Bridal garter

You will soon have a wedding celebration, and you want to do something special for this holiday, but have not yet figured out what it was. Pay your attention to a rather new, but very interesting wedding tradition. She is connected with the garters of the bride and everyone knows her. It would seem that here you can think of a new one? But, Why don’t you make yourself a beautiful garter of the bride with your own hands?Making this wedding attribute is a very exciting process. At the exit you will receive a wonderful product that will certainly become the highlight of your holiday.

How to make a bridal garter with your own hands?

In order to make a garter yourself, you need to purchase about a meter of wide lace ribbon (bei), a thin satin ribbon in the same quantity, about half a meter of elastic, as well as various decorative elements that you decide to put on the garter. In addition to the purchased materials, you still need a supply of fantasy and the desire to create!

So let's get started.

  • First you need to take care of the basis of the future product. For this purpose, choose a wide ribbon. In principle, the material for the base, you can choose any. The main thing is that it looks good in a duet with an elastic band inserted into it. A thin ribbon will overlap the base, so it’s best if it is contrasted. The effect of the opposite can be created with the help of color, or differences in the textures of the materials of the base and decorative tape.
  • If you chose lace for the warp, then the thin ribbon should be either a different color or made, for example, from satin. However, the opposite is appropriate.

  • Now it is necessary to sew a narrow strip to the wide strip of the base. This should be done so that the narrow band is in the middle of a wide one. Need to sew carefully. The seams should be located at the edges of the narrow strip. Then, on the back of the product under the narrow strip we insert the gum. The garter should be slightly gathered along the gum. The length of the gum must be measured in advance. It should be such that you feel comfortable, but it does not jump off and does not crush your leg.
  • Give the garter a finished look by folding it up so that it forms a ring. From the inside of the garter, sew its edges together, indenting about one and a half centimeters. Then open the remaining ends and sew each of them directly to the garter. This should be done very carefully so that the seam is not noticeable. After completing the work, look at your product. It should be beautiful folds, and the narrow ribbon is beautifully and exactly sewn.

How to decorate the garter of the bride?

This is where your imagination is given complete freedom! Be creative, as they say, what you want! Use beautiful ribbons, bijouterie, various jewelry. The most important thing to remember when making a garter is that the way it will look depends primarily on the style of your dress.

If your wedding dress has a tight-fitting silhouette, then the garter should be as small, light and weightless as possible. After all, she should not show through the dress. The same goes for color.

But if your choice fell on a dress like a ball, you can fantasize wildly. Whatever bright color you use and no matter how many bead designs you make, it will not be noticeable under your full skirt.

Making a garter with your own hands, you not only discover your creative potential and set free fantasy, but also put into it some special thought that is understandable only to you and your future husband.. This can be done through color and various, special decorations. Approach the process creatively and with soul. You will succeed.

Especially for Marie Matveyuk

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