Cool corporate competitions for employees

After long working days corporate is the most expected holiday. For such a celebration it is better to prepare in advance and think through to the smallest detail not only the menu of the holiday table, but also the entertainment program. You can cheer up the team and transform any feast by adding cool corporate competitions to the program.

On the eve of the New Year holidays

Cool New Year's contests for corporate party

Cool New Year's competitions for corporate parties must comply with the theme. If you have chosen the usual obstacle course, let one team be, for example, from Snow Maidens in kokoshniks, and the other - by Santa Clauses with a bag of gifts. The main thing here is to connect the maximum of fantasy, because even the usual round dance around the Christmas tree can be turned into a fascinating show.

"I blinded him from what was"

This competition is held only in winter, when the tops of the trees are covered with fresh fluffy snow caps. At a time when the team is sufficiently inspired and liberated by means of intoxicating drinks, the energy will beat the key, and imagination and creative thinking will go beyond the limit, you can call everyone to go for a walk in the courtyard, refresh yourself a little and watch the pre-holiday salutes.

And in order to stand in one place was not so boring, invite colleagues to divide into female and male team. The purpose of the competition is simple - to blind opponents from the snow of your beloved dream faster. Whose figure will be more creative, the team will be the winner.

"New Year - New Promises"

Everyone present at the holiday are given a piece of paper and a pen. It is necessary to complete the phrase "In the coming year I ..." in three different ways. Then the papers are folded into the container and mixed. Then everyone pulls out a piece of paper and ends the phrase with the words that are written on the piece. The competition is very funny and funny, especially when the participants have a strong imagination and a good sense of humor.

When the feast is in full swing

Cool table competitions at corporate parties are best carried out at the moment when participants have drunk enough fun, but have not yet reached the standard when it becomes difficult to disassemble letters and words. Typically, these competitions are based on familiarity with the team, checking fantasy or other skills of the participants. The advantage of such games is that every employee can take part in them.

"Correspondent reports"

Cool table competitions at corporate parties

To hold this contest, you will need to prepare in advance a lot of cards on which you need to write unrelated and meaningful words. The task of the participants is to come up with the original news, the subtitle of the article or an advertising poster. Here are some good options:

  1. Fire extinguisher, crocodile, door, chess.
  2. Israel, rhino, socks, fragrance.
  3. Eggplant, life, dog, forehead, beautiful.
  4. Telepuzik, pear, steam, starch, tablet.
  5. Philosophy, football, wolves, board, communism.

Everyone who wants to take part pulls out one card and in thirty seconds of thinking gives out hot news about the event, which seems to have just happened in the world. And in one sentence you need to manage to put all the words from the card. For example: "In Israel, a trained rhinoceros wears fragrant socks."

"Question answer"

The presenter prepares advance cards with questions and answers to them. The funnier the content, the better and more interesting the competition. Participants receive one version of each card, but the content does not read it. The blitz begins with the head of the table in a circle: the first person reads out the question - the second answer and so on.

Sample questionnaire:

  • Is it true that you like to eat frogs?
  • How often do you wash your feet?
  • Do you fly at night?
  • Is there tasty soup with jam?
  • They say your neighbor is a witch?
  • Did you come to work at night and sing loudly?

Sample answers:

  • After the laces poglazhu.
  • I like to breathe fresh air.
  • And you did not know?
  • This is the dream of my life.
  • Never. My stomach is puffed up.
  • Yes, if you tickle under the right finger of his left hand.

Faster, higher, stronger

For active employees cool competitions at corporate events should be mobile and energetic. Choose dress up games, race with obstacles, dance or any other options. And if between the participants warm friendly relations, you can add a touch of eroticism to the competition.

"Happy family"

cool competitions for corporate parties

At the start of the game, each participant receives a card on which is written his role and belonging to one or another subspecies of the animal world. For example: mom, dad, grandmother and daughter of a monkey. There should be several such groups at once - elephants, giraffes, rhinoceros, hippos and the like.

As soon as the presenter gives a sign about the beginning of the game, each participant tries to reunite with his lost family with the help of sounds and gestures, to speak the normal human language is strictly prohibited. When all the "relatives" are assembled, they need to stand in a row in the age sequence, that is, first the grandfather, then the grandmother, then the mom and dad, and at the very end the children. The group that will line up and find each other faster than the others will be the winner.

"Listen to my voice"

This competition is not just another way to have fun, it also helps the team to become united. The bottom line is:

  1. In a separate part of the hall, two obstacle lanes are being prepared from chairs, bottles, cans, ropes and all that is on hand.
  2. Two teams are going. Participants who run on the strip are blindfolded.
  3. The task of the “blind man” is to pass the obstacle course at the promptings of his colleagues as safely as possible.
  4. The participant who gets to the finish line faster will bring victory to his team.

We hope that our ideas will be useful to you for organizing your own corporate holiday. Or maybe you will come up with other exciting contests. In any case, we wish you a great time with colleagues!

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