Bedtime stories

How many times the baby asked: “Tell a fairy tale!”, And you tiredly brushed aside and said “Next time!” ... Several times the situation could recur, which led to the lack of interest of the child in local folklore. But it is in folk tales laid the deep meaning and laws of nature, they lurk all the wisdom of mankind. And the child has a wonderful chance to learn life — playing and traveling in her imagination through the world of fairy tales.

Is it really very difficult to tell a little fairy tale? In the end, in the realities of the modern world, no one requires the presence of violent fantasy from parents. In stores plenty of colorful books, designed for any age of the child. Starting from the short "Hen Ryaba" and ending with the long fairy tales of Andersen. The power of parents to choose something to your liking to please the baby with a beautiful story.

The advantages of the tale are obvious, but if someone has forgotten them, it is better to remember:

  • the evening time allows parents to spend some time with their child, without being distracted by work, cooking, or other matters;
  • the narrated story develops the imagination of the baby, introduces him to the structure of the world, the basics of the relationship, introduces the concept of "evil" and "good";
  • parents have a great opportunity to shape their preferences (in the kindergarten the teacher will read fairy tales, but your first comment about the main character will remain decisive in the correct perception of him);
  • the created ritual (for example, bathing - fairy tale - sleep) will facilitate the transition to the sleep of a child at any age;
  • inventing a new ending for a familiar story, inventing an unusual story will help parents develop their own imagination, plunge into the world of fantasy.

Bedtime stories are not toys for you, but rather a very useful lesson in the transfer of experience and knowledge of our ancestors ...

Think for yourself: why do you need a child? Since the baby has appeared in your family, then find at least 10 minutes of bedtime to fully belong only to him. Put aside your phone, computer, household chores and just sit by your side. Doesn't this little listener cause a feeling of tenderness and love? Believe in a miracle, go back to your childhood and live with your child the events you tell him about.

If you put your little son or daughter to sleep in the twilight, then reading from the book is postponed "for later." You don't have to remember what Kolobok sang and where Little Red Riding Hood was in a hurry, - Make a story with your child in the lead roles! This may be a story about how "mom and dad lived, dreamed of a child, and suddenly a baby appeared ..." At the end of a long working day, when the imagination does not want to work, you can tell a tale about how "in the distant world the kingdom, the far-off state, was the Tsar-chief, who didn’t complain very much about his people, and how everything went well in the future and the people healed happily ... ".

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You may be surprised, but your child is always looking forward to those moments. If he stopped asking for a bedtime story - perhaps you discouraged him from asking? Try it yourself to start telling stories, and after a short period of time, your baby will, with bated breath, listen to your every word.

Have you ever read bedtime stories yourself? ;)

I wish you to learn how to enjoy the little things as children do. And then the bedtime story will become a strong bridge of warm relations between you.

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