Why not kill spiders at home

Not everyone likes the presence in the house of any insects: flies, mosquitoes, cockroaches - a person tries to get rid of everyone, because there is no special benefit from them, but they deliver a lot of discomfort. With spiders, the principle is the same: it is not pleasant for everyone to see arthropods running freely around the house and get into the cobwebs. However, it is not recommended to kill them. Why? We understand together.

Folk superstitions and omens

Why not kill spiders

The most important reason that prohibits the killing of spiders, regardless of where they occur to you - in an apartment or in nature - is religious. Deeply religious people hold the opinion that it was the woven web that once saved someone from famous people. Moreover, today it is not known for certain who it was - whether Jesus himself, whose family at that time fled from Egypt, or the prophet Moses; the fact remains that, having hidden in a cave, it turned out to be unnoticed only because it turned out to be a tight web that at first glance made it abandoned. The persecutors did not even think that someone could be hiding in it, and thus the spiders were able to save this person with their work. In gratitude for this, it was decided not to deprive the spiders of their lives.

  • Thus, from a religious point of view, these arthropods are, if not sacred, then at least respected representatives of the animal world. Therefore, killing them is punishable by higher forces, which can not only make everything fall out of hand, but also send hunger, crop failure, harmful insects, etc. The latter is not so absurd from a rational point of view, because the spider is a natural hunter of moths, flies, mosquitoes.
  • The pagans also had their own reasons for loving the spiders: it is believed that they are the favorite animals of the brownie, and how terrible this spirit can be, if angry, it is better not to try to find out to anyone. He will not get along with petty revenge: in paganism he was credited with more serious tricks than with the "theft" of valuable things - the angry house-dweller could strangle the inhabitants of his dwelling in a dream. Therefore, if a spider is running in the house, it means that the homelike one is here, as a result of which he will maintain warmth and comfort.

It should be noted that almost all national signs and superstitions say that spiders are a good sign: they contribute to wealth and luck, increase the family budget, protect against diseases, bring good news with them, and if you kill such a messenger, no good news , no gift will be pleasant. And the woven web is the catcher of happiness, according to the beliefs of the ancient shamans.

  • If spiders start up in the dwelling, wait for wealth, and the larger they are, the greater will be the sudden profit.
  • A spider falling on its head speaks of the occurrence of a serious illness in the one on whose head it fell.
  • If a spider descended on its head on the web - wait for a gift. And if you hang in front of your nose - guests will soon appear. Exception, if this happened in the morning - then it is worth preparing for bad news.
  • To get scared when a spider suddenly appears - to bad news.
  • If suddenly the spider was in your palm, you will soon have to get married. For already married women, this is a precursor to the birth of a child.
  • A web appeared at the door - to financial success, and if on clothes - to replenish the wardrobe.
  • The spider descends on the web to the threshold at the entrance - to the death of a loved one; and if it runs along the table - you will soon have to move.

It is noteworthy that there is an exception in this rule: killing a spider, which closes home icons with its web, can reduce the proportion of sins, the one who committed this murder.

Spider - home healer

killing a spider that covers home icons with its web

An important reason for the special position of these arthropods is the fact that among the ancient shamans, as well as among the pagans, they were revered as healers. Moreover, the value was carried not only directly by the spiders, but also their web, which was used as a component of various decoctions and infusions, and also in assembled form was applied to the damage in order to stop the bleeding.

  • When jaundice patients fed live spiders, sometimes adding butter to them to make it easier to swallow.
  • In children with whooping cough, a living spider was suspended above the crib, which was supposed to collect the disease. After some time they were released, thereby "expelling" the ailment. And during spider fever, they were put in a box and placed next to the sick person: as soon as the spider was dying, there was a recovery.

True, from a scientific point of view, all these actions did not receive a justification: even as food (as, for example, cockroaches in some peoples), spiders are of no value, since they do not possess any unique chemical compounds. If all these methods and acted, then definitely not because of arthropods.

Why not kill spiders in the apartment?

If we abstract from superstitions and religious views on this issue, there is a scientific side, which believes that spiders, like a number of other insects, have practical benefits for housing. Despite the fact that the presence of cobwebs in the corners gives the house a scruffy, dirty, neglected form, and the hostesses try to get rid of it, the fact that the spiders have settled here should be perceived more positively than negatively.

  • However, it all depends on exactly who of the arthropods complained: the usual small gray spiders, grassland, having the alternative popular name "window", work in the dry and warm parts of the apartment, at the windows, produce a thin and fragile web.
  • Domestic gray and black species are also safe: they have a smaller size and smaller length of legs, make a strong flat web that holds small insects well.
  • In addition, there is a separate species of spiders that are not capable of creating spider webs, but they are excellent active hunters.

All these varieties of arthropods are valuable in that they can get rid of flies and mosquitoes in a “natural” way. In fact, each apartment contains 1-2 such "guards" who quietly keep it clean. And if suddenly you started to notice that the spiders in your home are multiplying too much, and there are not even 4-5 here, but more than a dozen, you shouldn't try to erase them either: this is a signal to search for the reason for their appearance. Most likely, harmful insects were created in the house, which spiders try to lime - moths, flies, etc. In this case, take care of their discovery: after eliminating the cause, the number of arthropod "janitors" will also naturally decrease.

Why not kill spiders in the apartment

True, all this does not apply to poisonous species of spiders. Tarantula and karakurt carry with them a mortal danger, so it’s better to destroy them immediately if they suddenly looked into your house.

How to get spiders out of the house?

Since we are talking about the fact that spiders in a house cannot be killed not only for superstitious reasons, but also for quite rational reasons, it is worthwhile to finally touch upon the topic of getting rid of them in more “humane” ways than destruction. No matter how useful they are, their excessive number will not please any hostess, especially if there are those who suffer from arachnophobia among family members.

  • Determine the reason for the increase in the number of spiders. As already mentioned above, they don’t come into the dwelling by chance as a whole family, like mosquitoes into the light: if they chose your apartment, it was quite likely that something attracted them. As soon as this source disappears, they, respectively, also disappear. By and large, killing in this situation will be absolutely useless step, because there will be new arthropods.
  • To prevent their more active reproduction, take care of the absence of cracks and holes in the apartment, especially in the laying area of ​​baseboards, sewers, entrance door. The points of appearance of arthropods can be processed by chemical means: you will not cause harm to the already existing spiders, but you will repulse the desire to “visit guests” with the new ones.
  • It was recommended not to sweep away the web, but to collect it with a rag, thereby picking up its creators. Lay eggs, usually attached to the bottom of sofas and beds, behind the walls of cabinets and shelves, should be removed with a narrow nozzle vacuum cleaner (they are not prohibited from banning with such severity).

In conclusion, I would like to point out once again that even if you are not inclined to trust national signs, and are also completely non-religious, it is undesirable to kill spiders in the house, as this will not resolve the issue of their appearance. Find the cause and eliminate it, so as not to meet with the sticky web and directly arthropod dwellers daily.

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