Affectionate nicknames for man and man

Love has a dictionary. When the subject of your adoration is near, you want to call it gently and in a special way. But how to find the words that melt the heart of a man? The most popular, original and affectionate nicknames for a guy can be found in this article. Perhaps such verbal manifestations of feelings will bring you closer to your chosen one.

Should I come up with cute nicknames for a close friend?

The most popular, original and affectionate nicknames for a guy

Lovers often call each other not only by name. They use special words in communication with their partner, which add to the relationship of tenderness and intimacy. The sweet nickname that his girlfriend says to the boy is a kind of “pass” to his personal space. After all, only she, the one and only, one hundred kilogram “jock” will be allowed to apply as to Pupsyk, Zae, Baby, and Sparrow. A strict businessman will allow to call himself Pokemonchik, Mimi and Miracle Hedgehog.

Affectionate nicknames - addition to the happiness of lovers. Psychologists are seriously confident that calling the second half Chick, Tiger Cub, Pet and other warm and pleasant words, you can strengthen your relationship and long maintain passion in them. It is not surprising that this love tradition not only does not disappear, but also becomes even more widespread.

Are there any rules in the language of love?

No matter how appealing the appeal of Hippo, Lapulya, Kisya, before calling his man with a similar name, you should think about whether such improvisation will please him or only cause him irritation. In order not to be trapped, use the tips on how to choose the affectionate nicknames for men. Act like this:

be natural! Favorite should feel that your "dear", "beloved" is pronounced from the heart, and not according to "duty of duty";

do not overdo it! Most men are not indifferent to compliments and pleasant words, but do not tolerate lisping. If you begin to pour your speech "kittens", "elephant", "suns", you will get the opposite effect. All these "tenderness" will provoke a fierce protest from him and will force him to doubt the correctness of his choice;

never underline the shortcomings of the beloved with your nickname. So, if he has problems with weight, then Puzatik, Fatty, Kabanchik (Kabasya), Donut will hardly please him. It is unreasonable to call a man of short stature Pupsik, and a modest and not quite self-confident Tikhonya. If a guy sticks out his ears, then Cheburashka is not the best option for affectionate nickname;

Do not forget that there are nicknames intended only for "home" use. In public, they will cause your friend only embarrassment or hint to others about the problems in your relationship.

But, in general, there are no universal rules. Someone will like to be a Hamster, a Little Mouse and a Chicken, and another will feel offensive. Therefore, be sure to consider the character, sense of humor and tastes of your boyfriend.

How to name a loved one: the top of the most amazing and beautiful nicknames

If you do not come up with a sweet nickname for a guy, the list of gentle words given below will help in this matter:

Neutral "names"

They can be used in everyday communication and in the presence of outsiders. Such nicknames cause pleasure in almost all the representatives of the stronger sex:

  • Sweet;
  • Native;
  • Beloved;
  • The sun;
  • My good;
  • Zolotse;
  • Joy happiness).
  • animal associations:
  • Kitty, Kotyara;
  • Bunny;
  • Little bear;
  • Lion (little lion);
  • Tiger;
  • Baby elephant;
  • Jerboa;
  • Hedgehog;
  • Goat

Nicknames hinting at the character and appearance of a loved one:

How to name a loved one: the top of the most amazing and beautiful nicknames

  • Pretty boy;
  • Strongman;
  • Hero;
  • Shalun;
  • The beast;
  • Macho;
  • Indomitable;
  • Sexy (sexy, sex-bombs);
  • Sweetie;
  • Superman;
  • Monster;
  • Prince;
  • Ray of light;
  • Angel;
  • Gingerbread;
  • Fluffy;
  • Imp;
  • Sugar;
  • Thorn.
  • unusual:
  • Kisik;
  • Kusyus (Kusaka);
  • Masipusichka (Masyusik);
  • Pusya;
  • Crochet;
  • Perchik;
  • Lonely;
  • Lapunya;
  • Gibble;
  • Salad;
  • Tusik;
  • Cakex;
  • Lintipuzik;
  • Mohnolap;
  • Sofa;
  • Harmful.

Only in private (nicknames that are not meant for other people's ears):

nicknames that are not meant for other people's ears

  • Desired;
  • Khochushka;
  • Insatiable;
  • Delicious;
  • My precious;
  • Tireless;
  • Passionate;
  • Hot;
  • Long-awaited;
  • Debauchee;
  • Unique;
  • My life;
  • My lord (sovereign).

Well, the first place in the ranking of the most popular nicknames is, as before, a simple and such an important and sincere word - “Favorite”.

The secret meaning of the "second name": what do the nicknames mean?

It turns out that a woman (as well as a man) doesn’t just pick up affectionate nicknames for her close friend. The values ​​of some of them will help to better understand themselves and their love relationships. If you often use the word "dear", it means that you like that your union is stable, you are confident in your partner.

If you want to name your beloved Ebony, it means that you are afraid of losing it. If you refer to him Bunny, then equate him to everyone else. After all, such a nickname has long been practically another name. But those who want to dominate in the family prefer to call their man the Kid. The same is with the children's nicknames (Pupsik, Toptyzhka, etc.). Psychologists believe that women give them when they see in a partner an insensible child who is not able to take responsibility.

Someone cannot imagine their intimate relations without them, and someone thinks that this is just "pink snot". One way or another, but without the "second names" it becomes somehow boring! Therefore, do not deny yourself the pleasure of inventing new gentle nicknames for a guy. After all, this is the sunny side of love.

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