Why does black silver on the body

Silver is an inexpensive and beautiful metal, decorations from which are appropriate in any situation. The only drawback of such products may be their darkening. This is not related to when the product was purchased and how often it is worn. Basically, the metal darkens due to the oxidation of molecules under the influence of human sweat. But there may be several reasons for the darkening of silver.

Why does silver turn black on man?

The fact is that silver alloy, which is used for making jewelry, contains in its composition quite a few copper molecules, which very easily and quickly oxidize under the influence of sweat. In addition, the alloy contains amino acids with sulfur atoms in the molecules, it is sulfur that is the main cause of the darkening of the metal when wearing jewelry.

Why does black silver on the body?

If a person is prone to sweating, there is a high probability that silverware will darken quickly. In order to avoid oxidation, it is recommended to remove silver jewelry during sports training and during exercise. If a person is not prone to sweating, and silver is still getting dark, you should think about your health and, if possible, consult with your doctor.

The main reasons for the darkening of jewelry made of silver alloys:

  1. Air composition
  2. Alloy test
  3. Humidity of the environment
  4. Taking some medicines
  5. The use of cosmetic creams for the body, which include substances that contribute to the oxidation of the alloy

The people believed that the silver darkens those people who have put damage on or the evil eye. This metal was used for the manufacture of various amulets, which were supposed to protect its owner from bad energy influences and evil forces. In religion, silver things were a symbol of spiritual purity. That is why many products of church utensils are made of this metal. Also in silver containers stored medicinal drugs and elixirs, which are actively used in traditional medicine for the treatment of various ailments.

There are interpretations of folk signs about the oxidation of the metal when worn. For example, it was believed that if the silver ring went dark - the girl would not marry, and if the earrings were damaged. The darkening of the cross was considered the worst. It was interpreted as a strong curse.

Nowadays there are scientific explanations for the phenomenon of the darkening of silver products. Most often, silver darkens in those people who have abnormalities in the liver and kidneys, metabolic processes. Stress, prolonged nervous tension and strong emotional experiences lead to increased sweating and oxidation of the alloy when wearing jewelry. Preparations with sulfur content, which are used to treat many diseases can also lead to a change in the appearance of silver jewelry.

Why does silver blacken on the neck and chest faster?The fact is that in these places people have a lot of sebaceous glands, whose secret as well as sweat contributes to the blackening of silver. Chains and pectoral crosses darken in the first place, which is often a sign of irregularities in the body. During pregnancy, the chain can darken in a few days, the same can happen with hormonal disorders and diseases of the endocrine system.

Exercise, contact with chemicals and heat are the most common causes of darkening of silver jewelry. Therefore, it is recommended to remove jewelry before taking a shower and bath, visiting the bath, training, swimming in the pool and open water.

But not only the darkening of silver speaks of a malfunction of the human body. You should think about your health and undergo a medical examination if you find that the jewelry made from this metal has become dramatically brighter. This happens with an increase in the concentration of nitrogen in the skin secretions, because it is nitrogen that makes the metal shine.

How to clean silver from black on your own?

Even in the distant past, people learned to clean and brighten silver jewelry. To do this, use the usual edible salt, solutions of ash and even all sorts of plots. Now you can buy special liquids for cleaning jewelry, they are usually sold in jewelry stores. But at home you can also quickly and effectively restore the beauty of jewelry with improvised and affordable means.

Why does black silver on the body?

Basic recommendations for cleaning silver at home:

  • If suddenly the product is contaminated with dust, sand or cosmetics, it is enough to wash it in a hot solution of soap in water. You can also use dishwashing detergent "Fairy". Some time you need to keep the decoration in a prepared solution, and then clean it from all sides with a soft toothbrush. Glitter will not give this product, but it will relieve blackness.
  • If the jewelry without stones has become dirty and darkened, they can be dipped in a 10% solution of citric acid or ammonia. To make cleaning faster and more efficient, it is recommended that the solution be heated, but not brought to a boil.
  • Folk remedy with ordinary raw potatoes. Root vegetables must first be peeled and then grated finely. This slurry is poured with water and put products and silver or nickel silver in such a solution. Keep the jewelry in such a bath should be 10-15 minutes, and then wipe them with a wool cloth to shine. You can also peel the silver in the broth of the peel of potatoes.
  • A slight dark bloom can be removed baking soda. It is applied to a soft toothbrush and cleaned until the moment when blackness leaves.
  • Ash can also be used to remove black plaque on silver. It is recommended to mix it with an aqueous solution of soap and ammonia, put silver jewelry into the solution for 30 minutes, and then wash it under clean cold water and wipe it with a soft cloth.
  • Decorations and cutlery can be cleaned of black with hot soda solution. Cover the pot or an iron bowl with foil and put the items there. Add 3 tbsp. l baking soda, and then cover the product with 1 layer of foil and pour boiling water on it. Keep the silver in this solution for about 5 minutes, then rinse under cold running water and dry with a soft cloth. Instead of soda, you can take table salt and add to it a little detergent for dishes "Fairy".
  • If a black bloom has just begun to appear, it can be easily removed with a regular office eraser. Use a white eraser with small abrasive particles, they will not damage the metal surface. In order to remove blackness just rub your product with an eraser.
  • Lipstick can also be used; it contains very fine abrasives. Apply a cosmetic on a soft cloth and rub it with a silver ornament until it is clean and shiny. Then rinse the silver in a soapy solution and under running cold water, dry it with a cloth.
  • The following method is considered to be the most effective for cleaning silver. Take a toothpaste or paste, liquid ammonia and baking soda and mix them. Apply the mixture on a soft toothbrush and clean the products to a shine, and then rinse them in cold clean water. This mixture can be used very rarely because toothpaste can cause cracks in the metal. To make cleaning more delicate, do not add soda.
  • Blackened silver must be cleaned very rarely and with soft compositions, otherwise they will lose their beautiful treatment, and blackening will become dull and heterogeneous. Silver with stones is best given to cleaning specialists. In no case can you clean your own jewelry with pearls, coral and amber. These stones are very sensitive to various chemical compounds, especially to acids and alkalis.
  • Matt silver should not be cleaned with abrasive products. Do not use soda and salt, various acids. Suitable soap chips in the water. You can buy special solutions for cleaning silver, they are convenient and safe to use at home.

Why does black silver on the body?

  • The following recipe will do: add rubbed soap and water and a few drops of ammonia bring the mixture to a boil, but do not boil. Apply the liquid with a brush to the product and gently clean it. Black near the stone, remove the cotton swab, which moisten in the same solution.

After cleaning it is not recommended to wear jewelry for several days. During this time, a protective film is formed on it, which will prevent rapid blackening and damage to the metal. You can also cover the jeweler with a protective varnish. Cleaning will keep products for many years. They will always look attractive.

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