Beauty at home. how to stay beautiful at home

Men are conquerors by nature. Not everyone clearly manifests this feeling, but it is inherent in many. Look at the hobbies of men: hunting, fishing, football, collecting, playing on the computer.

The appearance of a woman in a man's life is also quite often perceived subconsciously as a signal to the beginning of the hunt. Tracking (acquaintance, obtaining information about parents, friends, contact information) bait (flowers, gifts, compliments), rapid attack (violent sex, wedding, children's joint planning) are used. Much depends on the woman, on her reaction to the man, but their living together is a confirmation of his abilities.

It takes a year, someone has two, someone else more. And suddenly the routine, familiar everyday problems and many other familiar factors begin to manifest themselves. A woman walks around the house in a stretched robe, with a tail on her head, without makeup. If children appear, then irritability, bruises under the eyes from lack of sleep, and a sloppy appearance are usually added to this.

Can one love keep a man in the house? There is no definite answer, but more often than not, men in such a situation begin to easily succumb to external temptations. So is it so easy to relate to your appearance at home? Of course not! Stay attractive all your life so that the man does not have the feeling that you are completely conquered by him.

There are many ways to preserve their beauty at home:

  • Find comfortable and cute clothes for your home.All stretched T-shirts and pants along with a worn out bathrobe must be thrown out of your wardrobe once and for all. If it’s a pity to throw it away - give it to the church (they often give it to the poor), cut it into rags (it will be useful in the house), take it to the dacha to the parents.
  • Update your underwear.It does not have to be luxury lace, you can pick up something beautiful and sexy for quite an affordable price. Even if it will be 1-2 sets that will be worn only at home for her husband, but their appearance will significantly increase the self-esteem of the woman.
  • Try a little more sleep.This is not always feasible for various reasons. But if the child does not sleep well at night, then you can sleep with him instead of walking in your nap. Yes, it is not immediately possible to retrain the child to sleep at home, and on the street to stay awake. But a few days of retraining will give you further valuable time at home. There are a few basic rules: feed the child, yourself, cook a meal for your husband and sleep. Everything else can be moved. It is not necessary to vacuum and wash the floor every day - it doesn’t matter to the child, and your time is spent on it. Diaper is quite possible not to iron (exactly like more than half of children's things). Sleepy wife is much more attractive tortured person. Especially when there is energy, and household chores end more quickly.
  • Use high-quality cosmetics.For example, in the absence of the husband at home, apply a clay mask on the face. While peeling potatoes for soup, it will act. At night it is not always possible to care for the skin of the hands, but you can carry out the procedure several times a week - it will be better than doing nothing at all. Choose for brands proven brand names. Never buy on the street, in extreme heat or cold, a tube of cream or lipstick. Severe temperature drops significantly change the properties of the substances that make up the cosmetic.
  • Use makeup at home.You shouldn’t make up your face every day (nobody has yet canceled the natural attractiveness), but it’s very worthwhile to please your husband with beautiful eyes when he comes home from work. He will be very pleased that it is only for him.
  • Love your husband! This is the main advice. Because only when love lives in the heart, the eyes shine with a marvelous brilliance, and the shoulders straighten themselves.

Let your man constantly conquers only you!

Especially for - Katerina

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