After how many years of marriage do a diamond wedding is

Marriage is usually celebrated not only on the day of this long-awaited action, but also on the anniversary. Thus, the personal calendar of holidays is replenished with a new, no less important than the rest, meaning close to the birthday - after all, it marks the birth of a new family.

Continuing the analogy, it is worth noting the selection of each round date: glass, pearl, ruby, even a diamond wedding. How many years of living together marks the last frontier mentioned? And why does he have such a name?

When is a diamond wedding celebrated?

When is a diamond wedding celebrated?

Not all couples reach this “threshold”, and this is not because divorce statistics indicate their predominance over the frequency of marriage, as well as a high probability of divorce from unions even during the first 3-5 years of living together. A diamond wedding is a whole epoch of long and strong relationships that have withstood more than a dozen years, more than half a century. This is the 6th anniversary, 60 years from the date of marriage. But why was the diamond chosen as the symbol of such an important date?

  • In addition to the fact that this gem is considered one of the most expensive, it is also characterized by increased resistance to external factors, which justifies the Greek interpretation of its name - “invincible”. In addition, he himself is capable of inflicting damage — you can even cut metal with sharp edges of a diamond. With all these nuances, it is easy to hold associative ranks for a long marriage, which has passed many tests, but still has not collapsed and now serves as an example for imitation.

It is also important that the diamond is an elegant stone, fascinating with its shapes and impeccable cut. Similarly, the union looks for more than half a century - pure, harmonious, deserving respect and admiration. In some sources, a diamond wedding is called platinum, due to the fact that in most of its properties (strength, value, magnificence), these materials are similar to each other. They can equally personify 60 years of marriage.

It is also interesting that the diamond wedding is “surrounded” by an iron and gold one, which some experts regard as an additional “compliment” to the essence of the spouses' relationship - they are already more valuable than gold and are almost as strong as iron. And if we take into account the study of the diamond by the esoteric, then its fortress (due to the fusion of the elements of air and earth) will become a symbol of the inviolability of the union, a kind of talisman. Those who have passed a diamond wedding, no more adversity in relation to their feelings are not terrible.

How to celebrate the anniversary?

How to celebrate the anniversary?

Best of all, if children and grandchildren, close friends of the family will be engaged in organizing the holiday Experts assure that this will be the best gift that proves the strength of the marriage of spouses through the fact that they both are loved and valued as a unit of society, they are grateful for their union. However, it is important to take into account the fact that a diamond wedding is no longer public property, not something that people are trying to flaunt by celebrating with great pomp. This holiday is more intimate, it is spent in the bosom of the family, with close and important people for a couple. To choose a restaurant or other public place, or to stay at home depends only on the spouses themselves. On this day, you need to take into account their own wishes.

  • After so many years, it is always nice to remember how it all began, what has happened all these years, so an excellent step on the part of the organizers will be to bring a bit of nostalgia into the interior and / or the program of the holiday. For example, you can withstand the design in the same style as the place where the marriage was celebrated, or simply add elements corresponding to that year (decade).
  • You can go even further and completely reproduce the conditions under which the anniversary meeting took place, their first meeting, the day the offer was made, or any other event that was of particular importance for their union. Of course, it is best if this moment turns out to be a surprise. You will get the opportunity to see the indescribable and sincere emotions from the heroes of the occasion.

Thinking through the program of the event, remember that the jubilees will most likely watch, not take part, so pay special attention to the entertainment component. You can make several scenes, affecting the ongoing holiday and its main "guests", to film a film about their life, and not necessarily touching - the movie can even be with warm humor. And, of course, consider the spouses' hobbies, their points of intersection, the reason for meeting and the feelings that have arisen so that the holiday will be as successful as possible.

Choosing a gift for a diamond wedding

Choosing a gift for a diamond wedding

It is believed that gifts for significant wedding anniversaries should be directly related to their definition. For calico - thin handkerchiefs, for glass - glass products, for porcelain - respectively, porcelain. But the farther away, the harder it becomes to choose something special, because the "value" of the line rises, the leading ones become expensive metals - gold, silver. Not everyone will be able to give anniversary parties to a diamond wedding something with these beautiful stones, and it would be extremely wasteful. What to choose as a replacement so as not to get away from the established canons?

  • The strength of marriage has long been determined by the number of children and grandchildren, of course, given the peace and love that prevails between them. Therefore, the most frequent and correct gift for the 6th anniversary is any confirmation of this fact. For example, the colorful large tree of the genus, whose roots will be the spouses, and their children and grandchildren will go up the trunk and on the branches. To do this, do not even need to involve a specialist. Charge the youngest family members to draw a strong powerful tree with a certain number of branches on a large sheet of drawing paper or other thick paper, print photos of each of your relatives, glue or sew them at the right points.
  • Today, photo printing services are very popular, and for a diamond wedding (as for any equally significant anniversary), they are perfectly suited. You can order a photo book with the most memorable moments from the lives of spouses and their families, as well as put particularly expensive photos on almost any piece of furniture. Any reminder that perpetuates this day and the connection of the heroes of the occasion for a diamond wedding is an excellent choice.
  • According to experts, the flowers remain relevant, and, moreover, not only a large bouquet for the spouse, but also any potted items that can decorate the house. Greenery should be present in the room where the celebration will be held.
  • If possible, of course, children and grandchildren can present precious jewels with diamonds to the anniversary participants, even if it is a common gift from everyone. This demonstrates gratitude to grandparents for the fact that their family has today.
  • As for the guests, then, of course, no one expects expensive items, but it is desirable that the gift shines in a certain way, like a diamond, looked strong and elegant, admiring. For example, luxurious candlesticks, figurines, vases. In the absence of expensive diamonds, they may be encrusted with cubic zirconias, rock crystal or even glass, but these elements must have a high-quality cut. From plastic and acrylic is better to refuse.

You can also recommend to look at the objects that facilitate everyday tasks. This is basically a technique that, on the one hand, does not always meet with understanding in the elderly, but, on the other, can be a great helper. If anniversaries refuse to try something new, you can simply replace the old items: the same TV, stove, refrigerator, etc. But still, remember that the most important gift for those who have reached the brink of a diamond wedding is the attention of loved ones.

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