Child baptism

Every Orthodox person must undergo the rite of baptism. And here before new parents there is a task - to choose godparents. The godmother is most concerned with her role. What are the features of this rite, and how is the child's baptism? The rules for the mother's godmother must be studied in advance.

Godmother: responsibilities at baptism

Godmother: responsibilities at baptism

It is not for nothing that godparents are called second parents, because baptism is not just a church rite and celebration, but a certain sacrament. Before God, the godparents swear to protect the child, to participate in his upbringing, to share with him joy and sorrow. After their baptism, godparents become receivers and undertake to take responsibility for the baby if something happens to his parents.

There is no special set of rules for godmother’s mother. There are unwritten truths and unspoken propositions that every woman’s representative must follow in order to christen the baby. First of all, such a church ceremony is held on a spiritual level. A divine invisible bond is established between the godparents and the crumbs. Before the faces of the saints, the godparents and the father swear to help the child in everything.

So, any woman can become a godmother if:

  • she has reached the age of majority;
  • does not have a biological mother crumbs;
  • not married to a godfather;
  • baptized by church canons;
  • is an orthodox believer.

If baptized boy

When carrying out the church rite of baptism of the boy in the hands of constantly holding the godfather. Godmother only helps him to take the crumbs from the font, wrap in a towel or pacify the crying child as a result of stress.

Immediately before the boy's baptism, the godmother must perform the following actions:

  • memorize the prayer "Our Father" and "Symbol of Faith";
  • two or three days before baptism, go to church, confess, and go through the sacrament of communion;
  • the church should be on an empty stomach on the day of baptism;
  • a couple of days before baptism, carnal pleasures must be abandoned.

For the boy, the godmother must purchase a special baptismal shirt. It must be white and natural fabrics. Such a shirt is usually worn immediately upon completion of the ceremony, and the baby must wear it for 8 days. Then it is removed and stored by parents throughout their lives.

During the rite on the cross, there must be a cross. The godmother must, alone or with the godfather, buy a church-lit cross with a crucifix for a baby. He should be on the ribbon.

Also godmother should take care of the towel. It is best to take a large towel to wrap the baby after dipping in the font.

Responsibilities of the godmother

Girl baptism

If a woman baptizes a girl, she will hold her in her arms throughout the ceremony. Baptism lasts about one hour. The godmother should be without makeup. Only light and non-inviting clothing is worn in the church. It is better to abandon shoes with heels, because it is inconvenient, and in general the appearance will not meet church requirements. You can not go to the baptism in the pants. A scarf should be tied over the head. Skirt or dress must cover your knees.

During the baptism of the girl's godmother will have to say the prayer "Symbol of Faith", so it should be memorized in advance. As with the baptism of the boy, the cross should confess and partake in advance. If the godmother herself did not undergo such a rite, then first they baptize her, and then the little one.

In addition to the openwork cotton shirt, the little girl needs to wear a cap to the church. The godmother should take a bag with her, in which later it will be possible to fold the cropped hair and clothing.

Also, godparents choose a pectoral cross for the baby. It does not have to be made of precious metal, the main thing is that the cross should be baptized beforehand in the church.

There is an opinion that the godmother should have her children in order to get the right to christen another child. This is all prejudice. The baby's parents choose a congenial woman who will approach such a ceremony with maximum responsibility for the role of godmother.

What should the godmother do after baptism?

The godmother must take care of a gift for her spiritual son or daughter. Among the most suitable baptismal gifts are:

gifts for baptism

  • children's clothes;
  • books;
  • toys;
  • silver spoon;
  • cross;
  • personal items for the baby;
  • The Bible;
  • earrings;
  • bracelet;
  • nominal photo album.

Godmother should make sure that parents take all the necessary attributes for baptism. When the rite is performed, biological parents are not in the church, so the godmother needs to communicate with the baby in advance so that he can get used to it. This is necessary so that the godmother can soothe the crying crumbs, swaddle him correctly and hold in her arms. The child should be comfortable next to the godparents.


According to secular and church canons after a baptism they organize a feast. The godmother should organize this holiday. Also, after baptism, the godmother is assigned a number of responsibilities, in particular:

  • take a full part in the worldly and spiritual education of the crumbs;
  • say prayers for your godchild and take care of him on a spiritual level;
  • to go to church with your spiritual son or daughter;
  • pay attention and give gifts to the baby on the day of the angel, on the anniversary of baptism, as well as on the day of birth;
  • share with the child all the joys and sorrows;
  • listen to the baby, communicate more with him and help in solving various problems;
  • become an example for your spiritual son or daughter.

To become a godmother, a woman must be aware of the full responsibility and obligations taken on. Her role in the life of the baby is multiplied after the baptismal ordinance. No wonder the church ranks godparents to the rank of parents, albeit on a spiritual level. The main condition for the baptism of a baby is faith in God and his reverence. Be happy!

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