Women's self-defense


Now there are many different courses on self-defense, where in a short time you can learn the techniques of protection, in almost any fitness club you can sign up for such programs. But many women are skeptical of such activities, believing that in order to fight back the enemy, you need to seriously engage in some kind of sport, and besides, women will still lose to men in physical strength. There is some truth in this, but not quite.

Street combat is always very unpredictable and even a great experience in combat sports does not guarantee success in a fight. There have been cases when the usual yard hooligan turned out to be the “winner” in a fight, and it is quite simple to explain it. This is an extreme situation, in contrast to the fight in the ring, where the opponent is already known in advance and tactics are chosen. And in women's self-defense, surprise is maximized, and a woman can use it to her advantage.

Women's self-defense

Harsh reality of attack

The woman does not know anything about the attack, she does not know what her future opponent will look like, where he will attack her, and how he will do it. In this regard, it is completely helpless, because the enemy does not recognize any rules and will not stop him if you are frightened or really hurt. And if the attacker is also drunk, then it is almost impossible to stop him, alcohol clouls the mind and causes aggression.

Chances to pacify the opponent with physical strength in a woman are extremely small, because even an ordinary man will be stronger and more agile than a sports girl if she is certainly not a master of sports. But often women overestimate their strength and try to actively repulse the enemy, that he is only more provoking and angry. Therefore, even if you consider yourself far from being a weak one, an attempt to display your strength qualities will be far from being in place during an attack, but it will be just the way to show your psychological tricks. And remember that in such a situation it is allowed to use prohibited methods that you will not see in competitions due to their trauma. But after all, if we are talking about your health and life, then the rules of prohibited methods are no longer valid.

Also, resisting the enemy, a woman may face a lot of problems. For example, many women have long nails, and therefore when they strike with a fist their own nails scream into their fist and the blow will not be as strong as it was calculated. Fragile female wrists with an active struggle can seriously suffer. And the usual women's equipment - high heels and tight clothes deprive a woman of maneuverability and mobility. But these disadvantages can be used against the attacker himself, nails can be dug into his face, instead of a fist, slap a slap in the face, which dumbfounded, and beat his heels on the most vulnerable male point - groin.

Psychological methods of self-defense

Let's run a little ahead and think, something that provokes the attacker, maniac or murderer to choose a victim from the huge crowd. And no matter what they say that this is just an accidental coincidence of circumstances, there is such a factor as the provoking behavior of the victim. Psychologists say that a criminal can choose his future victim in just 10 seconds. Many can exclaim, but how can one provoke a criminal without even communicating with him? It is even possible. From each of us comes the appropriate energy, which at the instinctive level is captured by the people around us, in addition to this, there is also our appearance.

Your makeup, clothes, posture, behavior is analyzed by other people. This is especially read by those who are captured by negative thoughts - by men eager for sex, a drunken company, a sick maniac who wants to smell the victim. Who can smell the victim? It will not necessarily be a super-beauty in a short skirt and with a challenging make-up, it may be a plain woman mired in her fears and complexes, but in both cases these women stand out from the crowd and are extremes that can attract aggression to themselves.

The main rule of women's self-defense is not to show that you are ready for a retaliatory attack. The enemy sees you as a weak woman and this is exactly what you should pretend, so if you have a threat of attack, then pretend to be a victim, and then suddenly strike, and then immediately run away and call for help. But it is important in this case to strike so that the opponent is taken aback or has experienced painful shock, otherwise he will start to consider you a strong contender and apply active painful techniques.

The next important point is to scream properly when attacking. Squeaky and thin scream just get some more criminals. But if you scream like a wild beast, so that your screams come from the abdomen itself, then you will no longer associate the innocent victim in the eyes of the attacker. And even from this maniac can retire. Even if there is no one around, shout anyway - perhaps it will leap up on the attacker's fear, because he is afraid that he will be noticed.

Often, victims suffer precisely because they are afraid of hitting or crippling the offender. Of course, it is necessary to measure the severity of the strike with the degree of threat, but to regret the maniac is also useless. Having decided to strike, put in it all hatred and disgust for the attacker. Otherwise, if you are afraid of striking, the chances of a successful outcome fall noticeably. The blows can be inflicted with any handy objects - pens, pencils, and even a rolled up magazine, which should be sent straight to the face. In almost any situation, you can find a thing that will serve as a means of protection.

Remember the key points in women's self-defense: attack, but not defend, attack unexpectedly and sharply, hit the vulnerable places, learn several techniques of self-defense and release from seizures, and use nearby objects as a weapon.

Do not bring the situation to extremes and try to apply protection that can threaten the health and life of the criminal only in a desperate case. Sometimes you can get rid of an obsessive gentleman with a confident blow or a deft release from capture, and then immediately run away. Do not panic and try to show a maximum of tricks and games. Fear, confusion and helplessness make you a victim, and knowing the basics of self-defense and psychology can save you from an attack.