Clever woman

How often many women wonder what is better: be beautiful or smart? In fact, this question is rather rhetorical. Some people think that being a smart woman is good, others that it is better to be beautiful and slightly stupid, that a man should be smarter. Probably, this question cannot be answered unambiguously. but There are some mistakes that smart women often make. If you try to fix them, you can get a chance to be at least a little real woman without admixtures of too much intelligence or stupidity.

Let yourself be weak

Many clever women think that taking help from anyone is manifestation of weakness. It seems to them that since they are endowed with a healthy share of intelligence, they certainly must, well, simply must find a way out of any situation. Probably, it is said about such women: she will enter the burning hut and stop the horse, with one reservation only, she will do all this virtually with the power of thought! This scenario of behavior invariably leads to nervous disorders and lack of understanding of others, to loneliness.

Woman standing learn to accept the help of others. You should put your egoism aside for a while and think about your friends, who probably really want to help you, make your life better. Try to use your intellectual abilities in work, for example. And in your home life, let your friends and family members have the opportunity to give you advice and help you. The brain, too, sometimes you need to relax!

Let a man feel smarter

The subconscious desire of almost every man is superiority in everything, and especially in the intellect. Do not deprive the representatives of the stronger sex of this feeling. It happens that a woman is still smarter for some indicators than the man she chose. A truly intelligent woman will never let her man know her superiority over him.

A strong floor must feel that it plays a dominant role, because it is so established by the laws of nature from the very beginning. A woman should be able to pretend to be a "little fool" in time, but at the same time not be stupid to disgust. Our share is not just to be intelligent intellectually, but also wise.

A real woman should not be an impregnable rock, for which you need to hide. We are by nature soft creatures who constantly need warmth and affection. Understand that this is not bad at all, if they try to protect you, protect and shelter from trouble. Perhaps you just love and expect from you the manifestation of your femininity, inherent in us only care and concern.

Let others live their lives

Desire to lecture- another vice clever woman. Of course, many friends may like her desire to give advice to everyone. Moreover, her teachings are not at all stupid, but on the contrary, even useful. An intelligent woman distributes them right and left from her heart and soul, but at the same time simply reveling in her wit and ability to solve all the problems of other people.

A woman with such a vital position needs to remember that soon her academic mind can bring her grief. Sooner or later, friends will want to make their own decisions, and advice about life will start to annoy them.

Well remember that help is good when you really need it. In addition, a person who is constantly “clever” begins to cause irritation and the feeling that he is not that smart. So, trying to show yourself, do not become stupid in the eyes of others!

Get you happiness or grief from the mind depends on you! It is not necessary in all life situations to demonstrate their intellectual superiority. Do not show that you consider yourself smarter than others. However, letting in unnecessary nonsense is also not worth it. Try to stick to the "golden mean". And most importantly, do not forget, at least occasionally, to be a real woman!

Especially for Marie Matveyuk

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