Bride price in medicine style

There are so many scenarios how to spend the bride price. Each of them is interesting in its own way, but the choice can be stopped on the one that will be closer to the groom or bride in their professional activities. It will be understandable and interesting for them, because each profession has its own characteristics and jokes. If the groom works in the field of medicine, the bride ransom, made in this style, will be as well as possible perceived by them and will lift the mood of all those present. To make it as good as possible, you just have to choose the script you like.

Bride price: medical consultation

  • To organize such a ransom, prepare a leaflet on which in large letters write "Quarantine." As soon as the groom arrives at the entrance, he must be met by girlfriends dressed in white robes.
  • When the groom approaches them, declare that it is necessary to undergo disinfection. To do this, use a syringe without a needle and any juice or sweet water and vitamins, which hide in a jar with the label "Viagra". Ask is he a patient who has fallen in love. After that, you need to describe the symptoms of falling in love, tell about a quickened pulse, pallor, a strange smile. Give a drink of juice and eat a vitamin.
  • At the end, say that you need to examine the groom. Write him a referral for an examination, but remind you that you need insurance, which you urgently need to pay.
  • Then another oculist doctor comes in and offers to see the numbers and say what they mean. Write on the poster the numbers that mean the age of the bride, the day of the meeting, the age of the groom, birthday, wedding day. If he makes a mistake, he must pay a ransom.

  • Then you can offer to draw a portrait of the bride, so that the psychotherapist can assess the power of feelings. After you need to contact your friends to learn about the qualities of the groom, and do it on behalf of a geneticist.
  • Now the girlfriend, playing the role of the doctor-laura, should come forward. She suggests shouting to the bridegroom that he loves the bride to check his throat and hearing. Shout badly - it means you have to pay.
  • At the end, the therapist says, who concludes that, despite the consultation held, the groom is incurably ill and his diagnosis is forever in love. It is necessary to write a recipe on the leaflet in which to indicate the name of the bride.

Bride price in the style of physical

  • Every man at least once in his life passed a medical examination and upon receipt of a driver's license, and during employment.Family life may also require a medical examination, which can be carried out when buying a bride. Offer the groom to buy the bride, go through the most fun physical examination in life.
  • Prepare white coats, tonometer, pipette, medical spatula, stethoscope, cup, syringes. Do not forget the carrot, juice, vitamins. The groom walks to the door, where he is blocked by the way girlfriends in white coats.
  • A girl who has a stethoscope should listen to the groom and say that he feels bad. She writes a referral to other doctors. First, it is examined by the ENT and given the task to sing a love song. He does not want to sing, the groom must pay the ransom and go to another doctor.

  • Another oculist can use darts. He asks to close one eye and throw a dart. On the board, you can stick the purpose of the marriage or the duties of the husband. Let the groom choose the desired goal. He notes that the patient is worried about falling in love and cannot hit the mark. Therefore, he needs to eat a carrot to improve his vision and move on to another doctor.
  • A neurologist examines the groom and says that he is very excited. To establish the diagnosis, the groom must undergo a study. He can show on the poster traces of lips, and he must guess where the lips of his bride. I did not guess, let him pay a fine.
  • After the study, the doctors get together and give a verdict - in love. Essential medicine for quick recovery is artificial respiration, which the bride should do immediately.

Bride price: treatment of incurable disease

  • Lack of love can be called an incurable disease. Therefore, her treatment is necessary for love to become an incurable disease. Take 4 dressing gowns, a medical hammer, a throat wand, a circle with a hole and a stethoscope, like Dr. Aibolit, a candy, a marker, paper and vitamins. For doctors, prepare glasses without glasses, preferably with a round rim.
  • The first stage of the script will be the arrival to the house. Doctors look at the witnesses and say that they need to drink the medicine with the groom. Pour them juice.
  • The therapist says that the groom is incurably ill, and he needs help. He has sad eyes, rapid pulse and pallor - this is definitely a longing to cure that you need to undergo treatment from special doctors.
  • The second stage: the groom enters the staircase and goes up to the first floor, where the first attending physician is waiting for him. He wants to check his eyesight and offers to read the declaration of love in small print. If not see, must pay. The preliminary result - longing decreased.

  • The groom with witnesses rises to the apartment. Here he is waiting for a neurologist. He asks to inspect the groom's knee and starts knocking on the knee, feeling the pulse. He wonders if the artist is the groom and gives him a poster with a pencil. Blindfolded and asked to draw a bride. After seeing the picture, the neuropathologist directs the groom to another doctor to complete the treatment.
  • The third doctor, waiting at the entrance to the apartment, is waiting to examine the throat. With a thoughtful look examines the patient. To make sure that the treatment will help, asks the bridegroom and the witness to sing a song dedicated to the bride. The song must be prepared before. The doctor writes and reads that for the final treatment it is necessary to take medicine every day, and the medicine is one — the bride goes to the groom.

So that the wedding will be remembered for a long time, arrange a ransom so that everyone will have fun, and especially the groom. Redemption of the bride in the style of medicine is the best fit for this.

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