Bride dance with bridesmaids

Wedding - the most anticipated event in the life of every girl. We dream of a beautiful bridegroom, of how beautifully he will make us an offer, what an unusual dress we will have.

And here is the proposal - the passed stage, we are preparing for the wedding. We want it to be the best, most interesting and memorable here. First of all, I want to please myself, and then my guests. For ourselves, we order a photographer and videographer, buy an elegant outfit, go to a beauty salon, etc. For guests we choose a restaurant, we hire a toastmaster with an interesting wedding program.

We want all the contests to be discussed, all the little things thought out, both possible and impossible. The bridesmaid scenario is usually done by the bridesmaid, but God forbid, if she does not coordinate it with the bride herself! Everything should be the way the bride wants, because this is her day!

therefore dance bridesmaids need to think in advance.

In the west often bridesmaids dress in the same dress in style and color. You can find bridesmaids in pink, blue, yellow, beige dresses. The style can be the same or different from other dresses. Why not offer your friends the same for your wedding? Especially in dance it will look very impressive, incomparable!

Choosing a dance for the bride and bridesmaids

Dance you can choose the easiest, the main thing think through all the movements. It will look very nice synchronous execution of all movements.

Also the most simple dance can be decorated with any objects. Your friends can hold japanese fans (for dance in Japanese style) umbrellas (for dance in style jazz). It can be fun dance with bubbles, balloons, confetti (especially for small children at your wedding).

You can also make pair dance. It is good if your girlfriends come to your wedding with their young men or spouses. By the way guys can wear also the same, or in matching color with bridesmaids outfits.

There is plenty of room for your imagination. The main thing is pair dance (if you decide to stay on it), you need to pay more attention than single. A single dance can come up with girlfriends themselves. Surely some of them ever in their life engaged in dancing (oriental, modern, etc.). Pair dance is advisable to put with a specialist. If this is not, then there must be a person who knows the dance well, who knows how to dance and teach it to others.

You can choose waltz, tango (outfits must be appropriate) or any other ballroom dance. There is another choice russian folk dance, but do not think that it will be easier.

The option of joining the bride herself in some part of the dance, or including it in the dance at the very beginning, is not excluded. The main thing is to remember that this the dance should take place around the bride, it should be in the center - the most beautiful, the most elegant and the most attractive! therefore The task of the girlfriends is to organize the dance in such a way as to emphasize all the advantages of the bride and show it in the best light!

Creative inspiration when choosing a dance for you and your girlfriends and the most wonderful wedding!

Especially for - Margot

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