Child's baptism - what mom needs to know

The baptism of a child is an obligatory rite in the Orthodox Church. It is believed that after carrying out this sacrament the kid has his own guardian angel, who protects him from diseases and adversities. The rite of baptism is a rather complicated procedure that requires some preparation not only for the clergyman, but also for the parents. So many things are piling on the shoulders of parents that they are lost and do not know how to cope in order to be in time on the appointed date for the baptism of the child. What should mom know? How to choose the godparents? What to wear a baby? You will find answers to these and many other questions in our article.

Baptism of the child - what should mom know?

It is important for parents to know and understand that the baptism of the child

It is important for parents to know and understand that the baptism of a child is not a newfangled tendency of the modern world, but a rite of initiation of the baby into the Christian faith. If you are not sure of the correctness of the choice made, or if you yourself do not belong to true believers, then the clergy do not recommend holding this event, and they are unlikely to agree.

According to Orthodox custom, baptism is carried out as early as possible in order to remove the original sin from the child and give it God's grace. By human standards, the ideal age for the baptism of a child is 2-3 months from birth. During this period, the baby is already quite strong and adapted to the outside world, but it is still not afraid of strangers.

How to organize the baptism of the child: the rules and tips

In order not to forget anything and have time to do everything in time, it is better for mom to prepare a to-do list

In order not to forget anything and have time to do everything in time, it is better for mom to prepare a to-do list in advance and follow the plan clearly, making some adjustments in the course of actions. There are no clear rules and frameworks for the baptism of the child, but there are a number of features that will have to be taken into account.

So a phased action plan should look something like this:

  1. Select the date of the baptism - this is the first thing that should be done mom. There will have to try a little, because you need to please everyone. It is worth taking into account the fact that during the days of major church holidays, the priestly baptism does not hold the rite of baptism, so be sure to check the Orthodox calendar.
  2. Agree with the priest. When going to church, it is necessary to take into account that today the services of clergymen are not free, but often quite expensive service. Therefore, do not hesitate to pre-negotiate the cost of the ceremony.
  3. Choose a baby's baptism site. Traditionally, children are baptized in the walls of a church or a chapel. However, this is not always convenient, as several babies can be recorded on the appointed date. If you are worried about this, the church provides outbound baptism services at home.

And, of course, the latest actions on the plan, but not least, is the choice of godparents and the necessary things for the sacrament. But about this offer to talk in more detail.

What is needed for the baptism of a child: a boy and a girl?

If you think that the choice of the date and location of the preparatory process is over

If you think that the preparatory process is over on the choice of the date and venue, then you are deeply mistaken. In addition, for the rite of baptism you will need a whole list of things:

  • church wax candles for each guest present in the church;
  • spare diapers, diapers, wet wipes and other hygiene products, because you can not be sure when your baby goes to the toilet;
  • hats for women - lovely ladies cannot appear in the church with their heads uncovered;
  • if baptism takes place in winter, take a warm blanket with you: not all churches are warm enough, and that the baby does not catch a cold in between all the actions, it will be more convenient to quickly wrap his blanket than to wear a suit every time;
  • discuss the possibility of taking photos and videos with the clergy in advance.

Parents should not bother to choose a cross and chain - it is the duty of the godparents.

What to wear for the baptism of the child?

According to Orthodox custom, the godmother should choose the baptism set.

According to Orthodox customs, the godmother should choose the godmother, but you may well assume this responsibility. When choosing clothes, it is best to give preference to the one in which the child will feel most comfortable for a long time. Do not forget also that, according to the traditions of the baptism of the boy, you need to wear a suit of blue colors, a girl - pink flowers.

An integral attribute of the sacrament of baptism is the Kryzhma: you can buy it both in the church and in any store. Kryzhma is a white diaper in which a clean and sinless baby is passed to the hands of the godmother. Very often, the initials and the date of the sacrament are embroidered at the corner of the diaper, and the mother sends the kryzhma itself to an adult child at his wedding.

How to choose godparents?

With particular responsibility you need to approach the choice of godparents. They should not only be suitable for all church canons, but also be close enough to the family in order not to disappear from the life of the kid forever after the sacrament. Orthodox rules say that you can’t take the godparents:

  • unbelievers or other faiths;
  • consisting in a sect, cults and other organizations;
  • leading an immoral lifestyle;
  • people with an unhealthy psyche;
  • married couples;
  • clergymen and monks;
  • unbaptized and underage people.

It is believed that the choice of godparents should deal with the father of the child.

It is believed that the choice of godparents should deal with the father of the child. For girls, it is very important to choose a good godmother, for boys - a father. After all, it is likely that when a child grows up, it will be much easier for him to communicate with an adult of the same sex as him.

Sacrament of baptism

On the morning of the appointed day, the godparents should appear at the house where their future godson lives, and go to church with their blood parents. The ritual of baptism itself takes about 30 minutes and goes through the following stages:

  1. At the beginning of the sacrament of the child in the hands of holding the godmother. After reading the opening prayer, the priest will say to take the child to the godfather.
  2. Now the godparents together read a prayer called "Symbol of Faith". It will be good if adults learn it by heart in advance.
  3. Next, the godfather passes the child into the hands of the priest.
  4. The baby is dipped into a font with sacred water, and a cross is put on.
  5. After this action, the baby is considered an Orthodox Christian. It can be dressed in a suit and wrapped in a roof.

After the church and the baptismal ritual, parents and guests can go home and celebrate this event in the family circle.

Carefully planned and thought out to the smallest details of the christening will leave in the memory of parents the brightest memories. A baby will be able to see everything in the record when he grows up.

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