Affectionate words for a beloved man

Men need praise and affectionate words no less than the fair sex. Real, sweet words coming from the heart can make a handsome prince out of a monster, at least as the fairy tale says.

Affectionate words for a beloved man

But not every woman is able to sincerely say pleasant words to a man. The reasons for this may be many.

Why do women not speak complements?

  • For many, the reason lies in the fact that she was not taught to do so in the family. We carry our parents' behavioral pattern into our lives. If mother never praised her father, and even her daughter, then for a woman to restructure and understand the need for gentle words is extremely difficult. But to speak gentle words need to be able to not only beloved man, but his son. Mother's touch and tenderness are expensive. Therefore, do not skimp on affection and kind words.
  • Many women are not allowed to make compliments to their beloved pride, "here it is, and what if she thinks about it, she will believe in her irresistibility and leave." But this is not correct, pride is a bad adviser in a relationship.
  • Often, a woman is shy and afraid to seem stupid, because she does not know how a man will react to gentle words.

It must be remembered that those women who know how to properly speak beautiful words get much more reciprocity and affection from men.

How to say gentle words for a loved man?

  • Do not play like a "cunning fox" who, with the help of kind words, wants to get a gift from a man, you need to speak kind words sincerely.
  • Not all men love to hear only complements, many want to be praised, finding an approach to each particular man is not so easy. Psychology can help, or rather socionics. She will help to type your man, and to find the approach to him. Depending on temperament, people react differently to life circumstances, they want different things from life, which means that they need to be loved differently. Some want emotions and passions, others of quiet calm. Third, you need to push to the cause of praise.

Affectionate words for a beloved man

  • Invest in every kind word of emotion. If you do not have the strength to sincerity, it is better to keep silent. No close relationship is easy; you should always make an effort to achieve a positive result. Men love women in a good mood, if the bitch love, but they do not marry.
  • Do not be afraid to say sweet words, think that you may not have a second chance. There are often cases when a relationship ends, and a woman bites her elbows and cries that so much could still be done and done. Do not delay tenderness for the future. The more you give, the more you get - this is the law of conservation of energy.
  • Do not be afraid to tell your beloved about your feelings, emotions, your attitude towards him, because sincerity is the basis of emotional intimacy. If you do not open up in front of a loved one, then there is no sense in the relationship at all.
  • Do not try to give the pronunciation of words a special solemnity, they need to be spoken in between times, it will be more natural. Do not be shy of your feelings, it is such a joy that you have them.
  • If a man does not indulge you with compliments, then start first. Just do not need to play the game - you tell me I tell you. Be generous, but always gentle words and praise should be in place.

How not to say gentle words to a man?

  • A hundred times a day, it can annoy your loved one.
  • Do not flatter your lover. Cheating is too well recognizable.
  • Do not cook too long odes for your lover. Best of all pompous gentle words are perceived in letters and SMS, especially in the period of love. After you need to change tactics and say less, but in essence.

How to start saying sweet words?

If you have not done this yet, then try to compliment your relatives, friends, and strangers on the street. Do not be afraid to seem silly. Believe me, we so rarely hear complements that we hear, we remember all our lives. And even if you look askance, you will think.

Affectionate words for a beloved man

Write all the gentle words that you know on a piece of paper, analyze and leave from the list only those that can be applied to your man, then again strictly study the list, leaving the best. Think in what life situations these words can be applied. And then get down to business.

Properly chosen gentle words inspire your loved one.

Affectionate words for a beloved man

What words and phrases can be used to make a nice man.

Adjectives: beloved, affectionate, gentle, sexy, best, single, dear, dear. Also, a man can be reliable, sincere, generous, talented, wise, intelligent, careful, caring, benevolent. Tell the man that he is romantic, intelligent, temperamental, purposeful, attentive, competent, good.

Nouns: angel, cat, sun, and special pet nicknames are acceptable.

Weave words into phrases and sentences.

Phrases: you are my happiness, I want to love you forever, you are dearer of all, what a wonderful you are, you are the best gift, you are my lion, my male, my support, my talisman.

Praise the man entirely and in parts.

The legs of the beloved can be muscular, confident gait, hands are golden, the nose is pretty, the figure is seductive, the smile is touching. The face is kind, the skin is tanned, the scent of the body is refined, the lips are sensual, the eyes are sparkling. Velvet voice, luxurious hair, bald head sexy, sporty ass, volitional deeds.

Tender words may be an offer to see the Football Championship. Your man will run home if in the morning you tell him what a delicious dinner you will prepare for him. Make a man small gifts and surprises.

How to praise a man?

Affectionate words for a beloved man

In addition to the kind words, a man should be praised. It is especially nice when a woman praises a man with friends, "look at what shoe rack he has made." Appearance needs to be commended, intimate side, but never compare a man with his ex. Praise the man for help around the house, even if after the sly you had to redo the work, he tried.

Many men are not very confident and need sincere support to be confident in their abilities.

The most magical words for a man are a declaration of love. Be sincere and kind to your man, then you will notice how your relationship will change!

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