Authoritarian man

When we meet young people very often, we see only good things in them. And, having created a family after some time, we begin to see clearly. And strength and perseverance in our beloved now seem to be dictatorship and tyranny, the former positive traits of his character become negative.

Of course, there is a period of romantic relationships, and we begin to evaluate our man really, because he is seen by others. And here we are surprised to discover that we Husbands got an authoritarian man ...

Surely you are a little familiar with general psychology, you could study it at school, in a college or university. But even if not, then every person is his own psychologist. After all, we hear all sorts of stories, opinions, we ourselves reflect on the mistakes and the best achievements in our life. Therefore, do not despair that now your family life will be like a duel, where husband and wife are opposing sides. For a start, let's see what the authoritarian person is.

Characteristics of an authoritarian person

In psychology An authoritarian person is a person who aspires to become the only leader, so she wants all her requirements, requests or orders to be unquestionably fulfilled..

Most often these people have such featuresas:

  • propensity for any manifestation of power,
  • justice,
  • straightness
  • high demands on others (maybe to yourself),
  • self-righteousness
  • quick temper,
  • some aggressiveness
  • sometimes angry and resentful.

It is also important to note that if your authoritarian husband does not work as a boss, his desire for power may have a bad effect on his family, or he will be carried away by history. Just to argue with him about historical events is useless - he is always right, he always knows better than you. With such a person it is better not to argue on any issues..

Features of communication with an authoritarian person

Once we have come to the same way to behave with an authoritarian person, here are a few rules or advice:

  1. communicate with such a person better when he is in a good mood and a little relaxed;
  2. it is good to give him a compliment or praise him, to say something pleasant;
  3. during a conversation you should not interrupt him (this may offend him, annoy him), you need to listen to him carefully;
  4. it is important to agree with him when he speaks;
  5. it is better not to make fun of him, he usually doesn’t understand well even good jokes about himself, not to mention jokes with ironic overtones;
  6. always do what they promised him;
  7. it is better not to touch his thing without asking, it may be unpleasant for him;
  8. never flatter him and do not be fooled, he immediately recognizes the dishonest in your eyes and words;
  9. if he accuses or suspects you of something, it is better not to go on the attack and defend yourself in high tones, but confidently say that you are not guilty, and switch the conversation to an interesting topic for him;
  10. if you know that he will not allow you something, and you need it, try to appease him with your behavior, words.

Of course, this is not all advice on the correct line of conduct with an authoritarian person.

You can not think of every situation and ways out of it. Any person behaves in different conditions differently, even in the way that is usually unusual for him.

remember, that the most important thing in your husband is that consciously or unconsciously, but he seeks power. And it can be achieved either by becoming a ruler (monarch) or a warrior. In your hands, be able to support his aspirations, and make your family life happy.

Excellent caring parents come out of authoritarian people. However, the authority of the parent can crush the child, especially during adolescence. Surely you or your girlfriends will find examples of such parents and their upbringing.

Of course, not always a woman agrees to the second role, to a role to some extent subordinate. She, by the way, can also have a strong character or also be an authoritarian person. Two such people in the family get along quite difficult. However, this does not mean that it is necessary to disperse, no!

Just try to find a joint compromise. And yet, let's not forget the adage that a man is a head, and a woman is a neck.

Especially for - Margot

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