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Religion is a definite direction of every person in life. The choice of religion is an independent and deliberate step. Some people live without faith - they call themselves atheists (they deny any supernatural influence on fate). But sooner or later, each person comes to the conclusion that there is someone or something whom they can hope for, from whom they can ask for something, sometimes complain, etc. There is someone more than a friend, brother or even mom. It is our single beginning. He is called God.

Purpose of religion

Religions are one in that they all interpret the rules and principles of life as if from God. All faiths have common features:

  • temples and cathedrals that personify the house of God;
  • prayers and parables, telling about the meaning of life;
  • traditions and rituals that keep us from evil, etc.

Any religion implies a conscious faith in God. Conscious means independently and reasonably chosen by the person himself, each individually. But Recently, parents, and the state itself, pushes on the transfer of religion from generation to generation. No one is waiting for the majority of the child to find out what faith he prefers.. Maybe this is not necessary. Since literacy in the interpretation of any commandments suffers greatly because many children do not follow in the footsteps of their parents: knowledge loses its importance as useless. But let's not delve into the philosophy and roots of religion.

The state religion of our country is Orthodoxy. On the basis of this belief, we will try to explain all the pros and cons, allay fears, and prevent unpleasant consequences.

Child baptism

Orthodox Christians have decided to baptize a child after 40 days of birth. Many mummies baptize their babies before. In the maternity hospital there are situations when a child is baptized immediately after birth.


In itself - sacrament of baptism does not mean anything bad for the baby from both the physical and psychological side. Dip the child in warm, clean water, then immediately wrapped in a towel. Those. in terms of a cold or other inflammatory process of the respiratory tract - there is no need for concern. But from the psychological side - church chants, dim lights, the languid voice of the priest, the light of candles - all of this even positive and soothing effect on the child. And if the baby is a little older, he can already observe with curiosity and interest everything that happens, which also plays an important role in the development of the infant.


There are moments associated with common sense. Is there a need to expose the additional stress of the little one that just came into being? The kid has not even had time to simply adapt to the external environment, but here he is met with all the "honors" and ceremonies by unknown people. Of course, each mommy personally decides when, where and what her baby needs. But for this, additional measures in religion exist: prayers, icons, charms, etc.

Communion of a child in the church

The next “ritual” that I would like to talk about is going to church, namely the sacrament.


The presence of a baby in the service in the church is a very touching moment. Already proven that prayers and chants influence the development of every cell of the body very positively. A person who often listens to classical music or a child who often hears the text of prayers develops very harmoniously. All organs, brain, systems are properly formed. Therefore, church chanting is very important for children. Listening to prayers can only have a positive effect.


The baby in her arms is pretty hard. test for a newborn mother. And the procedure of the participle itself is not sterile. Of course, a person approaching the cup "with faith" does not risk anything. But if there is even a drop of doubt, or thoughts about the benefits of an innocent dose of wine for a baby have already crept in, it is worth a thousand times to think whether you and your child need it. After all, some priests say that it is enough just to bless a child and confess by yourself.

No matter how strong the faith of the mother is, no one has canceled common sense. If the baby is comfortable and pleased with everything that you do with him - do it for health. But if the child is naughty, or he doesn’t like all these ceremonies and ceremonies at all - do not rape the baby. Grows up, you explain to him and let him choose. So "think for yourself, decide for yourself," but always leave the choice for the child!

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