Where to celebrate the child's birthday

Children grow by leaps and bounds. It seemed that quite recently you brought your baby home from the hospital, but now it's time to arrange his birthday. This is one of the most fun and happy holidays in the family. Many guests come, interesting presents are given, and at the end of the celebration candles on the cake are blown out. To give the child and his friends a real holiday, parents need to think through every detail.

Where to celebrate a birthday in the summer?

Summer is a great time when a picnic in nature or lunch at a summer cafe will be an ideal option for celebrating a child's birthday. If you have a country house or cottage, collect guests there. So you will not only have fun, but also significantly save money. Children need entertainment, so be sure to create a cultural program (contests, riddles, games, puzzles, dances, songs, etc.). Everyone will long remember the birthday of your child only if it is fun and carefree.

Where to celebrate the birthday of the child?

Dr. the ideal celebration would be a cafe. If you have a solid budget and do not want to independently prepare and entertain a crowd of naughty children, give preference to professionals in their field. An especially good option would be a children's cafe, where children are named for children, and there is a corresponding cultural and entertainment program. Their presence will greatly raise the mood of the kids.

When the weather is warm outside it is not necessary to sit in the room, you can arrange a child’s birthday in the park. For this purpose, you can use any - water park, amusement park, zoo or a simple city park. In the amusement park, children can have a fun ride on various carousels, eat ice cream and cotton candy, jump on the trampoline, etc. In the water park - swim in the pool, ride on water slides, in the zoo - look at animals, take interesting photos.

Let's organize an unforgettable holiday for the baby:

  • Very often parents, when they arrange their child's birthday, are guided by their preferences. But if you invite your friends to the holiday and leave the child alone, he will be very upset. From the age of 5, the baby already understands who comes to him for the holiday. He wants to participate in the organization of the event himself. Despite the fact that he is small, still consider his opinion. If he wants to invite his friends, do not deprive him of this opportunity.
  • Some parents practice celebrating the birthday of the child, when adults celebrate the triumph in one room, and the kids - in the other. So - this is wrong. In this situation, children feel psychological stress and alienation. It turns out that the child and his friends were sent to another room so that they would not prevent adults from celebrating the holiday. If you nevertheless decided to celebrate the Birthday in this way, ask the birthday boy in advance what he himself would like.

Where to celebrate the birthday of the child?

  • As for the menu, it should be thought out to the smallest detail. First, you have to make some original salads, serve hot, cakes, pizza, fruit and sweets. Do not forget the drinks. You can make milkshakes, buy juice and lemonade. At the end of the holiday, a cake with candles is served. Children do not like to sit at the table (but you still need a hot dish), so they recommend cooking such meals that you can eat on the go.
  • So that in the morning the birthday boy had a festive mood, try to decorate his room at night while he sleeps. As a decor, you can use balloons, painted posters, streamers, glitter, tinsel, etc. In general, you need to try to wake up, the child was happy and surprised.

What to give a child?

The gift must necessarily correspond to the age, interest and sex of the child. For example, a girl of 2 - 3 years old can be presented with a large soft toy, a doll, a toy house or a set of toy dishes. Boys always like cars, so toy models, railways, tanks, airplanes, etc. would be ideal.

Starting at the age of 3, girls start imitating mothers, therefore a set of children's cosmetics will be a welcome gift. Boys at this age imagine themselves to be real heroes. They are interested in weapons, swords, bows with arrows, a costume of heroes, etc.

Somewhere in 4 - 6 years, children are already beginning to be interested in role-playing games. Toy radios, phones, board games will be appreciated by your kids. At the same age, as a rule, parents begin to prepare the child for school. Extremely popular will be sets of felt-tip pens, albums, pencils.

Where to celebrate the birthday of the child?

Primary schoolchildren are happy to attend school and learn various designers, transformers and robots. Some children will love toy musical instruments (piano, guitar, microphone, etc.). At the same age, you can give interesting books with bright pictures and an exciting storyline.

At the age of 9 - 10 years, the boys begin to seriously master a computer, game consoles, music players and mobile phones. So the perfect gift will be a computer game, a new phone, a game console, etc. Girls, however, are beginning to seriously monitor their beauty and style. So, if you decide to donate a mobile phone, it must be bright and effective. You can also present a beautiful dress, jewelry or jewelry, handbag.

With teens things are much more complicated. It is better to ask in advance what your child wants, so as not to darken the holiday with the wrong gift. A good option for a teenager's birthday would be gadgets or money. Last, he will be able to spend on his own, buying the really necessary thing.

Birthday of a child is a special holiday, it marks the milestones of your baby’s growing up. It is quite simple to organize such a celebration, the main thing is to ask the birthday man in advance what he wants and who he intends to invite. Never impose your version of the holiday on a child! And be attentive to the choice of gifts: the needs of children of preschool and primary school age are significantly different from the needs of adolescents.

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