Dresses for the witness to the wedding

Today, wedding ceremonies in “foreign fashion” are becoming increasingly popular: round tables, shafers, pink poodles, little alcohol and bridesmaids in identical dresses, so as not to overshadow the hero of the occasion. The witness or bridesmaid should look beautiful — it is clearer than the clear. How to choose a dress for the witness or a whole bunch of girlfriends, we consider in this article.

The witness buys the dress for the ceremony herself, she has a choice and this makes it even harder: her eyes run up. The bridesmaids are a little different. For dresses bridesmaids are responsible newlyweds. They will buy them or order them, it doesn't matter. And here surprises begin: since the dress of the bride must be the highlight of the program, the “other” outfits cannot by definition compete with the central work of art. The expected surprises lie in the fact that girls-girlfriends will all have to be even for one day, but to put on “their” outfits. And how they will look in such a way, only the bride knows.

Of course, the dress can always be decorated with jewelry, accessories, and sometimes beyond recognition - every woman knows. In order to avoid embarrassment, the bride must very carefully choose dresses for girlfriends, and the witness - for herself.

Color bridesmaid dress and witnesses

Color is one of the most important details. We need to start with the fact that, as a rule, weddings have a certain color: the color of the wedding. This color can be woven into the groom's boutonniere, reflected in the bouquets that adorn the tables at the guests. Also drapery, room decoration can reflect the overall mood. Here you can find bridesmaids or a witness in the “state wedding colors”. There is good news: such colors will be anything but dark brown or black. After all, all the dark and earthy colors clearly do not apply to wedding. But their shades and halftones can easily be the subject of discussion.

What color is the best for such a case is difficult to say, because this is an individual matter. The main thing here is that the tone does not distract from the dress of the bride. And for this you do not need to make colors too bright, catchy or pretentious. Elegance combined with a deep and noble color - this is what every witness needs. In any case, girlfriends may correctly hint that the color does not suit them. If the issue with the dresses is in the process of being developed, you can still redo and change your mind.

The dress of the witness in the traditional wedding is most often light pink, pale blue, cream, emerald green. Quite another thing - weddings are unusual. It's hard to guess.

Dress for the witness

Absolutely any style can be perfectly suited for such a case. The main thing is the figure of the girl. And it is better if the dress is simple. If you want to stand out - make a beautiful hairstyle.

BUT bridesmaids look best short dresses. Especially tailored and made in the same range, but with different styles and designs. This technique is practiced by Western brides and they do the right thing: not all dresses are suitable for several girls of different build and height. Therefore, under each, ideally, they sew “her” dress of the same color, and everyone is happy. This is the best option. Not every girl will go deep cut or bare back. It is also not worth wise with a style. Girls should wear dresses with ease and feel comfortable in them. The overall situation of the holiday depends on the comfort of your guests.

Choose simple styles: the height of the skirt should be slightly above the knee or knee-high. Do not underestimate the length. A neat and beautiful dress should emphasize femininity and the fact that these are your girlfriends.

Any witness is a friend. Not close people, as a rule, are not chosen for such a responsible day. Therefore, dear witnesses, be careful in choosing a dress. Do not let the bride worry about how you look. It is best to consult with her, tell us what dress you want, whether it will be appropriate and suitable for the wedding. Harmony is the most important thing.

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