Can pregnant women have sex


Can pregnant women have sex? This is a question of keen interest to both future parents. Many women are wary of intima, believing that it can harm an unborn baby. These assumptions are not always justified; moreover, doctors even talk about the positive influence of sexual relations on the state of the future mom.

Do I need sex during pregnancy?

Do I need sex during pregnancy?

If the pregnancy is proceeding normally and the woman has no complaints about her condition, sex is the key to good health and a strong family. During lovemaking, hormones and chemicals are released that have a positive effect on the condition of the woman and the fetus:

  • prostaglandins in the male sperm soften the uterine neck, which contributes to easy childbirth;
  • endorphins - the hormones of happiness, which are emitted in large quantities during sexual intercourse, have a positive effect on the woman and the fetus;
  • orgasm brings the uterus in tone and thus prepares it for childbirth.

Do not be afraid that sex will harm the baby. The fetus is well protected by the muscles of the uterine wall, mucus plug and amniotic bladder. Amniotic fluid levels hesitate, and improved blood circulation in the pelvic organs of a woman leads to a greater flow of nutrients to the baby. So sex parents crumbs does not hurt.

Sex in different trimesters of pregnancy

Depending on the period of pregnancy, sexual desire can manifest itself in spouses in different ways.

In the first trimester, women are often plagued by toxicosis, dizziness, chest pain, and the desire for intimacy is declining. In a man, no decrease in activity is observed, but he must be understanding and attentive to his partner’s condition. Sex in early pregnancy should be careful, filled with caresses. The future mother should not hide his feelings - it is better to share them with her husband. Only in this case mutual understanding can be reached, and lovemaking will bring satisfaction to both spouses.

In the first trimester of sex is generally to refrain or act extremely cautiously if there is a threat of miscarriage or the possibility of developmental abnormalities. In this case, sex life should take place under the supervision of a physician.

Second trimester is the best period for sexual relations. The woman's normal physical condition, she does not feel the fear of pregnancy, and a slight swelling of the genitals enhances perception. This is a great time for the normalization of marital relations, if previously due to a misunderstanding in them there was a crack.

In the third trimester, the woman is burdened with an increased mass of the fetus and thoughts about the upcoming delivery. The future father also does not experience strong sexual desire, fearing to harm the baby and wife. During this period, making love is worth being very careful, as sex tones up the uterus and can provoke premature birth. However, for the same reason, at 40-41 weeks, the doctor may recommend the couple to make love, to "show the way the baby."

Often, spouses ask themselves the question of how long they can have sex. It is necessary to stop the love joys for 2-3 weeks before the alleged delivery for the reasons already mentioned.

What poses can you have for pregnant?

Sex in different trimesters of pregnancy

There are no particular restrictions on postures, however, there are medical recommendations that help the couple find the safest ones for the future mom and baby:

  • time of sexual intercourse should not exceed 10 minutes;
  • the best posture is the position of a woman on her side, while the partner is in the back;
  • in the third trimester, a posture may come up when the woman is lying on her back at the edge of the bed and the partner is kneeling;
  • You can try to pose when a woman is on her knees and elbows, but it is better to place a pillow under your stomach.

Do not get involved in the following postures:

  • "Amazon" when the woman is on top (the member penetrates too deep into the vagina, and the physical activity of the pregnant woman is undesirable);
  • posture in which the partner is on top (creates a lot of pressure on the stomach);
  • deep penis insertion should be avoided or take advantage of limiters. The depth of penetration a woman can adjust independently, holding a member with her hands or restraining her spouse with her knees.

Oral and anal sex

All types of sex during pregnancy are possible if you strictly follow the recommendations, take cautions and follow the rules of hygiene.

Oral sex is better not to get involved if the partner has a suspicion of herpes infection. Genital herpes is extremely dangerous for the development of the fetus at any time.

There are disagreements about anal sex among physicians and heated discussions unfold. In any case, choosing this type of love relationship, consider the existing danger:

  • impact on the uterus is much stronger, so the risk of miscarriage increases;
  • anal sex can be more painful;
  • since blood vessels are enlarged in pregnant women, the intimacy of such a variety can cause the development of hemorrhoids or varicose veins;
  • sterility of the intestine is much lower, so if a member touches the vagina during anal sex, there is a risk of infection.

At the same time, the rectum is a more sensitive erogenous zone, and if anal sex doesn’t cause anxiety to a woman, you can try.

Sex in different trimesters of pregnancy

Precautionary measures

At any stage of pregnancy during sex, both partners should be careful. But there are states of increased risk for the child when you need to be vigilant:

  • short duration of pregnancy, when the uterus can perceive the fetus as a foreign body. In this case, intercourse should not be too violent, otherwise it can provoke a miscarriage;
  • a month before the birth: the canal of the cervix becomes wider, and lovemaking can accelerate the leakage of amniotic fluid or bring the uterus into tone;
  • strict personal hygiene.

These recommendations should be taken very carefully, as the success of further deliveries may depend on them.


There are situations when sex during pregnancy is completely contraindicated. In this case, during intercourse, there is a real risk of miscarriage:

  • there are suspicions of abnormalities in the development of the child;
  • risk of miscarriage in women with increased uterine tone;
  • spotting (here you need to consult with the gynecologist, because they can be a sign of erosion);
  • earlier opening of the cervix, resulting in possible infection;
  • low attachment of the placenta;
  • woman bears 2 or more children;
  • leakage of amniotic fluid;
  • the presence of genital infections in a partner.

In order to maintain harmony in relationships, partners can actively use additional affection, be more attentive and frank with each other. Can pregnant women have sex? Yes, and even necessary, if it does not harm the woman and her future baby.