A year to a child


Baby's birthday, especially the first one, is an exciting event for the whole family. Time flies by, and now a year old child. How to mark such an important date so that the celebration will be remembered by both the guests and the birthday man? This is the number one question for many parents of the future hero of the occasion. We offer several ideas.

Birthday Party - in the spotlight

Any holiday, especially the first birthday, should be planned based on the needs of the birthday man.

Any holiday, especially the first birthday, should be planned based on the needs of the birthday man. As for one-year-old kids, in their case it is necessary to proceed from the psychological and physiological characteristics of age. It:

  • mobility;
  • fast fatiguability;
  • curiosity;
  • mood swings;
  • rapid switching of activities (psychologists have found that a one-year-old baby can concentrate on one lesson for no more than 7-10 minutes).

It is impossible not to take into account both the character and the temperament of the birthday man: for movable children, the holiday can be longer in time, with a large number of guests and a varied entertainment program. For children who are calm, it is better to abandon the too noisy and crowded event.

Who to invite for the first birthday?

Of course, the first birthday is more a holiday for adults. However, the little celebration should also bring a lot of positive emotions. Therefore, on this day only close people who are well known to the child should be near. If the baby sees new faces, it is unlikely to be located to have fun and do something with strangers in their arms.

As for inviting children, this option is also possible. True, there is one "but": the peers of the child are able to turn the feast into hell with tears, tantrums and whims, if he lasts longer than an hour. Therefore, if the event plans for a longer, preferably an older children society.

Where to celebrate?

The venue of the holiday plays a big role. And it directly depends on the season in which the child will be a year old. Where to celebrate a birthday, for example, in the summer? There are several options:

  • at home (the most popular option, since the child is in the atmosphere to which he was accustomed).
  • a cafe, if there will be more children at the festival, necessarily with a playground and a nanny who will look after the children;
  • Outdoors. Just keep in mind that the baby may become uncomfortable in an unfamiliar environment, and you will have to quickly return home. Therefore, transport must be prepared;
  • in the pool or water park. If the child likes to swim, then you can celebrate a birthday in his favorite element. In addition, the water park allows you to connect the 2 previous options in 1: there is a cafe, and open air.

Winter, autumn and spring birthdays are not as diverse in location. But this does not mean that they will yield on the degree of fun!


If a child is a year old, you need to celebrate your birthday in a bright and cheerful atmosphere.

If the child is a year old, you need to celebrate your birthday in a bright and cheerful atmosphere. In the cafe you will be offered a professional design of the hall, and this has its advantages. However, as a rule, parents prefer to engage in decorating the holiday for their children themselves. It can be:

  • air balloons;
  • whistles and noisemakers;
  • dry inflatable pools;
  • wall newspapers (depicting, for example, a family tree or a collage of family photos);
  • a stand of funny pictures or photos (by the way, it can be fun for guests if you invite them to write wishes under the pictures);
  • "trains of memories" (paper can be made of 12 bright trains, on which important stages of the life of the toddler are recorded).

The holiday can be made even brighter, if you ask all those invited to come in their respective costumes. Be sure to make sure that the birthday boy has an original outfit, for example, the character of your favorite fairy tale or favorite toy.

Festive table

When a child turns one year old, parents usually do not plan to celebrate a birthday without a feast. Therefore, we need to solve the issue with refreshments. If you have to celebrate in a cafe, then it is better for children to order a separate special menu for the youngest customers. If you celebrate at home, then remember the golden rule: it is better to spend time decorating a children's room and preparing fun contests than getting stuck at the stove. Make a simple snack table:

  • salads;
  • snacks;
  • sandwiches;
  • fruits.

But without which something is indispensable, it is without a festive cake! How to celebrate 1 year old child at home or in a cafe without memorable photos with a cream smeared face? The cake should be the main surprise of the holiday. Therefore, it is better to attend to his preparation or ordering in advance. Professional pastry chefs offer a range of fun options: in the form of cartoon characters, children's clothes - boys and girls, units, etc.

Birthday gifts

The choice of a birthday gift should be pragmatic

By choosing a birthday gift should be approached pragmatically. After all, any thing should bring something new and interesting to the child’s life. Therefore, in addition to traditional toys, it is worth pondering the following options.

  • Dry pool with colorful balls. In it you can crawl, climb, throw balls.
  • Bicycle. Of course, the baby will not be able to pedal while, but there will be so much joy when his relatives start rolling it!
  • children's tent. A child will be able to climb in it, hide, shift toys - do all the things that yearlings toddler so much love.

Memorable gifts (jewelry, gold coins, etc.) are also a very good option, but the baby is not yet in a position to evaluate them, so be sure to accompany this gift with at least a simple toy.

How to celebrate a year to a child: script

Any celebration is remembered for a long time, if prepared carefully. Of course, a one-year-old baby will not be able to remember how fun and good he was on his first birthday, but your stories and photos will be an excellent confirmation of this. The scenario of the event should be built in such a way that, apart from contests and fun tasks, all guests can congratulate the birthday man (with poems, songs or in any other prepared form).

Solemn event is better to start with a small task for children. Prepare questions, the answer to which will be the name of the child responsible for the holiday: "Who celebrates birthday today? Who do we embrace today?" etc. The adult part of the guests will like the "Scales" competition: everyone gets on the scales with a peanut in their arms - the one who turns out to be "the hardest" wins. It is also possible to collect a box of important things for the 18th anniversary of the child during the holiday: put there the wishes of the guests on sheets of paper, a tag indicating the time of birth and weight, etc.

For the kid himself, there is such an interesting prediction task. Objects are laid out in front of him - choosing one, he will determine the symbol of his destiny:

  • garlic head - good health;
  • chocolate bar - fun life;
  • a bunch of keys - wealth;
  • pen - connection with science;
  • engagement ring - true love.

If the budget allows, you can invite an animator in the form of a child's favorite hero who can perfectly organize kids and adults.

When a child turns a year, how to celebrate a holiday and make it unforgettable is a very important question. It is important to start preparing in advance, choosing contests and tasks as a contingent of guests and, of course, invest in them all the love for the little toddler. The most important thing is for the child to feel good and have a wide smile on his face.