Diy wedding room decoration

Regardless of where you decide to celebrate your wedding, it is important to decorate the wedding hall. And it is not necessary to invite a designer. It is possible to decorate the wedding hall with your own hands.

Decorating the wedding hall with their own flowers

  • Do not choose to decorate the wedding hall flowers of dark shades. They will not look beautiful. The best shades of wedding flowers - light, cream.
  • Make sure that the flowers do not wilted, if you decorate the wedding hall with fresh flowers. In this case, the hall should be decorated immediately before the celebration.

DIY wedding room decoration

  • Flower arrangements must be above human growth. Or at a height of not more than twenty-five centimeters from the floor. Otherwise, they will disturb guests. Blocking review.
  • Flowers, as a decoration of the wedding hall, should be odorless in general or with a minimal, unobtrusive smell. Otherwise, you risk the fact that you and your guests get sore heads.
  • With the help of flowers, you can decorate the walls of the wedding hall, make beautiful arches of them, decorate the columns in the hall, if there are any. In addition, flowers on the outside of the tablecloth, on curtains or in baskets and vases on the floor will look nice.
  • To decorate the wedding hall is better to use artificial flowers. Thus, you save yourself from photographs, the background of which will serve wrinkled shriveled flowers.

DIY wedding room decoration

  • You should not choose a lot of different shades of colors. Otherwise it will not look beautiful. It is best to limit to two - three shades of flowers.
  • You can read more about the choice of wedding flowers in the article Flowers for a wedding: which ones to choose ?.

Decoration of the wedding hall with balloons

  • Best of all, to decorate the wedding hall, look balls filled with helium. They freely hover in the air, creating an atmosphere of airiness.
  • You can make beautiful garlands of balls, build bouquets, various shapes and inscriptions. All this will look very impressive.
  • Two intertwined hearts of balloons or rings made by analogy look extraordinarily beautiful.
  • You can attach the balls to the ceiling. If they are filled with helium, just release them. And they themselves will be located on the ceiling.
  • The arches made of balloons look very nice. Such an arch can be installed behind the place for the newlyweds. Wedding photos. Made on this background, will look especially beautiful.
  • You can arrange guests an unusual surprise at the end of a wedding celebration with the help of balloons. To do this, one of the balls should explode, sprinkling guests with numerous confetti!

DIY wedding room decoration

  • It is interesting to look at the figures made of balloons filled with helium. Weights are attached to the "legs" of such a figure, so the figure does not take off, Yuno stirs and "walks" at the slightest breath of breeze.
  • You can decorate the ceiling of the wedding hall with balloons with helium, and attach a ribbon to each ball. This option looks even more elegant.
  • At the end of the wedding celebration, you can make another original thing. Instead, all the usual pigeons, you can let the heart fly out of the balls filled with helium. And then, together with the guests, watch his flight into the clouds.

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Decorating a wedding hall with a cloth with your own hands

  • Usually, the fabric decorates the walls, chairs, tables and ceilings of wedding halls.
  • Most often, for this purpose, used tulle.
  • But the fabric is not just hung on the ceiling. Basically, one end of it is fixed in one corner, and the other in the opposite, diagonally. In the middle, the fabric is intercepted by beautiful ribbons or balloons.

DIY wedding room decoration

DIY wedding table decoration

  • First and foremost, of course, these are beautifully folded napkins. The more interesting they will be folded, the more beautiful the wedding table will look.
  • Tablecloth can also be decorated, for example with ribbons or flower arrangements.
  • Dishes on the wedding table should be the same, otherwise the table, no matter how it was decorated, will not look beautiful.
  • You can arrange on the table beautiful floral arrangements in vases or baskets. Just do not forget - they should be low and not have a strong smell.

DIY wedding room decoration

Decoration of the wedding hall with hand-made applications and posters

  • You can order beautiful photos of the newlyweds. They can be as small format, located directly above the spouses. Or a photo on a huge drawing paper located on the wall.
  • At each wedding, without fail, there are homemade posters with different wishes. In addition, they can be drawn various drawings. For example, a stork carrying a baby and a wish to have children as soon as possible.
  • In addition to various wishes, various playful statements can be written on Whatman books. What will be more, the more interesting.
  • From paper, you can cut a lot of hearts of different sizes and hang them from the ceiling.
  • You can draw one or two posters, but cut out the places where there should be faces. Most guests will be happy to be photographed by inserting their faces into such self-made posters.
  • A great collage poster that, in photos and captions, tells guests about the love story of newly-made spouses can be a wonderful original idea. It will not be very scary if the story is a bit ukrakrat.

DIY wedding room decoration

Decoration of the wedding hall with light garlands

  • Beautiful light garlands on the windows and walls of the wedding hall. However, please note that you will need quite long garlands or many small ones.
  • With the help of the light garland you can lay out rings, hearts or beautiful inscriptions!

Small attributes to decorate the wedding hall

In addition to the large decorations of the wedding hall described above, you may also need small attributes. It can be all sorts of photos, doves, butterflies, ribbons, bows, bells, spheres of filaments and paper garlands.

However, the main thing is not to overdo it. If the hall is literally covered with balloons, photographs, garlands - light and paper, flower arrangements, such a wedding hall will no longer look beautiful! So, show a sense of proportion!

I wish you a happy holiday and a happy family life!

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