Aquarius man and aquarius woman

If you and he belong to the same zodiac sign Aquarius, it is quite a rare and extraordinary union. They say that couples between representatives of the same signs of the zodiac are very rarely created. They are too similar in their attitude to life. To avoid many problems in the relationship with Aquarius, it is worthwhile to study your compatibility in advance, this is the only way you can create an ideal relationship.

Male Aquarius and Female Aquarius: the compatibility of characters

Marriages think about marriage at the very last moment. They appreciate the diversity of life and its versatility, not counting that it should be limited only to family. Their lives are full of various sharp turns and therefore they do not take on such responsibility as a family. Even if there is a desire in them to connect their lives, you will have to be ready for work related to long trips or irregular working hours.

Aquarius is important to find out everything in the world and go all the way. But not everything is so hopeless, true love is also a path that can make Aquarius go.

Compatibility in communication between Aquarius

By nature, a person born under this sign is very secretive. Aquarians are accustomed to rely only on themselves in everything, whatever they do, considering that their life interests only them. They hide the whole truth about themselves, because they believe that they will protect themselves from others in this way. More often they lie to each other so that they are not touched, and this is already the beginning of the road to separation. Yes, and deceive each other in such a pair will not work either. Realizing that they were trying to deceive, Aquarius cease to communicate with the person.

The main thing in the relationship for Aquarius

One of the favorite topics for disputes among Aquarius is the search for justice in a minor quarrel. They will share their freedoms and rights, be principled in relationships and deal with the distribution of roles in the union, sometimes even to the detriment of their personal lives. They both need to be right and only after that - nice. To avoid such problems, both of them will have to prove that relationships are not only in the search for truth and justice.

It will also be quite difficult for Aquarius to live together, because both of these signs have a very strong intuition and they are unlikely to succeed in holding each other. To create strong relationships, they need to know each other’s values, because both must serve important goals in life, and if they don’t match, it’s better not to create a pair.

How to intrigue Aquarius?

If fate will still collide with Aquarius, and you really love him, do not worry, you will be able to draw his attention to yourself. For this it is necessary to intrigue. Do not tell everything, try to surprise him, and remember that communication for Aquarius is the most valuable. Try to be interested in different things, fantasize, be inquisitive. You have a lot in common, despite the rather large contradictions between the woman Aquarius and the man Aquarius.

Compatibility between Aquarius in love union

Compatibility between Aquarius in a love union is 70%, which is already a good result. According to astrologers, the creation of such a love union is almost impossible, because both partners do not want to completely restrict their freedom and are only engaged in themselves. If a couple appears, then there can hardly be any talk of long-term relationships or any obligations. Aquarius will be with each other, as long as it is nice and comfortable, without thinking about anything else. They belong to ideological people who know how to share their ideas and personal relationships. There will be no problems between them if both need only sensual relationships. The main thing is to say to each other directly.

If there is a desire for a longer relationship, here and there may be difficulties, too freedom-loving Aquarius. So that they seriously think about creating such a union, there must be some big idea - close-knit family, associates shop, related clan, true love. Aquarians live by logic, so it will be difficult for them to come closer to each other.

Male Aquarius and female Aquarius: compatibility in marriage

Compatibility in marriage between Aquarius is only 30%.In order for them to be compatible in marriage, they must accept the fact that they will not change their habits. Both of them will need to give each other freedom of movement. Aquarius is not inclined to treason, but they themselves are not jealous. They will not close their eyes to treason, will accept it philosophically and leave.

Having such identical characters and habits, it is difficult for Aquarius men and Aquarius women to be together, therefore their compatibility is rather low, apparently, therefore such pairs are rarely created. Pay attention to compatibility for Aquarius, if you yourself belong to their number and your chosen one too. Knowing the compatibility of your signs, you can reduce the friction and problems that arise, and create the perfect pair, no matter what.

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