Equality in the family - the ideal model of relationships

Equality in the family -is it really good? What are the advantages of equal rights for men, and which for women?Is this relationship model ideal? in modern society?

What is equality in the family?

In general, the meaning of the word "equality" in relation to family relations means that both - a man and a woman - should work, replenishing the family piggy bank, and in their free time divide equally family responsibilities.

But, for some reason, most women think that we, as they say "for what they fought, have fallen for that." That is, at present, in our world, women who are so wanted to get equal rights with men, pondered - was it worth it? After all, with the advent of equality, a woman has a large number of additional responsibilities. If earlier a man was obliged to provide for a family, and a wife - to manage the household, then now both should work, and life still remained on the frail shoulders of a woman.

Modern women complain that men have become childish, that they do not strive for anything. Of course, before they needed it to win and keep a woman! And now the woman is the general director herself or has her own business.

According to the research results, most women would like to bring everything back. There, where the man was gallant and courteous. Whenhe did not blame the problem on the woman. When was the main earner of the family. Only turn the story back is impossible. And you have to rejoice at the "fruits of your hands."

Is equality a perfect relationship model?

Family and, in general, family relationships can be compared to a ship. On how the management of this ship is organized, it depends on whether the ship arrives at its final destination or sinks somewhere along the way. As we know - on the ship is always present one single captain. He controls the ship. There are, of course, his assistants. Without them, he would be hard to handle. But between the assistants are very clearly distributed roles and responsibilities. Helpers even before the departure of the ship knowwhat will they do on the ship. No one argues with the captain about their duties. That is why the ship is always ideal order.

Now back to family relationships. Since the family is so similar to the ship (family boat), then the management in the family should be built in the same way as on the ship. I.e there should be a clear distribution of responsibilities. Each family member must be responsible for certain actions of the family as a whole.

As we know, there are no two captains on a ship. There is an assistant captain, but all major decisions are made by the captain himself. So who should take such a role in the family? It is best to give it to her husband. Why? Because the captain is not only the commander who makes all the decisions, but also the one who is responsible for these decisions. BUT Responsible in the family is best to be a man.

Choosing this or that for your family relationship model, remember - full-fledged one hundred percent equality in nature does not happen. Therefore, if you choose equality for your family, be ready that the main questions will fall on you. Yes, and will have to answer for the consequences.

Business experts are simply convinced that if a company shares a shareholding between two owners, that is, none of them have a controlling stake, then such a company is doomed to failure. Because the main and last decision should be left to a single person.

Another comparison can be made. Car. As we all know, he has only one steering wheel. And what would happen if there were two steering? Each of the passengers turned it in his own way, and the car, as a result, would have remained in place, or would have become uncontrollable. In this example, it is easy to lay a parallel between auto and married life.

Even now, when women seeminglyachieved equality, men receive higher wages. There are even statistics on this score. Therefore, we can recognize that men are much better than women can earn money. And the woman - to maintain comfort in the house and a good mood. These roles were distributed during the creation of man. So why change these roles now?

Also, pay attention to those women who have solved family problems all their life! They look much older than their true age. Do you really think that's good? Do you want to look fifty to forty?

Think and remember all the families in which the commander in chief is his wife. Are these families really happy? from such a distribution of roles?

But, of course, decide whichrelationship model choose only you two. Let's put an equal sign between two expressions: equality - the right to choose. Here it will be really ideal model of family relationships!

Wisdom to you and mutual understanding!

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