Best friends - galina and svetlana

Tell us how long, where and how did you meet?

Galina:With my best and beloved friend Sveta, we have known since childhood! In short, grown together. We lived next door and very often talked through the wall when we were small. We went to one kindergarten and school. We have a small age difference, only one and a half years.

Did you immediately become friends?

Galina:How many can remember, always were friends. As mentioned above - from the cradle to the present day.

How much time do you spend together?

Galina:Until the moment when she went to Kursk to study, we constantly spent time together (up to 14 years). Later they began to see only on weekends, but mostly they talked on the phone. By the time I moved to Kursk, she finished her studies and moved to her mother in Moscow. After that, we began to communicate exclusively on social networks and by phone. A couple of times a year, she still comes on vacation here, home. And we definitely spend all our time together.

What qualities do you value in each other?

Galina:Sveta and I are very close. In her, I appreciate understanding, she always knows what to say and how. She is very caring, not only in relation to me, but also to all the people around her. Friendly, sweet, kind and always fair. He knows how to console in a difficult moment, always advises the right decision. Never reproach anything. Since the girlfriend is older, she always worries about me and tries to protect her from stupid and rash acts. We are with her as two halves of a whole. On the one hand, the opposite, but at the same time complement each other. We understand, almost read each other's thoughts, we can simultaneously say the same words. We are never bored together.

Have you ever quarreled and reached a relationship break?

Galina:Quarreled and more than once. Before the gap did not reach. Of course, we walked pouted at each other for several days, but could not stand it and put up, and then sat for a long time laughing at the cause of the quarrel.

The secret of how you put up?

Galina:Both of us are proud and the first to approach was terrible torture. But you spit on everything when you realize that a close person is sitting behind a wall and is suffering, that it is unpleasant and sad in her soul. You run to her, timidly knock on the door, and when she opens, you smile and see a smile in return. After all, there is nothing more important than our friendship.

Did any of you have hard times in your life, did you support each other and how did you overcome disaster together?

Galina:Of course they were. Who does not have them! Always tried to help each other as they could. To talk, to console, sometimes they roared together bitterly. Always stood up for each other. They made decisions together and were also responsible for the actions together.

What brightest moments of your friendship do you remember?

Galina:Well, more from childhood. Always stood for each other mountain! Although she is older, but I taught her to ride a bike, and she skied me. She alone knew my weakness (I'm afraid of being tickled) and used it as she began to tickle, and I screamed in all voices ...

Do you think there is a real female friendship?

Galina:This phenomenon is rare, but, based on my case, yes! She exists!

Who is a real girlfriend, in your opinion?

This friend is one that is always there (sometimes mentally). In which she is confident and trust her 100%. She reads your thoughts and understands perfectly well. She is like a husband - one and love!

Please, give advice to readers.

Galina:Appreciate the friendship, respect the opinions and desires of their loved ones. Do not pay attention to the details and shortcomings of their real friends. Do not forget them, and cherish every moment spent with them.

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