Alexey and lana

This pair has no secrets. They know how to forgive each other and believe that even if they do sometimes hurt, it is only because they love each other very much.

Tell us where and how did you meet?

Alexey :We were introduced by our mutual friend (we had a party at home).

How many are already together? Alexey :November 4th was 6 years old as we meet, on December 31, 6 years we live together! and after half a year on the 13th of July we got married.

How did you understand that you want to be together? Why did you choose him (her)? Alexey :How to understand - I do not even know! I really liked her, she was funny, even funny. Beautiful! Interesting! Well, as it is deep in the soul sunk! We were still on the same wave of psychology - I was studying to be a psychoanalyst, she was also interested in psychology. We walked a lot, talked, told each other everything (both about jokes and sorrows, even about all our former partners and previous relationships) - there were no secrets in short. And in principle, now everything remains the same - complete openness of what is happening. This is probably one of the secrets of our success! We are even talking about what is not customary to say - hidden desires, desires, interests, dreams!

Generally? we think the same way, speak the same words and understand each other without words. We are interesting to each other as people, we have one look at building relationships, the distribution of responsibilities, we are 100% satisfied with each other in bed. And we love a friend of a friend! This is probably already enough! It is very important for us to respect each other and personal boundaries. At the beginning of the relationship, we stipulated all the fundamental points that can not be violated and we do not violate them!

Have you ever quarreled, and did you get to partings? Alexey :Quarrel - quarrel - as it should have been all the crises of family life! I almost broke up a year after the wedding. We put up in different ways! Sokromentalnaya phrase which then Lana said I remember in moments when everything is infuriating "We began to live, not because we are easily together, but because we love each other" - this phrase immediately knocks out all household negative thoughts and makes room in the soul for love!

The secret of how you put up?

Alexey : Sometimes we just change roles and defend each other’s position (I’m my she) and then we start to understand each other better and the conflict is solved much easier! From time to time I realize her childhood dreams - and she becomes a happy child.

Have you had hard times in your life and how did you overcome them together? Alexey :Hard times have been and are - we support each other! We listen! Knowledge from the psychology of supporting each other and methods of relieving stress help! Perhaps that is why we are together - and maintains this relationship! Love, respect, absence of omissions, understanding, acceptance, ...!

how did the birth of children affect your relationship? Alexey :We have a wonderful daughter! Her name is Onelik and she is 1 year and 7 months old. Primarily affected by joint pregnancy and joint delivery. I took part anywhere and everywhere! I had the syndrome of a pregnant dad, I grew stout, started eating a bunch of cakes, was worried about trifles. And when I was in labor and saw how it all happens, my respect (and without that is not small) grew at times! I spend a lot of time with my daughter - she's daddy. She loves me and Lana like it! This is our family angel! Although the brain sometimes makes the full program! Here is an important excerpt! The baby made our relationship even stronger!

Did jealousy take place in a relationship, if so, how did you cope with it? Alexey :There is no particular jealousy. Sometimes for the sake of decency we depict. More for fun! We trust each other and are 100% sure that the damn attractive, beautiful and gorgeous, so no one will go to someone else because it’s stupid to leave the ideal.

Did Passion Have a Place? Alexey :Passion had and has a place! In relationships, she is necessary (at least for us) and she is!

What is love for you?

Alexey :Openness, respect as a person and his borders. Understanding what the beloved person can do most painfully! Advice to readers:focus on love, not on life and other responsibilities, be open to each other, and respect your soul mate.

Especially for - Elena

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