Family or career

Just a few decades ago, all roles in the family were strictly distributed. The man was engaged in the material side, that is, provided his family. The woman was engaged in life and parenting. But over time, the boundaries of these concepts have become blurred. Many women in the modern world are trying reach career heights. Is it correct? What to choose a woman - a career or family?

Some do not choose, and combine family and career. Nobody removed from the woman the obligation to wash, cook and clean the apartment. In this way, a woman carries a double load on her shoulders. This is unfair.

Men, in turn, contradict themselves. They believe that a woman trying to achieve something in a career plan cares little for children. On the other hand, they allow unflattering statements towards housewives, Considering that a woman should also bring money to the family.

The pros and cons of a housewife woman

  • Your life will be completely arranged. The apartment will always be clean, things are always clean and ironed. Lunch and dinner will consist of several dishes.
  • You can more time for children. Develop them, take them to different circles and sections.
  • You can pay more attention to their relatives. In addition, meeting with friends will become more frequent.
  • Your husband will not be abandoned and left to oneself. You will be able to pay him due attention.
  • In time, the husband will begin to perceive you as a mother, comfortable and homely, and not as a woman.
  • You may have an inferiority complex.

The pros and cons of a career woman

  • A woman becomes self-sufficient and successful., which means that in her eyes and the eyes of the public her weight is increasing.
  • Career woman, does not depend on anyone in material terms. She is free to manage her money.
  • In the eyes of her husband, a woman who has built a good career grows several times.
  • Building a career, a woman is no longer able to devote a sufficient amount of time to her family. Well, if you manage to spend joint leisure time on weekends. If a woman, in pursuit of a career, gives her husband a little time, sooner or later, he will seek attention on the side.
  • If a woman builds a career, she gives her a lot of strength, so when she gets home she doesn’t always have the strength to stand up to the stove and make a delicious dinner. Therefore, the family often has to eat semi-finished products.
  • Thinking only about your career, you can raise children who will carry a grudge against you for the fact that your mother was not close to them when they needed it.

How to combine career and family?

If you decide do not go to extremes, and to find a middle ground, you - well done. Need only correctly distribute the forces. Otherwise, you will quickly exhale, trying to be everywhere.

  • Do not listen to public opinion on this issue. You must have your own opinion and the opinion of your relatives.
  • Give yourself time to think about the situation. Weigh all the pros and cons, sort out your desires and aspirations. You must make an informed choice so you don’t regret it afterwards.
  • If you have a grandmother, you can bring them to help. For example, they can drive your children into sections.
  • In order not to be torn apart, distribute household chores between all members of your family. Husband, if he came home from work before you, should not make it difficult to peel potatoes. And children may well take out the trash before attending school.
  • If this is not done, and you have a good income, perhaps the way out of this situation will be to hire a domestic worker.
  • If you are the main breadwinner in your family, you may want to switch places with your husband. It is possible that his dinner will come out many times more tasty than yours. And the apartment will shine. While you bring money to the house.
  • To successfully combine career and family, family must support you. Morally and physically. Otherwise, you will not last long.
  • If earnings allow, do not try to do more than you can. Sometimes you can eat in restaurants.
  • Need to learn allocate your time correctly, so that it is enough for the family and for work. The first time you can make a daily routine. Over time, you get used to it, and it is no longer needed.

  • Remember, when you come back from work, do not rush to throw your chest at home life. Give time to start your family. Ask how the day went by her husband. Find out what children are doing at school.
  • Even if the work requires close attention, try to spend the weekend with your family.

Whatever choice you make, it should not be imposed on you. It must come from your heart. Only then You will be happy!

Good luck with your choice!

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