture of a girlfriend. But if you stand before him in a different image, he will look at you from a new perspective. If you always appeared in front of him in simple plain clothes, now make femininity and sexuality your main "chip". Defiant neckline, high hairpins, great makeup, shiny loose hair, but all this should be chosen with taste and a sense of style, you should not look like a woman of easy virtue. Surprise your friend, let him see in you not a fighting friend, but a sweet charming woman.

Subtly hint a friend to your feelings

Sometimes it is worthwhile to act practically without any signs and allusions; begin a frank flirt with your friend. Think up a tender nickname for him, surround him with care and attention, gradually he will understand that it is good for him only with you, other women will not be able to understand him like you. For any man, it is very important to feel comfort and support in a woman, if you can give it to him, you will already benefit greatly compared to other women.

If you communicate in a common company, you can "sort of" tell your friend that you have fallen in love with a person with whom you have been communicating for a long time. This method is perfect if you want not to beat around the bush and confess your love to it, without feeling embarrassed.

Cause jealousy

Agree with some man to give you signs of attention in the presence of your friend, ask your imaginary groom to drive up to you with a bouquet of flowers, to call at the exact moment when you will be with your friend. Perhaps, a feeling of property will leap up in him, and he will want to enter into a competitive struggle, and there he will not be far from being in love.

In fact, friends have a lot of chances to make a wonderful harmonious couple. You have known each other for a long time, you know all the habits, shortcomings of each other, and you are comfortable together. Of course, the outcome will not necessarily be positive, but then you will already know that he perceives you solely as a friend and will cease to languish in anticipation.

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