Civil marriage

Before we talk about the pros and cons of the phenomenon, popularly called "civil marriage", let's understand a little what this phrase actually means. The Great Soviet Encyclopedia claims that a civil marriage is a marriage union, drawn up in the appropriate state authorities of the indifference of the church. That is, living together, maintaining a common household and so on - this is nothing but a de facto marriage, but in no way a civil one. It will become civil only after visiting the registrar. But since it is accepted in our country to call cohabitation a civil marriage, nothing can be done, we will call it that way further.

Will we live before the wedding?

So, live together or not live? Of course, everyone decides for himself what he wants. But for those who still doubt, this article will be useful. First, let's talk about the positive aspects of the civilian barracks.

All the "FOR" ...

The first and probably the biggest plus civil marriage for a couple in love - the opportunity every day to see a loved one. Every day, fall asleep and wake up together, have breakfast, dinner, watch TV together, and just be near! No need to rush home, afraid to be late for the last bus, or run away in the midst of a date, worrying that they will make bridges. In addition, if before the start of living together, you did not have a permanent place to meet, and you had to meet in the corners, seizing the moment when there was no one at home, now you can enjoy each other - how much and when you want.

The second plus is you know your lover better. Learn more about what he likes and what does not. This helps you in the future to make fewer mistakes in the relationship.

Also, you will learn more about what your chosen one is in everyday life. Simply put, "where do his hands grow from." After all, when you know this, it is easier to decide whether you can live your whole life with a man who repairs a leaking faucet for a week, stopping for football and running a hundred and fifty times to the plumbing shop. Or vice versa - make sure that the beloved will be your first assistant in the household.

In general, civil marriage in young people implies "pre-marriage", so to speak,trial marriage. This is necessary in order to understand whether the couple can “get along” together, and whether they should marry “for real”. If they can, they will marry, but they will not be able to, they will disperse like ships at sea. No long divorce, no division of property, no regrets about the capital spent on a magnificent wedding. This is another plus of the "no-obligation" marriage.


Unfortunately, one "minus" ensues from safely "premarital". But minus it is only for women, for men, on the contrary, is a big plus. Chances are good that a man will like, that he miraculously has delicious dinners, fresh shirts, plus always a clean apartment. And besides, without a stamp in the passport, so unnecessary and frightening! That is, we risk a very long time, and even forever, remain unmarried.

By the way, the amount of dirty laundry and need to spend a lot of time at the stove - This is also a minus of civil (and in general any) marriage. We, women, will have to get used to the fact that men, unlike us, eat after 6:00 pm, and they will not be full of yogurt and cereal.

Because you live together with your loved one, most likely now less likely to be "in the light". Cinema, restaurants, bowling and even simple walks will be a thing of the past. What for? After all, you see each other anyway. Watch a movie and dine now and at home. That would be your man’s response to an offer to go somewhere else. Unfortunately, but all this will go away, and with it the romance in the relationship ... Less? What else! But you are so far only a couple in love, and not spouses who have been married for twenty years.

That's probably the most main advantages and disadvantages of civil marriage.

You decide

In general, each pair is different. Therefore, decide what is more important for you - maintaining romance or the opportunity to simply be near and take care of your beloved; decoration of your passport with a stamp or getting confidence in the correctness of the choice of a life partner; and so on and so forth ...

The main thing is to love each other! Life without love is not life, but merely existence ...

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