Coral wedding


Nowadays, long-term marriages are rare, and if you managed to live together for thirty-five years, you are by and large real heroes. Of course, on your way there were quarrels and disagreements, but you were all able to overcome. Now you deserve your own unique holiday, which will be remembered no less than the actual day of the wedding. So, you have a coral wedding!

Coral wedding day

It may surprise many people that after so many years there are still feelings in your hearts. Perhaps realizing how much time has passed, you yourself will think about it. Having experienced this particular length of time together, the husband and wife, as a rule, understand how strong and invincible their love is, and that, when they were young, they made an absolutely correct choice. Created a family with the man who turned out to be "half".

The symbol of this holiday is coral. Corals are made up of many individual branches, fused together. In nature, they can form entire islands! However, the coral was not chosen by chance. After all a marriage that for thirty-five years has developed from many thousands of days that have been filled with various events, impressions, sometimes even disputes. It all came together, like coral, forming a unique pattern of strong family relationships.

The thirty-five anniversary of living together - a favorable period for the celebration. After all, spouses are no longer burdened by children and there are practically no difficult financial issues. Therefore, the celebration can be held anywhere your heart desires. It is possible that children will take care of the preparation of the holiday.

However, this anniversary is not without its customs. Red - the color of this holiday, because the coral has a reddish color. Anyway, this color should be present at your celebration. An ideal coral wedding should be celebrated, of course, by the sea. This would be a great repetition of honeymoon. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford it.

Coral wedding traditions and customs

  • However, one of the rites involves a trip to the Coral Sea, which is in the Pacific Ocean (which, incidentally, is as deep as your feelings). The rite should be performed early in the morning. The husband and wife stand near the boat and make an oath to each other, in which they reflect all love and loyalty. Then you need to get in the boat. Having sailed a little from the shore, a husband and wife should confess to each other, tell about their secrets and experiences. After that, the hands need to be lowered into the water overboard of the boat, so the spouses will give all their worries and sorrows to the water. Ideally, a man should get a sprig of coral from the bottom that will bring happiness and well-being to their family.
  • For those who do not have the opportunity to go to the sea, there is another rite. It is also held in the early morning. Spouses must leave the house holding hands and walk to the nearby reservoir. With the first rays of the sun, a husband and wife should throw a red silk scarf into the water. Thus, the couple asks for the blessing of the water element and thanks her for those happy years of living together, which they have already held together. Returning spouses home must wait for their children. They should greet their parents and wish them a long and happy life.

After the end of all ceremonies should proceed to the celebration. How many people you call for your celebration does not matter. The main thing is that they can appreciate your wonderful family life and feel the warmth and comfort of your home.

What to give to a coral wedding?

  • First of all, on this day the spouses should exchange gifts. The husband should present his beloved coral beads, which are not just beautiful jewelry, but also a symbol of the strength and longevity of their relationship. The wife can give the spouse a sprig of coral, which he put in the bedroom near the lamp. A beautiful mysterious light will fall on the twig, which will remind the husband that his wife is still fraught with a riddle that he cannot solve.
  • The first gifts according to tradition should be presented by children. They should give parents a piece of land. And the size is absolutely not important. In the city, it may be a pot of soil and, for example, seeds of some flowers that the couple will have to grow.

  • The rest of the guests can give any gifts. It is desirable that they are associated with corals. For example, a picture of the sea or rocks can be a very good gift. It is believed that water takes away negative energy, brings peace and tranquility. In addition to paintings, various amulets and amulets that will contribute to comfort and well-being in the home and family will be a good gift.

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Do not hesitate to make from your thirty-fifth wedding anniversary something special, a magnificent celebration, a great holiday, such that it will be remembered by you for many more years of your future happy life together.