Competitions for a bachelorette party for the bride and

In the hectic vanity of the pre-wedding troubles the bachelorette party for the bride is an opportunity to relax and rest before the most important day. Come up with a script and prepare contests for a bachelorette party - the task of girlfriends. And the task is much more important and difficult than drawing up a menu and cutting salads. Fun is serious business!

Everyone is involved!

One of the main conditions for the preparation of a competitive program is the involvement of all the participants of the party. No one should be bored. However, the main character of this event should still stand out against the background of others.

You can come up with a contest for the future of family life for the bride at the bachelorette party. But remember the main rule: the bride can not be put in an uncomfortable or ambiguous position.

A selection of bachelorette party competitions for girlfriends

A selection of bachelorette party competitions for girlfriends

Select contests should be based on the venue. Participant outfits should also be taken into account. For example, a picnic in nature or a country house is more suitable for mobile competitions than a restaurant or sauna.

If hen party contests require the preparation of any accessories, do not leave it on the last day. Be sure to find something or forget!

Piggy bank of secrets

Preparing for this competition is better in advance, still at home. Give the task to all participants to describe any interesting long-standing case involving the bride. And it is better to print so that she cannot recognize the handwriting. It is important that each case contains some kind of intrigue and was already half forgotten the hero of the occasion.

Papers should be folded in a beautiful box, decorated under the casket. You can sign it "Secrets of the Past", "Piggy of Secrets" or something else like that. The bride will get these notes one by one “from the past” and must guess who wrote it.

Guess the subject

Different objects are put on the chairs and covered with a newspaper. Participants must each sit down on their own chair and determine what lies under the newspaper. If there are no such number of items, you can substitute them with walnuts or sweets. And participants must "calculate" how many of them lie on a chair under the newspaper. This cool contest is sure to liven up the bachelorette party.

Sandwich, chilling soul

Sandwich, chilling soul

For this competition, it is necessary to pre-purchase models of insects: flies, spiders, cockroaches, and so on. Only those who prepare this contest should know about the idea.

Sandwiches are put on the table on flat plates - one by one on a plate. Participants must turn away. They are encouraged to eat their own sandwich as quickly as possible without using their hands.

As soon as the girls turn away, an insect is put on each sandwich. At the command, everyone turns and rushes to the plate. It is unlikely that they have time to consider that insects are not real. At this moment it turns out just a wonderful photo frame!

Men's "excuses"

The participants are given a piece of paper and pens. For the allotted period, girlfriends should write as many “excuses” as possible, which men usually use. Situations can be any: late come from work, smell like perfume, did not bring wages, forgot to buy food, did not take out the garbage, etc.

Who are you?

The bride attaches a pin with the name of the animal (squirrel, bunny, fox, chipmunk, etc.) to each girl’s back with a pin. None of her friends know what is written on her back. The task of the participants is to guess who she is. You can only answer yes and no questions. A system of prizes or fantasies is being developed in advance.

The most sensitive fingers

For this cool contest for a bachelorette party you will need several deep plates and various liquid and bulk fillers for them. This can be all kinds of cereals, powder, sour cream, chopped nuts, shower gel, salt, pepper, etc. Details must be prepared in advance.

Girls are asked to determine with closed eyes what is on the plate. When the participant feels the pepper, you can offer to taste. This competition can be held as for bridesmaids, and exclusively for the bride.

Question answer

The requisite for this contest is very simple.

The requisite for this contest is very simple: paper, pens or pencils and 2 boxes. The latter can be replaced with baskets, hats - anything.

Two types of notes are written. At the first participants write the question "What if ...?" and put them in one box. In others, they write the answers on what exactly needs to be done. These notes add up to another box.

The bride takes one note from each box at random and reads it out loud. If the participants have a good sense of humor, the result is very fun.

Night taxi

The competition is not only curious, but also useful. It is held at the end of a bachelorette party. Girlfriends are invited to ring up familiar men and ask them to drive them all home. Apparently, it will be a deep night. Or at least late evening. That girl who succeeds in doing this is given the honorary title of "Queen of male hearts." And a more tangible prize is awarded to a man who arrives. For example, a bottle of brandy.

Of course, no one should know about the competition beforehand.

Hen party competitions for brides

If we already include contests in the bachelorette script, then some of them must necessarily be devoted exclusively to the hero of the occasion. You can add comic divinations to the tasks. The main thing is that everything was in moderation and everything was fun.

Competition for the best portrait of the bride

All the girlfriends participate, but they paint the whole bride. The drawings are given to the hero of the occasion without the signatures of "artists", and she chooses the best portrait. Or the funniest one. The winner receives a prize from the hands of the bride. The prize and materials necessary for drawing are prepared in advance.

To tell children

If it's for the wedding, then kids are just around the corner

If it's for the wedding, then the kids are just around the corner. You can tell how many young heirs will be. To do this, the bride must throw a cup behind her back. How many fragments it will turn out, so much and will have a couple of children. If the bottom remains intact, a boy will be born in the family, and he will be very smart.

Wedding puzzles - boy or girl?

This is another type of divination for children. The bride orders in advance in the photo salon 2 large photos in the form of puzzles - a snapshot of a boy and a snapshot of a girl. Girlfriends are divided into 2 teams. One of them wants the young to have a boy, the second to the girl. Each team is given a corresponding picture. The winner is the one who first folded his puzzle.

The bride has the full right to take part in one of the teams.

Sophisticated striptease

Girlfriends tie usual linen gum at the waist of the bride. Slow beautiful music is included. And the bride should remove this elastic band from her waist as beautifully and sexually as possible. Girlfriends, especially married, are allowed to jokingly (but not insulting) to criticize the "stripper" and teach her refined sexuality.

Conversation with the mother in law

One of the most talkative and witty girls is chosen for the role of mother-in-law. Or girlfriends become it in turn. The participant will conduct a dialogue with his son's wife. In the role of such acts, of course, the bride. Played scenes claims to the daughter in law. The subject of discussion can be anything. Why does my son look so tired? Why does hair swim in soup? Why do you meet your husband unkempt and without a bow on his head? It’s better to come up with questions in advance.

I recognize you by ... mole

This contest for a bachelorette party for the bride will help to check how well she knows the groom. Girlfriends in advance close-up photograph the body parts of the future husband - of course, decent. For example, ear, lips, nose, eyebrow, mole in a prominent place, finger, etc. Simultaneously with these photos, the same body parts of other men are printed. They can be taken from the Internet. The bride should accurately identify the native features.

Battle of the toothpicks

It will be an eternal argument for and against marriage.

It will be an eternal dispute for and against marriage. Girlfriends are divided into 2 teams. One of them will argue in favor of a single life, the other - married.

The bride does not participate in the dispute. She has a pack of toothpicks in her hands. And the debaters - in an empty box.

As soon as the bride recognizes the validity of some argument, she puts in a box of this command 1 toothpick. The dispute continues until the toothpicks run out or the arguments run out.

As you can see, competitive entertainment can turn this girl's evening into a dull and colorful event. The main thing - to take care of this in advance. And, of course, do not forget to hand the final prize to the most active participant and organizers! What - let the bride tell her own fantasy.

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