Effective female pathogen


Unfortunately, not always a woman is able to get sexual satisfaction. This can be a lot: stress, depression, menopause, unkind partner ... But you can use effective ways to overcome the barrier to pleasure. And one of them - to prepare a female pathogen at home on their own.

Women are fastidious creatures, and feminine arousal - and even more so. Therefore, sometimes even a playful mood, intimate atmosphere and attentive partner is not enough to awaken a strong sexual desire in a girl or a lady. What to do? How can a woman learn not only to be desired, but also to experience powerful excitement herself? Here come to the aid of unusual tools - strong stimulants that can be prepared independently using the available natural ingredients.

Female pathogen, made at home: folk recipes

Female pathogen, made at home

Today, pharmacies offer a variety of drugs and various means to enhance women's arousal. But almost all of them have a high cost and many side effects. Therefore, it makes sense to turn to traditional medicine: in its arsenal you can find a lot of natural analogues, which will also help increase sexual desire.

Vintage infusion on beetles: exotic, but effective

There is a proven and simple recipe for a female pathogen, an analogue of the Spanish fly, a product that is still sold in pharmacies. True, to make such a drug on your own, you have to wait for the month of May. At this time, the Spanish fly itself - bugs (no more than 2 cm in length) of golden color with dark stripes on the back begins to appear. They live mainly on lilac bushes in the central and southern part of Russia.

Insects are collected, dried, crushed to a powder and poured with alcohol at the rate of 0.5 l per 10 g of powder. Infusion is kept in a dark cool place for 3 months. The finished tincture is added to wine or any other alcoholic drink in an amount of not more than 5 drops, about 30 minutes before sexual intercourse.

The recipe is simple, but the most effective means

A strong and fast-acting female pathogen can be made from simple products. To do this, take a hot pepper in a small amount (literally at the tip of the knife), add to it 0.5 tsp. dry mustard and beat with 1 raw egg. Then add 1 tbsp. l tomato paste and 1 tsp. lemon juice and again everything is well whipped. The cooking process can be simplified by blending all the ingredients with a blender.

Further to the resulting mass add 1 tbsp. dry white wine and warm up on the stove over low heat. The mixture should not be brought to a boil. The drink is removed from the heat as soon as small bubbles appear on its surface. Spiced wine is advisable to drink half an hour or an hour before a romantic date.

How to make a female pathogen from honey?

How to make a female pathogen at home from honey

Honey is useful in itself, but by adding to it certain ingredients, you can prepare a pathogen that will increase the desire for love immediately after it is taken.

Take 50 g of dried raisins, prunes, figs and chop. To the mixture, add 2 tbsp. l honey and clean for a day in the fridge. Take a sweet pathogen just before the date.

Strengthen the libido will help the following mixture. Rhodiola rosea root, ginseng, lemongrass, echinacea, immunal, panta forte, eleutherococcus, red root are mixed in equal proportions. It is desirable to grind all the ingredients with a blender. The mixture is placed in a dark and warm place (preferably to the battery) for 1 month. Then filter through cheesecloth and drink as needed (no more than 1 tsp. For 1 time).

To activate the libido, you can prepare a mixture consisting of 5 crushed walnut kernels and 2 tbsp. l honey It is recommended to take it 2 times a day, in the morning and in the evening, for a month. Before each use, you need to prepare a fresh mixture.

Draw desire in nature

For "spurring" libido it is useful to eat green aphrodisiacs. Especially well reinforce the desire:

  • parsley;
  • artichokes;
  • cilantro;
  • dill;
  • basil;
  • celery.

It is very useful to eat fresh greens in pure form without salt, seasoned with olive oil. Enough to eat 1 tsp. per day for a month.

Well raises the level of sexual attraction in women and the favorite dish of many gourmets - oysters, seasoned with lemon juice.

To enhance the passion is to add to your menu and spicy spices: cinnamon, nutmeg and coriander. These ingredients are often used in the erotic kitchen of the East.

Herbal medicine as an assistant lovers

Drugs to increase sexual desire

This method is great if the decrease in sexual desire is caused by health problems: depression, stress, menopause, etc. A good natural causative agent is tincture made from equal parts of such gifts of nature as rosemary, ginger, juniper, berries of mountain ash, blueberry leaves .

All the ingredients are ground to a powder and poured with alcohol at the rate of 1 part alcohol per 10 parts dry ingredients. Infusion soak in a dark cool place for at least 3 days. Take in the amount of 2 tbsp. l 2-3 hours before intercourse.

Drugs to increase sexual desire

Today, in any pharmacy you can find a lot of drugs to increase female libido. The most common and effective ones are Shpanskaya Fly, Tadalafil, Silver Fox. Minus pills and drops, as already noted, in their high cost, multiple contraindications and side effects. In addition, there is never a guarantee that for such money in a pharmacy, the suffering ones will not sell a fake.

It is necessary to take into account the fact that most of the drugs that correct sexual desire are made abroad and do not have instructions in Russian. Meanwhile, an incorrectly chosen remedy can provoke disturbances in the work of the cardiovascular system, kidneys, and liver, cause blockage of blood vessels and disrupt the general hormonal balance in the body.

The most economical and safest option to increase the libido of the fair sex is to prepare the female pathogen at home on your own, using folk recipes that have been proven for centuries. From among them one can choose the most acceptable method of stimulation. A female organism fed from the inside with natural substances will surely respond to the caress of a partner, and neither age nor bad mood will be a hindrance anymore.