Children's road to sleep

While the baby is only growing, he sleeps a lot. Sometimes it is good enough to feed or bake a newborn, as he plunges into sweet bliss. But what to do when it is time to move away from motion sickness on the hands, but the crumb does not want to fall asleep? Fortunately, in every family there are several "tricks" tried by more than one generation of women.

When my daughter began to approach two years, we began to change the technique of falling asleep. First of all, she was solemnly moved to the couch, sending the crib for the time being to the pantry. For the child, it was emphasized that now she, like her parents, will sleep on her own sofa. She was pleased that the new bed could accommodate more toys. In general, the small "move" was carried out very easily.

My pregnancy with my second child made many adjustments to our plans. For example, a rounded tummy did not allow to lull the baby in her arms. This is where the “relocation” of the daughter to a new place came in handy. I just laid with her side by side, quietly sang lullabies and told fairy tales. In connection with their position, many fairy tales began to boil down to the fact that "Once there were mom and dad ..." Then, depending on the mood, a story about a little girl everyone loves and how she spent the day or will spend it. Under the quiet whisper of my words, she fell asleep.

And finally: remember that the air in the nursery should be sufficiently humid, cool and clean. Try to regularly ventilate the room, do not overheat it with heating appliances. Patience to you and love for your children!

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