Criticism by a woman deprives a man of energy

Women are often disappointed in their chosen ones, trying to change them, but after another unsuccessful attempt, they give up. Now they can only complain about their fate, tell their friends about the hard part and continuously criticize their husbands. Needless to say that the family is destroyed by such behavior of the wife?

How do we choose men?

Imagine that you came to the store for carrots. You have several trays in front of you. In one, the carrot is cheap, but dirty, and behind this dirt it is difficult to see its true color, in the other, the carrot is the largest, bright, but very expensive, in the third — a carrot of a suitable size, but it is uneven, in the fourth — slightly frozen and .d You need to make a decision - which carrot to choose, because each of them has its own positive and negative characteristics.

Choosing one thing, you, firstly, refuse the advantages of the other, and, secondly, you will have to accept the shortcomings of your choice. But you need to choose, because without carrots you cannot cook many of your favorite dishes, but you want to eat. When you choose a carrot and bring it home, you do not criticize it, but start cooking from what you eat. TOit’s useless to deny it because it’s your choice and you are responsible for it. In a pinch, they could turn around and go home empty-handed. There is always a choice.

Similarly, we choose men. We evaluate them and make the choice of a single. Agree that it is stupid then to criticize what she chose herself. You are responsible for your decision, you and answer. And here either accept what you have and live with it in love and understanding, or leave, leave and look for what is closer, but sitting on the stove and grumbling how bad it is is meaningless!

Is it possible to change a man?

When you decided to connect your life with a person, did you realize that you would need to learn to accept him unconditionally? To accept is to allow him to be as he is., and to love him equally strongly, no matter how much you dislike about him. And even more - love everything in it. You can not love half: one part I love, and the other - no. You marry a holistic person, not a part of her, so be prepared to accept everything completely!

There is such wisdom that a woman always hopes: a man will change with time, but he does not change. The man believes that the woman next to him will not change, and she is changing. So laid by nature: We, women, are changeable by nature, and this is our essence, and man is stable, reliable and stable. For this we appreciate him. And no need to wait for it to change.. Yes, there is something that a woman can change in her man, but with love, understanding and acceptance, and not criticism and condemnation.

What causes criticism from a woman?

We attract into our life exactly what we are thinking and talking about. If you are constantly sawing a man, complaining to your friends that he is inattentive, rude, sloppy, you attract all these qualities to your family. The secret is simple: if you want love and kindness - talk about them, you want an attentive and gentle husband - imagine him so. But if you choose criticism, be prepared to accept its consequences.

You deprive a man of vital energy

The fact is that a man is able to do something, achieve, grow only when he has an incentive and inspiration. Inspiration gives muse. It is our female energy inspires and gives strength to men. But if we thoughtlessly spend it on condemnation, then we are no longer able to inspire. A man loses a source of energy and then, firstly, ceases to grow, and, secondly, is angry with his wife for it.

You destroy loyalty in the family

After you tell the whole world what a bad one he is - your chosen one, the thought will involuntarily come: why am I suffering? Do not leave me and find a more worthy man? And such thoughts are already destroying loyalty. And family, and life. If you can’t take it at all, in principle, it's not about the man - in any you will find something unsightly - and in you and in your inability to love without conditions.

You ruin the life of a man

By disbelieving and disrespecting your man, you spoil his reputation. And if you carried the rubbish out of the hut, then now all your surroundings know that your husband snores at night, throws socks around the apartment and does not know how to keep secrets. The friends will tell their husbands, they will tell the neighbors, etc. The mechanism is running. Understand - No need to discuss a husband with friends and relatives. With whom to talk in this case, read the article With whom you can and with whom you can not share the problems ?.

What to do? Replace criticism with love!

You are not just chosen this man. You love him. You have found in him that which was not in others. Remember his remarkable qualities.

Think about how much time and effort he gives so that you can buy yourself a new dress or relax after a busy day when he washes the dishes. If you just put negative thoughts aside for a few minutes, then surely find a lot of things for which you can respect your husband.

So why not concentrate on them and stop destroying the family?Give your man warmth and kindness, share your energy with him, give inspiration, and you will see how he will thank you, how much unspent tenderness and caress in him lurks.

Be a Woman! Strength and inspiration will give you the article Purpose of a woman - to illuminate the world with beauty.Then the man next to you will be real!


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