Cast iron wedding

Cast iron wedding - this is the name of the 6th wedding anniversary in Russia. The symbol of 6 years of marriage is cast iron, as the name implies, that is, carbon-enriched iron. In old times, cast iron was a symbol of home comfort. This is not too durable and in general, a simple element opens up, as it were, the coming metal period in the life of the spouses.

In Germany, 6 years of family life is called "sugar wedding", it means a sweet relationship between spouses. And in other countries, this anniversary is referred to as “lollipop” or “rowan”.

Cast iron wedding: how old is it?

One of the most famous traditions for a cast-iron wedding is a clear demonstration of the spouse’s accuracy and thriftiness. On this day, pots and cast-iron frying pans were put on display for everyone, so that all familiar and passers-by people know that the owner of the house is clean and tidy, and keeps a good eye on cleanliness. The thing here is that the dishes from a material such as cast iron, you need to constantly clean, otherwise then it will be very problematic. If, after 6 years of wedding, dishes from cast iron glitters, it means that the spouse is neat and clean.

In the Baltic countries on the 6th wedding anniversary of the spouses often presented bunches of rowan, it was considered that these berries help a woman to give birth to a son, and therefore the heir to the family. In France, the guests without fail give the spouses a house of candies and cookies, the so-called "caramel house", which is also called neat and clean housing.

What to give to the cast-iron wedding?

Let the name of this anniversary and not quite a noble one, it’s still a celebration of 2 hearts that love each other, and therefore, you just need to celebrate it! It is better to visit only relatives and close ones. Their support will be able to help a young family in the future life. And on the 6th anniversary of the wedding, it is customary to decorate the house with statues of cast iron, to cook various dishes in the cast-iron cauldrons and pans, and also to carefully clean the house and the surrounding area.

Cast iron wedding: how old is it?

A gift for a cast-iron wedding is also customary to give from cast iron. A very good gift will be a fireplace with a cast-iron grill - a symbol of the hearth. In this case, the name of the wedding, which is rather heavy on hearing, becomes much softer.

Congratulations on the cast-iron wedding: options

Cast iron is a brittle metal, it can very easily crack. Therefore, in the name "cast-iron wedding" there is some warning for the spouses: you need to be wary of the occurrence of splits, and you should also be more attentive to each other. After all, omissions can turn into a real crisis not only for a husband and a wife, but also for their children, who, as a rule, already exist by this time.

But at least iron is a fragile metal, at the same time it is plastic, easily forged, from it you can create everything your heart desires, including a strong and very happy family! And the main condition for family well-being is the maintenance of love fire.

Cast iron wedding: how old is it?

But how to congratulate the spouses with a cast-iron wedding? First of all, you need to come up with an unusual and creative greeting, the couple will be very pleased. From cast iron, you can specifically forge a portrait of kissing spouses, it definitely will not leave them indifferent. Or you can order a postcard from the same material or a horseshoe for good luck. Nowadays there are still blacksmiths who will gladly fulfill any request of the customer, the main thing in this business is fantasy! Also, do not forget about speech or toast. You can think up a beautiful greeting in prose or verse in advance.

A cast-iron wedding is not a short time for marriage by the standards of our days. Do not be afraid of difficulties and let the fire of love never go out in the hearts of spouses, and respect and mutual understanding reign in the family!

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