A beautiful wish good night to the girl in verse and in your

There is nothing more romantic in the world than a sweet whisper about love in your ear before you sleep. But if you are separated from your beloved or spend the night in different places, you can send a beautiful wish of a good night to the girl by means of SMS or put a cute note under the pillow beforehand.

The most beautiful wishes good night to the girl

The most beautiful wishes good night to the girl

Text messaging these days replaces most of the communication between people. We are waiting for SMS from friends, partners, parents throughout the day. But messages can also be a great way to flirt, to express love and loyalty when there is a loved one around.

And now think, what girl doesn't like cute, romantic or intimate SMS? Depending on what stage of the relationship you are in, you can choose different versions of the texts. For example, at the beginning of a candy-bouquet period, modest and flirtatious messages will be most suitable; a little later, you can add a touch of romance and sex.

In addition, sending a beautiful good night wishes to your beloved girl, you should take into account her personality and character:

  • For romantic, very gentle and airy girls, SMS text written in poetic form is ideal. Do not worry: even if you are not very friendly with rhyme, the cute and inconsistent lines will surely please the girl when written from the heart and with love.
  • None of the girls will not remain indifferent to the guy, if he receives a beautiful melody on the phone or in a message through the social network before going to bed. By the way, in this way you can confess to a girl in love, if you hesitate to do it directly, or send the song that is dear to both of you.
  • For the more mundane ladies who do not really like romantic poetry, write a good night wish in your own words. Try as much as possible to convey in the message all the overwhelming feelings, your love and admiration for the girl.
  • A girl with a cheerful and mischievous character who never knows boredom and always remains the soul of the company will be pleased to receive a humorous SMS. By the way, then it will be possible to laugh together at a successful joke, because such a wish will be remembered for a long time.
  • Or maybe your lady's heart has a habit of listening to your favorite radio before bedtime? Then you can send a wish through the host, ordering your favorite song. Very beautiful and, most importantly, original.
  • But an educated girl will be pleased to receive a declaration of love and a good night wish in different languages ​​of the world. Isn't it romantic?

A variety of options for wishes allows guys to be original, funny or romantic. Which one to choose, surely knows a loving heart. One will like poetic things, while others will prefer short SMS. Get a portion of inspiration from the options below.

How to make a wish in your own words?

How to make a wish in your own words

Perhaps the most sincere and ideal option to wish sweet dreams to your beloved will be the words spoken from yourself and a pure heart. These can be phrases that only two of you understand, words of love and gratitude, memories of an unforgettable day, or simply ordinary messages. As an example, we give some of the most beautiful wishes of a good night to a girl in our own words:

  1. "Do not forget that even at night, when everyone goes to bed, I continue to think only about you, dear. You are always in my dreams, dreams and thoughts. I love you."
  2. "I want to go through another night more quickly, and then see you again. It's worth it, because you are the most beautiful girl in the world. Good night, princess."
  3. "The love for you is so huge in my heart that even in a dream I try to find you everywhere. Go to bed soon, and I hope that today you dream of me."
  4. "I would give anything to hug and kiss you tightly. But you are far away, and I want to read this message, you smile a little. Sweet dreams, my dear."
  5. "I was looking for you among thousands of other people and finally found it. Thank you, darling, that came into my life. It was you who made her bright and colorful, and all the moments spent with you, I can not forget even in old age. I love you more than anything. Sleep, my girl, good and sweet sleep. "

Beautiful phrases and wishes of good night for your girlfriend do not have to write long and complex in meaning. You can always think of your short options. For example: "Sweet dreams, my dear angel" or "Run quickly to sleep, because I am waiting for you in your dream." The main thing - all words must be sincere and concise.

Romantic poems for her

Romantic poems for her

Are you the best friend of rhymed lines and can come up with a rhyme, even to the word shovel? Then compose a beautiful wish good night in verse for his girlfriend you do not have any difficulty. Such text will be creative, original and unique. Is after this at least someone will stand?

And if you can't rhyme the words, you can always use the text of popular love songs or take a few lines from our examples:

  • Again, because the evening comes,

The darkness of night separates us.

I think about us again -

Do not forget your eyes,

Hugs of tender, sweet words.

I love you, and good dreams!

  • Angel of the night fluffy wing

Shelters you and your house.

Go to sleep, my love,

A strong, sweet, peaceful sleep.

Let you dream

Warm coast in a dream,

Where we will be together again.

  • The city falls asleep, your quiet house sleeps.

Again this night we are not two.

Do not grieve, the sun, I come in a dream,

And I'll hold you tight with my hand.

Close your eyes, come dreams.

Let the dream field and around the flowers.

  • Sweet dreams, my dear,

The yard is already dark.

Only constellation yes month

Shine again in your window.

Let them securely

Protect sleep

The most tender and beautiful

In the world will be he.

  • I kiss, gently hug,

Good night I wish.

Sleep tight, my dear,

Remember me with a smile.

  • Let us sleep we go to different places,

To you, my dear, I hurry in my dreams.

Lie down comfortably and fall asleep,

Meet your dreams with good thoughts.

  • Every time I fall asleep,

Only about you and dream.

Hair, voice and hands,

Representing in passionate agony.

Know when you fall asleep

Immediately you will come to my dream.

So go to bed without regrets,

And sweet dreams!

And remember that for a loving girl the most beautiful wish of a good night does not have to be in rhyme and in compliance with all the stylistic rules of poetry. Here the main thing is creativity, simplicity of thought, depth of feelings and tact.

Short message for your beloved: creatively and with humor

Short message for your beloved: creatively and with humor

In the world of modern technology and the Internet, there is no longer a need to write long and tearful letters, and it is not always convenient to read them before bedtime. Instead, a beautiful and gentle wish for a good night girl can be written in a short SMS, Skype or social network. Decorate the wish with emoticons or funny pictures:

  • "Knock, knock, knock. It is me that I hurry to wish my beautiful girl sweet dreams."
  • "Sleep tight, baby! Tomorrow will be a new beautiful day."
  • "Always remember that I love you, baby. And now beautiful dreams."
  • "The sooner you go to sleep, the sooner a new day will come, and I will see my favorite sun again."
  • "I fall asleep in your dreams, baby. Sweet dreams."
  • "Sweet dreams, love. You will dream of me today, won't you?"
  • "Today you were especially adorable. Enjoy your dreams, love."
  • "I am sure that even when you sleep, you are the most beautiful girl on the planet."
  • "I just saw a star fall. Guess what I wanted?"
  • "I am so tired that I can barely get up, but I can't help but wish my half sweet dreams. I wish I could hug you now."

Be sure to wish sweet dreams to your beloved women. And if you run out of ideas, you can always get a little inspiration from the text of songs, movies, books or on our website.

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