Comic nominations for employees on corporate in verse and

What could be worse than a boring corporate party? So that this does not happen to you, take upon yourself the whole measure of responsibility, show creativity and organize a fun and informative evening. And to begin with, we offer an original idea for a party with a circle of colleagues - comic nominations for employees for corporate events.

Ideas for corporate parties

Ideas for corporate parties

In each team, it is time to take stock for a certain period of work, when it is necessary to thank the staff. But I want this event not to become another official with the distribution of letters and not become a dry and boring ceremony.

A party is a great way to reward employees for their good work, motivate them and enhance their corporate culture. A funny office awards will help to remove the awards. They are ideal for recognizing colleagues, evaluating their work at the end of the year, and award ceremonies at informal meetings. It can be funny nominations, comic awards with the presentation of funny certificates or diplomas for company managers and ordinary employees.

To organize a party, you will need to transform the office to some extent in order to make the event more informal and fun:

  • Organize an impromptu scene or decorate the room according to the occasion you are celebrating. This may be garlands, themed posters, flags, red path to the scene for the nominees.
  • Music always creates a mood. Conduct a survey among employees, ask them to present their musical wishes in advance. Thus, you get a playlist for your corporate party.
  • Organize a festive reception. Here you can use this idea: ask your employees to bring their favorite dish to the table. You can even hold a competition for the best recipe for your office, and award the winner.
  • In order to stimulate the spirit of competition, you can pre-announce a photo contest. The employee who makes the funniest photo from the life of the office on the phone will also be marked at the party in the nomination "Best paparazzi".
  • You need to worry about the prizes, awards, ridiculous certificates and nominations for employees and participants of your corporate party.
  • To have fun, organize interactive games, solve charades or arrange a tournament. This will expand the circle of communication of your team, learn more about each other.

A selection of comic awards for employees

A selection of comic awards for employees

We offer you some funny categories of awards for a corporate party. It is not necessary to use these particular nominations. You can easily change the name or description to make fun awards unique to your group and specific recipients. Nominations can be from "For selfless office work" to "The best mouse tamer," meaning a computer mouse. The last nomination is best suited to your sysadmin.

Cool nominations for women:

  • "Natural blonde" - is not only her vocation in life, but also the main official duty in the office.
  • “The most transparent (illusive)” - in every organization there will always be at least one employee who has just been seen. You can hand this humorous certificate if it appears to accept it.
  • "Spam Mistress" - some employees cannot stop email message redirection. Perhaps they really believe that Microsoft will pay them 10 cents for each dispatch of unwanted mail. As a reward, award this fun certificate for endless incoming messages.

Funny prizes for men:

  • "The best surfer of the season" - even lazy employees who constantly hang out on the Net to buy or sell something need recognition. Show them that you recognize their surfing skills on the Internet with this fun bonus.
  • "Headless Horseman" - in any team there is an employee to whom the leadership periodically gives a tirade: "It would be better for you to lose your head!". This is a nomination for people who are not losing the necessary documents by the time.
  • “Breakthrough of the Year” - probably, in your office there will be a fearless leader - a brave and risky one who is not afraid to take on new tasks and rally around a group of enthusiasts. For him, this prize.

How to nominate colleagues in verse?

How to nominate colleagues in verse

We present a selection of comic nominations in verses for rewarding employees:

  • For the first beauty in your team:

The eyes, like the sea, reflect

And shine, and the sky blue spill,

And lips burn with juiciness,

And the mouth is devilishly handsome!

  • Nomination to the best financial director:

Mani, mani, mani, mani,

I am a financial magnate:

Troachok in your pocket -

Dollar, euro and manat.

  • At the end of the corporate party:

Oh, how the food was solemnly prepared!

But time passed and the candles burned out ...

And all the food went there,

Where and all the deeds are human.

Do not say today we - goodbye

We wish everyone - see you again!

Do not forget that in every joke just a fraction of a joke. Try to joke so as not to hurt someone for a living and not cause offense.

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