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A man in love is always a big mystery for a woman: how to behave with him, why he behaves like this, is this really a feeling ... These and many other questions are of particular relevance if the man is Capricorn. How to understand that he is in love is the main task for ladies who want a love relationship with this representative of the strong half of humanity.

Who are male Capricorns?

Who are male Capricorns?

To understand what feelings a Capricorn man feels towards a woman, one should dwell on his character. The main feature of gentlemen born from December 22 to January 20 is that they are not caressed by fate at all. All that they manage to achieve is the result of their own hard work. In addition, male Capricorns:

  • honest (sometimes even unnecessarily, they don’t know the “lie to salvation” formula);
  • good-natured (often they are really big children);
  • reliable (in any situation you can count on them);
  • hardworking (sometimes real workaholics);
  • serious (but they like to joke themselves and laugh at others' clever jokes);
  • stingy (and this concerns not only finance, but also the manifestation of feelings);
  • conservative (they rarely change their ideas about life).

A distinctive feature of Capricorns is the absolute rejection of loneliness.

How to understand that Capricorn is in love?

Given the fact that Capricorns are not inclined to show their love brightly, their behavior in the period of love is surprising. This is the sign of the zodiac that is completely transformed if it falls into the abyss of passion and feelings. The conquest of a beautiful lady becomes the goal of life. That is why it is not difficult to notice that Capricorn is in love. This is evidenced by:

  • frequent calls and SMS with gentle and tender words (it does not matter to him whether it is convenient for you to receive such messages at the moment);
  • ostentatious independence (even your help would be appropriate for him, he will become stubborn, refuse it);
  • fear of openly expressing one's feelings in public (for fear of being deceived);
  • shyness in the company of a beloved woman (at such moments, Capricorns, usually self-confident, resemble inexperienced schoolchildren)
  • special magnetism (Capricorn in love becomes very popular among women, as if it attracts them with its feelings);
  • flexibility (if a representative of this zodiac sign is in love, his chosen one can simply twist the ropes out of him - he will do everything for her);
  • tenderness (usually manly and restrained, sometimes even sometimes rude, Capricorn, falling in love, becomes soft and gentle with everyone around him);
  • propensity for creativity (experiencing love longing, Capricorns begin to read poetry, compose themselves and dedicate their hearts to their lady);
  • willingness to completely change their plans to please his beloved;
  • uncharacteristic generosity (the gentleman in love will start buying flowers to his woman with armfuls, and their price is the last thing that will concern him);
  • the desire to look good (in ordinary life, Capricorn is very unpretentious, but when falling in love, carefully chooses his wardrobe, is recorded in the gym).

However, there is one significant nuance in the love behavior of Capricorn: all these manifestations quickly pass. The fact is that in the case of reciprocal feelings, the man calms down and directs his life and the life of his companion in the usual direction, replacing going to the movies to watch a football match on TV. If the chosen one did not reciprocate, Capricorn will suffer in silence (sometimes up to old age), but will not be imposed: he is used to directing his energy exclusively and productively.

Compatibility of male Capricorn with other signs

Compatibility of male Capricorn with other signs

If a male Capricorn succumbs to love charms, compatibility with other signs of the zodiac is very important for determining the prospects of this relationship. So, the best variant of the union for gentlemen born from December 22 to January 20 is a relationship with:

  • Aquarius (despite the fact that the Aquarius woman is very frivolous, airy, Capricorn is ready to make efforts to adapt herself to her, but only if she knows about the strong feelings in response);
  • Pisces (Capricorn likes Pisces' sensitivity, although he does not always understand it. Nevertheless, these signs balance each other's temperament);
  • Deva (very durable, albeit boring alliance, devoid of novelty and diversity. But when the relationship suits both, it is an exemplary family);
  • Scorpios (reliable and trusting relationship of spouses, which combine the passionate lovers, true friends and loyal comrades).

In terms of compatibility with other characters, Capricorns may have alliances with:

  • Crayfish (between these signs there is little passion and love - only respect and friendship. Such prerequisites for unity are more suitable for spouses who have lived together for many years than for young people who are just starting relationships);
  • Taurus (difficult, albeit a creative union, in which a woman will strive for leadership - a quality that Capricorns do not like in the ladies).

Relationships with:

  • Capricorn (the man does not like to see his mirror image next to him);
  • Sagittarius (a couple that has nothing to do with either character or lifestyle);
  • Aries (the prospect of this union is zero because of the intransigence of partners and unwillingness to compromise);
  • Gemini (Capricorn is difficult to reconcile with the duality of Gemini's nature, he will be in constant tension because of the likelihood of betrayal by his partner);
  • Lions (Capricorn will be in permanent confusion from the desire of Leo to dominate and rule everyone and everything. If such relations do begin, then the boiling point will come sooner or later, and the wrath of Capricorn will turn into irreversible consequences);
  • Weights (it is very difficult for Capricorn to find points of contact with such a sign - this can cause conflicts, especially if we consider Libra’s unwillingness to sacrifice our interests).

When a Capricorn man comes under the influence of a wonderful feeling, how to understand that he is in love is a question that does not require a long list of subtle nuances of behavior. For all the signs of the accuracy of the arrows of Cupid are there. Just remember that it is important to notice them in time and take reciprocal steps, correcting for the compatibility features of your zodiac signs.

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