Why is the mirror broken?

A mirror is a familiar and irreplaceable piece of the interior of any home. With the help of mirrors, they clean up their appearance (everyone can look at themselves from the outside, see their reflection), decorate the rooms, thereby expanding the area.

For us, the mirror has become so familiar that we stop thinking about its magical properties. But before people were trembling to the mirror. With the help of mirrors guessing, they are used by psychics. After all, they are fraught with images of what was reflected in them a long time later.

There is still a sign that is familiar to many: "The mirror is broken to unhappiness." Is it so hard to say for sure. Therefore, even in our time, one cannot but agree with the statement that the mirror holds a lot of mysteries.

Sign: a broken mirror

Why break the mirror?

With a mirror connected a lot will. Of course, everyone's business is to believe in them or not. Some people consider signs of the past, superstitions, and someone sticks to them.

The notion that a broken mirror brings unhappiness is the most common superstition today. But is this a superstition? And is the mirror really in trouble?

For many centuries, a different mirror was endowed by different nations with power and mystical properties. That is why there were signs associated with a broken mirror. And many of them were far from optimistic.

There are several signs associated with a broken mirror. And they are all bad in one degree or another. Folk superstitions with a broken mirror connect the negative events in the future.

  • The mirror broke - to the trouble.
  • If you broke a mirror - to separation from a loved one.
  • If a young man broke a mirror - do not marry him for seven years.
  • If a girl broke her mirror, she would not marry for seven years.
  • The mirror is broken or broken - do not look at his fragments. It can "split" your life.

Why break the mirror at home?

Signs associated with breaking the mirror at home are particularly negative. If a person breaks a mirror at home, misfortune awaits him for seven years. This sign is that according to ancient beliefs, the mirror is our twin. And having broken the reflection, having damaged the double, we thereby do harm to ourselves.

  • The mirror of the house crashed by itself (fell) - the house-guard warns you about the possible death of one of the relatives.
  • If you break your personal home mirror - to the loss of a close friend.
  • It is impossible to look into a broken mirror, because not only can you "split" life, but also see evil spirits.

Why break the mirror?

Very scary broken mirrors during divination. The summoned ghosts from the mirrors cannot return to the world of the looking-glass and remain to live with the person, hindering him in every way, delivering all sorts of misfortunes.

If a large mirror is broken or cracked at home - to the imminent death of a family member. If it fell at the moment when you looked at it - troubles will occur only with you.

Thus, a broken mirror is a bad omen. However, even the ancient people figured out how to avoid or prevent misfortunes. The most effective way is considered to lower large fragments of a broken mirror into water. It was no less effective to paint the fragments with black paint (so that evil entities, evil spirits could not come out from there).

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If you have a broken mirror, then your personal business is what to do with it: to believe signs or not. But there are ways to get rid of bad omens. Even your positive attitude towards this situation will help to neutralize its action.

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