Bride price in the style of the traffic police

The process of buying a bride should be approached very seriously and creatively at the same time. After all, it is an integral part of the wedding celebration. There are many possible buyback scenarios.. What just do not come up with the bridesmaids and guests to arrange the groom interesting and formidable obstacles on the way to their beloved. The treacherous girlfriends are not even tempted to become employees of the traffic police, so as not to give the bride too easy. But the groom, who with courage will endure all the tests prepared for him, is undoubtedly worthy of becoming the husband of the best bride in the world.

What is necessary for the redemption of the bride in the style of the traffic police?

Let's start with a description of the necessary details, because without them the impression of the ransom will not be complete. So, for bride price in the style of the traffic police:

  • Get into the uniform of the staff of the guard service. Of course, it is better to get a real form, but if you do not have such an opportunity, do not despair. Make the caps out of blue paper, and try on blue skirts and jackets. In this form, you completely get off for a nice GAI scissors.
  • You will also need rods. With them, problems should not arise at all. This attribute of a road service officer is easy to make yourself out of white paper, sticking black stripes on it or drawing them with a marker of the same color. The funnier you make your guards, the better.

  • In order to cordon off the territory, you will need a traditional red and white ribbon. You can buy it at the office supply store. If you have any difficulties with the search, do it yourself by painting the rope with red paint.
  • In any store where there are children's or sports products, you can buy the whistle you need.
  • Find a radio-controlled toy car. If not, then the machine on the string will do.
  • It is also necessary to prepare in advance a sheet on which the merits of the bride will be listed. Moreover, the words on it should be written in solid text and without spaces.
  • You will need a magnifying glass.
  • Write the most important dates on a sheet of paper. You need to write them diagonally, upside down, you can mirror and crooked.
  • You will need soap bubbles.
  • Do not forget about the driver's license. Crust can be purchased at the kiosks of Rospechat.
  • Rope, steering wheel, box, chair, toy cars. Their search should not cause you great difficulty.
  • A bucket of blue will not be superfluous.
  • Threads, ropes, needles, scissors (a few pieces), scotch tape (regular and double-sided), a knife are also extremely necessary.
  • To fix the signs, you will need sticks (about 10 pcs.) About 1.5 meters long.
  • A large folder with folding sheets and a bottle of mineral water will also be useful.

Participants in the redemption of the bride in the style of the traffic police

  1. Bridesmaids (several people) for the role of DPS inspectors
  2. Doctor
  3. Mechanic

Registration of the bride in the style of traffic police

To ransom bride in the style of GAI turned out to be interesting, you need to properly arrange the territory. It is important not to miss the details.

  • To begin, you need to arrange the signs, which must first be attached to sticks. At the entrance, be sure to put a "brick", and enclose the entrance itself with striped tape.
  • A blue bucket is useful for decorating the car in which the inspector will be located.

  • Prepare a folder in advance for receipts, whistle, baton and pen. You should also hold soap bubbles at the ready. You will need them for the second test.
  • For the doctor and the nurse you need to put two chairs. Alley for parking in reverse, too, need to prepare. It is necessary to draw a pocket with chalk, and pictures with the image of clubs, girls, fishing, alcohol and the like need to be expanded. Do not forget the posters with numbers and words and a magnifying glass. It is also necessary not to forget about the mechanic and prepare in advance for him a box with tools. This box must contain the details to create a "car".

The essence of the scenario of redemption in the style of the traffic policelies in the fact that the bridesmaids, reincarnated as DPS officers, meet the groom and friends at an improvised post. Employees are required to check the groom for adequacy and ability to stand at the helm of the future family. Only after that they let him in to the bride.

Test for groom Inspection

An improvised traffic police post is better to organize somewhere far away from the entrance to the house or the entrance. Do not forget to arrange the signs. When the car reaches the cordon, an inspector with a folder should go to the groom. The inspector’s task is to inspect the machine for possible damage. The result of the inspection is recorded in the protocol. Upon learning that the company is going to the wedding, the inspector must inspect the contents of the trunk in the groom's car. Having found there various objects, the inspector records them in the protocol, and the groom asks him to explain how these objects can help him in his family life. If the groom refuses to explain it, the inspector takes money from him, or writes out a fine.

Test for the groom Detour

The path to the bride is blocked by tape. The reason may be anything, such as road repairs. Therefore, the groom needs to drive around an obstacle along a very narrow path without hitting a single peg. To accomplish this, he is handed a radio-controlled machine or a machine on a string.

Test for the groom Alcohol test

Bridegroom issued soap bubbles. His task is to inflate a big bubble. If the groom fails, then he is not concentrated enough, and he needs a medical examination (which, with a favorable outcome, should also be needed).

Test for the groom

In a medical office, everything can literally happen. You can take the groom to the painted track and offer to "park". The process is that the groom must walk backwards along the path, on which are scattered pictures with "male joys". The task of men are not to step on them. Friends should tell the groom where to go. On some drawings, it still comes. The doctor should prescribe him “Upokoyin”, the role of which is played by a bottle of mineral water with the name of the drug glued.

You can check your vision and reaction. For this, and useful sheets with dates and affectionate words. Since the words are written in solid text, it will be hard to read, but to consider the dates and remember them precisely is even harder.

After the groom passes a medical examination, he should visit a mechanic. The mechanic should offer him to assemble the car (more precisely, glue it). The groom can guess that you only need to pay extra mechanics, and he will do everything himself. If you do not guess, he will have to glue everything himself. Then you can make him “drive” this way to the bride in a new car, and even with music (the groom himself should sing).

When all stages of the redemption of the bride in the style of the traffic police will be completed, the groom is handed the right to manage the family to his future mother-in-law.

Look for new original ideas in the article Bride price in medicine style. I wish you success!

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